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Best Smart Gadgets for Smart Homes in 2019

In 2019, it’s not just our phones that are smart. Everything from cars to home assistants is smart with gadgets designed to make life easier. In the 21st century, homes are getting smarter too. You can ask Alexa to order a pizza for you or call Xfinity customer service. You can lock or unlock doors remotely. Smart lights that you can control from your phone. These devices are not only making our lives easier but are also making progress on conserving energy. Smart home gadgets are still relatively new, but big names like Xiaomi and Amazon are already jumping in the game.

Smart Home Gadgets in 2019

Smart gadgets are equal parts convenient and wacky. You don’t really need strobe lights you can control with your phone. But can you resist getting them? You can easily do most of the things you ask Google Assistant to do. But can you resist commanding it to do those things? Smart gadgets appeal to our hunger for technology. The smart home was only a science fiction concept a few decades ago. Today, thanks to the Internet of Things and smarter technology, they are a reality. But still, it’s a reality in its infancy. People are still learning about smart devices and deciding if they need them or not. To narrow down your choices, here are some of the smartest home gadgets so far in 2019:

  1. Thermostat
  2. Security Cam
  3. Lightbulb
  4. Doorbell
  5. Speaker

Let’s dive right into what makes these gadgets so special.

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Smart thermostats are a necessity in today’s age. They are much more efficient than their analog or digital predecessors. They allow you to control and maintain the temperature in your house conveniently. Most of them come with a slick, touchscreen interface for simplicity and ease of use. They also have remote sensors that monitor and adjust the temperature in different rooms. The newer ones even support Alexa, so you don’t need the Echo to control it. This voice assistant feature makes a quirky addition to the 21st Century home.

Security Cam

You can never be too careful is my motto. My second motto is prevention is the best cure. Your house is your castle, so it makes sense you want to protect it. Cameras act as both a deterrent as well as a recording device. Smart security cameras offer a lot more features than your standard CCTV cameras. For one thing, the good ones have 1080p cameras, which means a higher recording resolution. Many smart security cams also come with both night and day vision. They may also have motion-detectors which help conserve energy. Finally, most come with an app that lets you set your own recording schedule.


Smart lightbulbs like the Philips Hue series are changing the way we approach lighting. White bulbs normally don’t let you change their colors but still let you adjust brightness. Good ones also come with a hub that connects them to other smart devices and gadgets. These hubs also let you add more smart lightbulbs if you want. Most smart lightbulbs support smart home devices and systems like Alexa and Google Home. Several smart bulbs also let you change the color of the light as you want. You can even set them to change and flash according to the music or videos you play.

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A smart video doorbell is a must-have security device for any smart home. Good quality ones even come with an excellent microphone and video quality. The more advanced smart doorbells have the ability to recognize faces. Some can even announce the person at your door. Smart doorbells need a hardwired connection, but they constantly record video so you miss nothing at your door. Smart doorbells are great when you want to keep an eye out for any packages you are expecting. It is also good for detecting any unwelcome visitors or even burglars.


When it comes to smart speakers, nothing else characterizes a smart home better. Among smart speakers, the second generation Amazon Echo is an excellent choice. It is compact, sleek and comes with different skins. The new Echo has all of the functions of its predecessor. It can connect to smart hubs, check weather forecasts, and shop online. If you connect it to a smartphone, you can even get it to dial HughesNet customer service (1-855-850-5976) or any number you want. No smart home is complete without a smart speaker, so, invest wisely.


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