Magento 2 Extensions For Your E-commerce Store

Top 10 Magento 2 Extensions For Your E-commerce Store

Ecommerce trade has grown exponentially over the last few years, with gross sales of over 3.4 billion USD. It has become essential for all types of B2B businesses to expand their objectives through online approaches. Creating a website is the first thing that is done, but this should be managed layer by layer. Every business has different expectations and based on their plan; they make the operational decisions for their business. Magneto 2 is packed with the best features that are more-than-sufficient to make your B2B eCommerce  website viral, but to operate in a B2B environment; it is essential that you use the resources available for better customer experience and to build a strong professional relationship with your business customers. 

Some of the top extensions which are essential for your eCommerce store will be as follows- 

1. Shipping Pricing and policies – 

Shipping prices are mandatory for any eCommerce site. You are required to set up different shipping prices based on the customer’s location. Although Magento 2 already provides general shipping configuration and shipping features, you must charge different shipping fees from your customers based on their site.

This extension gives you the freedom to charge different rates based on their geo-locations and helps to service your drop shipping business owners without any problem. 

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2. Logo Gallery – 

Using the logo gallery extension on your Magento 2 ecommerce stores will help you upload unlimited images for your product. Based on the fact that a photo speaks more than a thousand words, logo gallery extensions enable you to create a massive collage of photos and make your product listing more visually appealing. 

3. Gift Cards –

Embedding a gift card and coupon extension on your b2b website helps your on-page promotion activities. Everyone likes gift cards and coupons, and this extension would allow you to do exactly that. 

You can choose and give your existing business customers valid discount coupons as a token of a good business relationship. It also lets your business customers send gift cards to their friends and family on different occasions, which in turn helps you to draw your new audience on to your website.   

4. Product FAQs – 

There are some points that you cannot add to your product description and are not visible on the product images. For example, in the case of complementary products like laser printers, people presume like it will come along with the cartridges, and failure might lead to high return rates and bad reviews. By providing a section of FAQs on the products’ page, you can quickly mention these details so that customers buy the product only after they know everything about the product.

You can also add a section of questions where people can directly post the questions about the complementary deliverables or issues regarding the product itself. Question answers extensions give your customer the luxury to ask questions directly and ask questions about if they have some doubts. There are times when customers are interested in some addons; analyzing these questions can help you update your product listings. 

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5. Prices as per customer groups – 

Prices should be customized according to different audience sets. Prices for your existing customers should be a little different than the new ones. You can afford to give your current customers a small loyalty discount to build a strong professional relationship with them. 

In some cases, when you are launching new products in the market, you must capture a new audience for your product, which might not happen if you don’t promote your website correctly, this has to go in sync with your on-page promotional features like discounts and new user coupon codes. 

6. Part Finder – 

This extension becomes useful when you are selling the products which have different models and parts; the customer wants easy accessibility over various elements and models of the same product. The part finder plugin helps them to navigate across different web pages easily.

A comparison sheet can also be attached to the same as it helps them to compare the products concerning specific parameters. 

7. AJAX Auto-Search Bar –

A must-have extension that can make your website look fantastic, AJAX auto-search bar is used on top of your website and has all the webpages connected to it. 

Your customers can search which product they want, and it will directly lead them to the product’s grid. 

With the help of this extension, you can improve the user’s experience on your website both in terms of navigation and visual appeal. 

8. Product Filters – 

A lot of users search for products with the help of filters. This eases their efforts as they can select the basic outlines within which they are looking. Product filters are essential from a user experience point of view. 

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Base product filters include Price, Color, Product Type, Materials used, MOQ, and many more. Advance navigation filtering is vital to e-commerce stores with a large variety of different products. 

9. Free Shipping Tab – 

You need to make sure that you also provide a free shipping bar to specific locations or specific customer groups. There should be an additional tab of products which are available for free delivery to your customers. 

10. Easy to Use Interface – 

Magento uses a simple and easy-to-use interface, which makes the process of website development smooth. With the help of magento’s framework, one can easily create a secured, seo friendly and good looking website. B2B business owners are now cultivating their operations online, and using Magento as their creation resource eases their work by a decent extend.


Magento 2 is equipped with a ton of plugins that you can exploit to amplify your performance online, you can create a fully functional and visually appealing b2b website on magento but supporting it with the help of various extensions is really important to assist your further operations. 


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