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Resolving QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 100060

QuickBooks Point of Sale Error is one of the most advanced and effective software. Every year intuit ads some new features and QuickBooks POS is the best advantage to it. For some help and assistance refer to, QuickBooks Help.

While working on QuickBooks, most of the time system is not able to develop some essential record. This error mainly occurs when you are running a financial exchange in QuickBooks POS. This error occurs and is displayed on the screen.

Causes of QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 100060

QuickBooks Point of sale Error most occurs when QuickBooks is not able to create requisite files in it. Some following reasons are causes of this error:


  1. Record Activation in QuickBooks Point of Sale: In numerous cases, client accounts were in present in QuickBooks Point of Sale. Presently, during their first financial exchange, these users may not know the fact that is why they must be committing this error.


  1. QuickBooks Administrator: Whenever clients sign into their record, QuickBooks grant them to get access to their record. Now sometimes, there are chances that the clients are given account access by QuickBooks but not by QuickBooks Administrator. Because of this disapproval condition by the QuickBooks Administrator, this error may come up.

Effects of QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 100060

Because of this error, clients face an extreme issue while handling records. Clients can’t make the required reports. Aside from this, clients are denied account access by QuickBooks Administrator. Different works, such as Financial Exchange may disorder and can turn into a matter of concern for clients.

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Fixing QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 100060

Here are some simple steps to rectify the QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 100060:

Solution 1: Check if Activated Accounts

While during the first financial transaction check if QuickBooks POS is active then follow these steps:

  1. First, click and open the QuickBooks software.
  2. Select Edit > Preferences > Accounting.
  3. Go to ‘Company Preferences’ and clear the checkbox of ‘Use Account Numbers’. Select ‘OK’.
  4. Then via QuickBooks Point of Sale perform a financial exchange.
  5. In QuickBooks, select Edit > Preferences > Accounting.
  6. Again repeat step 3 and select the ‘Use Account Number’ checkbox to reactivate the account number feature.
  7. Select and click on ‘Ok’.


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Solution 2: Take permission from the Administrator.

If in case of the user logged into QuickBooks but doesn’t have permission from QuickBooks Administrator. And Account numbers are not active in QuickBooks so follow these steps:


  1. First, click on ‘Company Point of Sale Preference’ and then click Cancel.
  2. In QuickBooks, select company file and then close company or log off.
  3. On ‘No Company Screen’, click on open.
  4. Login to Company File as an administrator and then select the option of close all.
  5. In QuickBooks Point of Sale, select File > Preferences > Company.
  6. Verify your accounts under financial preferences head. And the advanced tab should not have brackets.
  7. In the event that any records still contain brackets and the proper record can’t be found in the dropdown list, make the record in QuickBooks
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    1. In QuickBooks support Desktop, choose Lists > Chart of Accounts.
    2. In the left, the lower portion of the screen click on Account and select New.
    3. Select the proper record type and name the record, filling out extra fields as wanted.
    4. Click OK and close the charts of records.


These are the simple steps to resolve QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 100060. Hope these were helpful to you and it easily resolved your QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 100060. In case if you still need some assistance then refer to QuickBooks Help.

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