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Why Do You Need to Test Boss Host BD?

Did you hear the name of Boss Host BD? Perhaps you have not heard it. However, with the promising features and unparalleled support, Boss Host BD became the number one hosting company in Bangladesh. They are providing high-quality WordPress hosting package with cloud server which got load balancing facility in the backend.

How Boss Host BD became the number one Hosting provider in Bangladesh?

The answer is straightforward. Providing the quality hosting, you need dedicated hosting server with the lowest latency with high-quality server architecture. Like Kinsta and WP engine, Boss Host BD is maintaining the high-quality server with the lowest latency possible. Their server architecture is using the latest Litespeed Server with CloudLinux facility and with the paid addon and Litespeed Cache Plugin of WordPress, giving the server-based delivery of the cached page which is the highest possible speed.

After deciding their server structure; they have developed server level caching with back to back Cloudflare CDN caching. That’s how page delivery speeds up to 200 times faster than the other hosting provider in Bangladesh. Giving free SSL to every possible package, ensuring the HTTP2 data transfer with server level pushing of CSS and JS.

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So why not you try the Boss Host BD?

If you have read the WordPress optimization Tips of 2019, you can understand what is latest core optimization technique of 2009 of WordPress. With Google optimized server, you can rank easily to number one page of Google with this hosting.

They have got several packages for you. One is shared hosting, and another one is cloud hosting. I will pay for the cloud hosting for higher CPU consumption with the lowest latency and unparalleled load balance. Their load balance provides the server level caching with the delivery of all the static content without hitting the server with each request.

Powerful Wp-config.php Optimization

Boss Host BD already optimizes the wp-config PHP before setting up the WordPress. So, when the WP-config file of the WordPress is well optimized with the server config, you are confirmed to get the maximum performance of your WordPress website. If you are running some e-commerce store like WooCommerce site with WordPress, then you need to confirm the wp-config PHP with the optimum variables. That’s why Boss Host BD is performing way much better than the other hosting provider in the country.

.Htaccess optimization by Boss Host BD is Unique

You will get tons of .htaccess optimization technique on all over the internet. Htaccess optimization is the critical for every WordPress server. Bluehost, Dreamhost, and WP Engine managed WordPress provider do it automatically and takes much money for automatic optimization of this file. However, Boss Host BD optimizes the .htaccess file according to the server configuration. Many servers use the gzip facility at the server level, so it doesn’t need to give the gzip code twice in the. Htaccess file. Many security tweaks and performance optimization tweaks are included in the .htaccess optimization file.

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Latest PHP version used in the server

Boss Host BD has extended the range of PHP version compatibility. From 5.6 to 7.3 the latest PHP version is supported in their hosting. You can use the PHP extension configure to optimize the essential PHP package enabled or disabled. Like Memcache or Opcache facility, you can enable it for a higher degree of tweaks of your server. In one comparison it shows that PHP 7.3 is much faster than old PHP 5.6.

So, if you want to deliver the WordPress page faster and in the smarter way, you must use the latest PHP version. It is also a question of security of your server. So never compromise with your PHP version.

Why Boss Host BD does not promote on Facebook?

Boss Host BD believes that if any person uses their hosting, they are enough to be an advertiser of their hosting. They do not put any extra money on the advertising; instead, they use the money on the server and give the best benefit of it to the customer. It is like cutting the cost from the advertising level so they can provide the server with quality at the lowest price. They are not interested in promoting on Facebook or Google ads rather they are keenly interested in having positive reviews on websites.

What are the features that Boss Host BD offers?

Boss Host BD is providing the Litespeed server, with 100% quality SSD with all the server with database server included, immunify 360 at the server level for security purpose, Apache SpamAssassin for email spam prevention, Cloudflare CDN integration at the server level, Cloudflare railgun enabled server setup, CloudLinux to prevent overburden of any CPU or ram, enterprise DDoS protection, free server transfer with zero minute delay, full control of resell biz at the domain panel, free SSL from let’s encrypt for lifetime, paid SSL integration freely, total WordPress setup with essential plugin installed for security and performance.

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So what else do you need?

How fast the Boss Host BD support system?

Boss Host BD is not using the conventional client panel for their user. Conventional client panel is a little bit odd for the new customer. So, Boss Host BD introduced full-time Facebook panel hosting support page with the minimum time of response. one can quickly check their message of support is seen or not. Facebook page is much more comprehensive than other support systems. Everyone is using Facebook, and with Facebook chatting support we can easily track the support ticket.

Final verdict

If you are looking at the Result-website of Bangladesh on the first page of Google, you will find that almost 90% of the result websites are hosted on Boss Host BD. The became the private limited company in 2018, and have started their business in 2014. So almost 5 years in the hosting business with the quality hosting provider, Boss Host BD is unlikely became the first hosting provider in Bangladesh providing unparalleled hosting support with quality hosting service. They have also ensured that one-month money back guarantee if any dissatisfaction after using any host. So, if you are a WordPress geek and try to improve the quality of hosting environment of WordPress, definitely Boss Host BD should be on your first choice of the list.

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