5 Best Racing Games Of 2019 For PC

These games are very much popular in all over the globe and there are numbers of exotic sports cars available in these games. To find out racing games on the PC is very much difficult task.

For finding the racing games for PC two things is very much important one is graphics and the second one is a hair-raising sound design.

We have found out the best racing games of PC for you which are very much interesting and these games will give you an entertaining experience.

1. SHIFT 2

Shift 2 is one of the best racing game on this list because it is a compromise between accessibility and realism. The graphics of shift 2 is fantastic and awesome.

Shift 2 is very much interesting game and it will give you an entertaining experience. This game is not only based on menacing and handling cars.

In Shift 2, at the high-level players has to think and perform very fast. This game has a dynamic view which can automatically change as per context.

The screen of the game is looking: at the right-hand corner, you can see the drivers avatar in the apex and at sharper corner, you can see what you are driving.

In Shift 2, a popular visual effect is the depth of field which is an overused visual effect. In Shift 2, this effect is used to highlights the attention that where you should be.

When some player is coming up very fastly on your tail then your mirrors sharpen. If you move around the dense traffic and the cars around you come then your cockpit gets indistinct.

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The sound of the cars in this game is gimmicky but while driving the cars you feel natural that you are driving cars in real life. Shift 2 is very much interesting game and you can dedicate to communicate the accomplishment and fun.


FORZA HORIZON 4 is the latest racing game for the British Isles. The graphics of FORZA HORIZON 4 is very much interesting and this game will give you an entertaining experience.

Ten-hour campaign of FORZA HORIZON 4 is very much interesting in which you have to race through the coast around the Lake, Scottish Highlands and drive the cars through British villages.

You have to do the landscapes when the seasons will change between summer, winter, autumn and spring. To suit every season you have to adapt your driving.

You have to make your car well developed then it can easily react to subtle changes such as icy roads and wet leaves. You have made your car updated so that it can make you aware of the terrain.

This racing games will force you to become the master of these games and make the world record of best track times.

In FORZA HORIZON 4, you can also take part in the seasonal championships, traditional races, co-op campaigns, endurance tests and stunt jumps, etc.

Endurance tests are available in which many of the stylish and speedy cars available from modified vans to cars.


TRACKMANIA 2: CANYON is one the best racing games for PC and it is a unique racing game from other racing games. The racing tracks of TRACKMANIA 2 is very much fantastic and awesome.

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If you ask any of the players who play the racing games then he will tell you that track design is the main part of any racing games.

In most of the racing games a g-force-laden camber, hairpin bend and high-speed straight might suffice. Tracks in TrackMania 2 is terrifying and the Hot Wheels is unique from other racing games.

High-impossible jumps, floating platforms and sweeping barrel-rolls are the best features of TRACKMANIA 2. A mode of TRACKMANIA 2 is very much popular which is real heart and this mode is online.

A race can be quickly changed hilarious highlight reel of unforeseen corners and missed jumps. The mechanics of these game is made for an ideal to pick up and play.


If you want to play Dirt Rally 2 then you have to know your pacenotes from your driveshaft. If you are looking for casual driving experience then you have to try dirt 4 instead of Dirt Rally 2.

In this game, your co-driver will release instructions, directions and numbers and you have to think fast. If you can’t handle the terrains and hairpin bends then you will be smashed.

The hardcore sensibilities of Dirt Rally 2 is unapologetic such as a casual racing game. Heavy crashes overwhelm the sense such as flashbang which can be explored on your bonnet.

If you are caught behind the pack then the introduction of surface degradation will create difficulties then you can not drive the cars in a straight line.

You can easily learn Dirt Rally 2 from the trips to the hospital and it is the best game for you and it will give you an entertaining experience.

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If you are facing problem for finding the games then goto this website This website will help you to find out the games as well as help you to give the knowledge about games.


Driver: San Francisco is one of the best and much popular PC games. All other arcade racing games should be good from Driver: San Francisco.

In Driver: San Francisco, you will get the numbers of different cars and this game is influencing people from a variety of eras. In this game, everything available is looking similar to the 70′ style.

Driver: San Francisco includes roaring engines, muscle, steep hills, squealing tyres roads of San Francisco. It has a single soundtrack of the racing games and some best event.

In Driver: San Francisco, you can easily use a different car at any track. You can easily and rapidly learn to teleport from the traffic.

The graphics of Driver: San Francisco is very much awesome and fantastic. This game is very much interesting and it will give you an entertaining experience.

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