6 Winning Email Marketing Tips For Law Firms

With 270 billion Emails exchanged worldwide on a daily basis and 3.7 billion users around the globe, the virtual market has reached our inboxes. The effect of this immense popularity can be seen in the new trend of promoting your firms using Email Marketing. Hence, several law firms and independent lawyers too, are using the same platform to satiate their needs.

Marketing through personal recommendation is still considered as a significant part of winning clients for the law firm. Again, Emails these days are playing a vital role in online marketing for attorneys. The communication thus ensued plays an essential role in reaching out to new clients. But you must have a perfect plan, including email marketing as the chances for failure are equally persistent.

Emails can be the most effective ways to attract new clients in and build your legal reputation. But the main problem is that most of the attorneys use the conventional method and excellent law firm seo services and online marketing for attorneys.

To help you out in establishing a promising promotion over the virtual market, here are few practical Email marketing tips for law firms:

Selection of Right Audience

If you target the right audience, then it will result in 20 times more positive response from the general message. Targeting the right audience means patching the Emails to the users who are interested in your services and further improve your position in online marketing for AttorneysEach of the clients has their own needs, and it is not expected to receive the same response from all the clients.

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The Recipient List

Your email recipients can be built in two different ways, one is by paying for the list of contact, and another is to create your own list, which may look applying more manual labor. Still, it gives you more success as it will help you target the right audience, which further means higher rate conversion of the people who are interested in your services and your firm. Current clients, referral form the existing clients or previous clients, people who come to you for the queries, LinkedIn contacts, and the social media contacts are some of the ways through which you can help build your own list. Before adding to the list one should check the relationship with that particular person, If he/she will recognize the name of the firm and if he is really interested and has the potential for the legal services provided by the firm, will give you a genuine for sure.

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Mails’ Content

After you are done with the selection of all the targets receiving your Emails, you need to select the content of the Email you are willing to share. Every person on your list who is opening your Email should find it meaningful and valuable. It should follow the 80/20 rule, To not look one-sided, 80% of the content should be work-oriented, and the 20% content should be promotional, making the content look informative and relatable. This not only gains the interest of your client but also gives them a chance to think about the services you are providing. You must contain the name of your law firm, some articles related to the specifically targeted clients, any relevant video related to the topic and notification related to the event. Apart from this, any interaction between you and your client in any way should be mentioned in Email.

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Choosing the Email provider

You are going to send a single type of mail to a large number of people, and this can be done only with the help of Email providers that allows you to send a large number of mails. If you are sending mail to less than 2000 subscribers at once, then find the provider catering to your needs and satisfying the criterion of the capacity. Your mail provider must be platform-independent and works well with all the devices.

Selecting a template

Selecting a template is one of the essential Email Marketing tips for law firms as this will determine how your Email is going to look at the end. Your model must contain a headshot, some list of legal specifications, CTA for free consultant and quality content which is full of legal knowledge and aims towards targeting the right audience.

Perfecting your subject lines

Even if you have great content inside your Email, but it lacks a professionally bound interesting subject, then most of the people will not find it worth reading. For attracting more people, you need to create an inspiring subject line full of all the legal knowledge relevant to your area of expertise.

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