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At the end of the outgoing year, experts traditionally summarize and determine trends that will be relevant over the next 12 months. SEO experts working for the benefit of Runet highlighted the monopolization of search engine results, the influence of brand rankings on the promotion process and other important trends. We are pleased to present to your attention a large overview of current trends that will affect search engine promotion in 2020. The material was developed taking into account Russian and foreign realities.


At the end of 2019, a new BERT algorithm was launched, which is adapted for the English language (about 10% of requests in the USA), but will work with other languages ​​in the future. The technology is based on a neural network, and Google’s algorithm is aimed at recognizing the context in search queries. The latter should be long, short brand names or 1-2 words BERT will not be recognized.

However, experts recommend not focusing on BERT, but focus on the end-user – the user. The algorithm in question is a huge step in the search side, which adapts to the user’s plans, rather than dry keywords. Therefore, in the new year it is worth identifying the following vectors of action:

  • Quality content will be considered one that is 100% consistent with the needs of ordinary users. It should not be represented by a set of incoherent phrases or words;
  • Different keyword pickers and other tools also fade into the background. You will have to communicate with users, which will allow them to understand their mood and requirements. Listing keywords may not be enough to achieve your goals.

Frederic Debut from Bing said that the key query analysis systems we know are gradually becoming obsolete. Frederick claims that soon search engines will be more focused on user plans, rather than on key queries. This is due to the dynamic development of natural language. Therefore, experts in the field of SEO should predict the thoughts and desires of users, which will solve the tasks.

Jenn Matthews, a spokesman for Groupon in the US, points out that Google is constantly improving the quality standards associated with search engine promotion. The main task is a complete orientation to user Internet. Jenn says SEO professionals need to understand and accept these innovations.

Experts unanimously recommend focusing on those problems and needs that are important to potential customers. For example, Keith Goody, an IBM SEO strategist, advises using assistive content that users can use after purchasing or ordering a service. It can be instructions, advisory support and service assistance – all that can be useful. You can also highlight the following tips and opinions:

  • Focus on customers;
  • Demonstration that the business is on the client-side: assistance, protection of rights, consultations, etc.
  • Constant communication with customers, because their opinion about the service or usability of the site can be used to improve all processes, as well as when making important decisions.
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In 2020, SEO recedes into the background, optimization is part of a digital strategy, but not its key element. Professionals working in this field need to expand their knowledge, learn new materials, combining digital strategies with marketing and the business as a whole.


Anna Crowley of SearchEngine Journal is of the opinion that the content will remain a constant part of the promotion. It is used in the structure of the site, on web pages, for linking. Her opinion is supported by Tony Wright of WrightIMC, he believes that content creators should generate valuable and, most importantly, relevant materials. In the future, Google’s editorial capabilities will be improved, so quality will be paramount.

Perficient Digital Eric expressed his opinion that you need to create better content on the topic that the site promotes. In this case, Google will like the site, which will improve the promotion of long queries, the share of which is more than 70%. Such content solves key user problems, which has a positive effect on the ROI, as well as search engine loyalty.

Jesse MacDonald and Jessica Levenson, SEO experts, provide the following recommendations:

  • You need to pay attention to the topic of content, overestimating the importance of key queries;
  • You need to create content for the user that will touch on a particular topic, and not write texts on keywords;
  • You need to understand your target audience, to know what it is looking for. It is important to answer all user questions;
  • It’s worth constantly moving and analyzing the situation, otherwise the situation can change dramatically.

In 2020, we need to change our view on the quality of content, rechecking it for benefits and the presence of cannibalization, as indicated by Haya Spot, Ayia Frost. If you leave this moment unattended, then sooner or later there will be a competition of pages.

Modern search engines every day better and better understand the natural language, so the quality of the content is the main priority of SEO-specialists. It should be interesting, solve the problem, which will strengthen the position of the site. This opinion was expressed by Michelle Robbins of Aimclear. APR President Motoko Hunt believes it is gentle to concentrate on localizing content. Localization differs from the usual translation in that it allows you to adapt the content to the linguistic and cultural norms of the region in which it will be used.

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In the new year, as Path Interactive SEO Director Lily Ray spoke about, Google’s search engine will take into account not only the overall quality of the content, but also the experience, competence, and professionalism of the authors who publish it as authorized representatives of the company.
The priority is the reputation, level of service and other characteristics related to the quality of the company. When forming an opinion, not only customer reviews or quality of content will be taken into account, but also internal site errors: security level, loading and other problems. An expert at Path Interactive focuses on the fact that companies working with YMYL requests will find it difficult to get organic results if they attract inexperienced artists who are not expert and, in principle, cannot work on a given topic.

Recall that YMYL requests were introduced in 2015 by Google, they are aimed at protecting the well-being of the user, which is especially true for sites working with medical, financial, legal and other important topics. For YMYL sites, expertise is important, which allows you to meet the specified requirements of the search engine.

In 2020, the credibility of the authors comes to the fore, as well as the fight against untruthful, irrelevant, dangerous content for users. Therefore, there is a question of trust in the authors and the site on which their materials are published, as stated by Grace Kindred of News UK.


In 2020, one of the most important trends will be increased attention to the quality of UX – the design of user interaction. If necessary, you should redesign your site. That’s what Mark Paschke, founder of My Insomnia Fix, notes that:

  • You must consider any interactions in the user-site chain. We are talking about all the elements – from the search snippet to the main page;
  • We must not forget about tools that will remind the user about the site after he left it. We are talking about remarketing, abandoned baskets, personalization, etc.
  • You need to share with the user the valuable experience that he will get while visiting the site.

An expert at SALT agency draws the attention of specialists to the fact that the Google search engine takes into account the speed of the site loading. For example, marks have already been added to the Chrome browser, indicating that the site’s loading speed is slow. Results reports can be seen in the Google Search Console.

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10 Important SEO Trends for 2020


More and more users are searching for sites using mobile devices. However, only a small part of mobile sites can be called high-quality, because many of them work incorrectly. Therefore, it is recommended to start development with a version for mobile devices, and then work with desktops, which will avoid many problems associated with incorrect or slow loading. Sam, the founder of Litman Construction Duluth MN, points out that most often, users look for information from mobile devices. Therefore, it is mobile traffic and sites that should be a priority.


In 2020, the focus will be on the quality of the content, but it and other data need to be structured. Structuring can help search engines better understand the content: the link between blocks and elements, the link to other web pages, etc. This opinion was expressed by Jeremy Knauff of Spartan Media. It is worth using micro-marking, which is constantly being improved. However, in the near future, the incorrect use of this tool will be punished, so you should not trust unknown services and plugins when working.


When conducting optimization for Knowledge Graph, it is necessary to study all issues related to knowledge bases and the space in which the site conducts activities. After that, it will be necessary to highlight the elements to which the information published on the site will be attached. Dixon Jones, the founder of DHJ Ventures, believes that linking information to objects helps meet user needs, which has a positive effect on all work processes.


Integrated work with links will have a positive impact on the ranking, positioning process and brand building. Links will not only improve ranking but will also accelerate the pace of brand promotion, will drive traffic, as Carrie Rose of rising at Seven told about.

During the construction and promotion of the brand, it is necessary to work to increase the trust and loyalty of users. The latter expect a wow effect from marketing, but if you earn trust, you can achieve high results related to sharing content, increasing revenue, as well as the value of offers, according to Casey Gillette from KoMarketing.


Back in 2019, many sites were faced with the problem of issuing Zero-click, in 2020 this trend will continue. However, Zero-click is not a problem if the specialist is ready to adapt to dynamic changes. Today, the user can get the maximum amount of information in Google’s issuance without actually making the transition, so it’s advisable to work with external information: working out micro-marking, meta tags, and other tools. So says Cyrus Shepard, who is the founder of Zippy.


If you need to reduce time costs, then in 2020 it is worth paying attention to Python and R – simple and effective programming languages. Catalyst SEO Director Paul Shapiro notes that knowing the basics of programming helps make SEO more efficient. They can work with different sources of information, use the elements of machine learning, etc.

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