Ultraviolette F77

Ultraviolette F77: The Most Incredible Electric Bike Ever

This thinking motorcycle you’re looking at right here has done not to be one of the most exciting machines to come out of the automobile industry in 2019. Now what makes it so appealing is that this is just flossed electric sports bike, but also the fact that it’s been in dilys designed and developed right here in India. Just down the road, then Bengaluru. This is the ultraviolet F 77, and we’ve been given a very brief amount of time to write it here at the MMR D. So, without any further ado, let’s get to it.

And we’ll begin with the backstory Ultraviolet is a Bengaluru based startup that’s been working on the concept of an electric motorcycle since 2015. Things have moved on a lot since then, and Devious now holds a 25 percent stake in the company. The F 77 is Ultraviolet s first product, and when you’re trying to introduce something completely new and unheard of. It helps if your bike is built to stand out.


Well, that’s what you say about this design. Well, one thing I can say for sure is that you see nothing like this out there. We have 77 was a unique and aggressive setup proportion with an exciting combination of F1. I mean, we just had laid out front.

What I will say is that when you look at OPTLO, Cincinnati’s quality level seem to be high, and there has been a lot of attention paid to the details. Design

Source: https://www.bikedekho.com/ultraviolette/f77#picturegallery

This is one unique and sporty looking motorcycle, and that’s because the proportions are very unusual. The side profile looks quite Musse heavy with a full fairing. And this is offset by a single naked bike style headlamp. There is no wind protection, but the suspension shots are on the upside-down for a hit to create a muscular look. The tail section is perhaps the most convenient angle with a sharp and attractive set of lines that look like they came straight off a sports bike. This full L.E.D. lighting all around and the lamps at both ends look sporty and detailed. Ultraviolet plans to offer the bike in three color schemes, and there will be some exciting accessories on offer as well. Ultimately, the F 77 certainly doesn’t wear a classically pretty design, but it has heaps of presence, and the bike commands plenty of attention in person. Quality seems to be a priority, and there are plenty of small details like the footbag holders, the superbike like swing arm, the DFT display, and those smartly designed wheels that suggests this will be a premium machine.

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The F 77 that looks fast just standing still, but thankfully it back some impressive performance numbers to match. This bike runs a frame-mounted equable electric motor that limps thirty-three point five horsepower and a massive 90 Knewton meters of top petrol or electric. Those are some impressive looking numbers.

With so much horsepower and especially so much talk on offer, you’d expect a very high level of performance out on the racetrack. But you have some decent as a slightly different story, and this bike’s performance is more in line with 200 singing machines rather than the 360 competition that you wouldn’t associate with going by the section.

Well, it came to 7.5 seconds run from 0 100 Chipwich, and the initial acceleration so suddenly feels like the bike is capable of that. The strong pull begins to taper fast. 80K P-H But the bike will still get up to about 120 without a struggle. While it claims the top speed of 147, keep it. But I suspect this will dig some distance to achieve Dymocks. Guess so. I only got to set one fast lap on the track with a bike man, she said and indicated the speed of just under 125. Speed

Source: https://www.bikedekho.com/ultraviolette/f77#picturegallery

This puts the F 787’s performance more in line with 200 the low end 256 machines other than the 300 Ceecee competition.

The more deposit you’ll be by a chain drive, and that is not clutch, changing gears to bother with, just twisted throttle and gold. The good news is that the Tortola sponsors are very smooth and natural feeling, which makes the bike easy and unintimidating to ride. As for sound, there’s an impressive wine from the motor, and the reduction ratio goes up.

When a bike makes so little noise, you tend to hear everything else much more clearly. That’s when you realize that the F 77 gene drive can be quite loud, and I think a quietening belt drive would have been more beautiful even though it would have been more expensive and perhaps not as easy to keep maintained at the average roadside mechanic.

Two great things about this bike

The first is that the initial acceleration rush is reliable and uninterrupted, and I’m sure that this will be great fun to exploit. Out on the street.

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The second is that this is a very sharp handling motorcycle when it comes time to attack some corners. I do what it does do add their bespoke philosophy for this motorcycle and in fact, some pretty aggressive steering geometry numbers. It’s no surprise that this is a speedy yielding motorcycle, and it is quite exciting to ride with a relatively short Levett and an aggressive steering angle. Two great thing

Source: https://www.bikedekho.com/ultraviolette/f77#picturegallery

Riding Experience

The F-77 reacts rapidly to rider inputs. You need to be measured with your movements because the f seventy-seven responds as fast, if not faster than a Gedeon. I’ll see 390, and it’ll be interesting to see how this fares in the real world with all of its mid-con of bumps, craters, and colors thanks to a shopfront, brick, and impressively low godwit and no capital insight. The F 77 loved attacking corners on the racetrack when pushed hard. You can tell that the rear suspension felt a little too soft, and that’s what the expensive Metsola M7 R-Ark. Dio’s on their keep. Well, it should be said that even something that the METSOLA M5 would have been more than enough at this performance level. Ultimately the F 77 feeds a little bit on edge when you push it to the limit, but after a while, it does us that they’re working on fine-tuning the suspension setup. Things may stand to improve, but for now, it’s clear that this is a fun shop and responsive machine.

Of course, most f 787’s will not spend their life ridden to the limit at the racetrack, and this bike has a lot more to offer, especially when it comes to technology and gadgets. Riding Experience

Source: https://www.bikedekho.com/ultraviolette/f77#picturegallery


The exciting thing about futuristic electric vehicles like this is a day can innovate in ways that you haven’t imagined. And this bike has a lot of technology and features packed into it, which we’ll get into in a moment.

Battery Packs

Ultraviolet has cleverly split the battery into three individual packs, each wing, 8.6 kilos. This allows you to remove one or two if you need to charge them externally without the risk of pulling a hernia. The packs work together in parallel, and the company recommends running all three or at least two at all times. Judging takes five hours with a standard charger and 1.5 hours with an optional fast charger. There’s also going to be an optional portable power bank style charger that can be carried on in a backpack. Ultraviolet claims groundbreaking energy density levels from the in-house battery pack design. And this allows them to claim real-world range figures of 130 to 150 kilometers. Despite a relatively modest total battery capacity of 4.2 kilowatts US. Of course, we will have to put this to the test. And we also can’t comment on the moment, and hope performance will fare, wants to charge level drops.

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The technology packed within this motorcycle

But for now, let’s talk about all the technology packed within this motorcycle. The F 77 uses a 4G SIM as well as a nine-axis inertial measurement unit, which is similar to what you’ll find in a smartphone. This combination unlocks multiple connected features, and there is a whole host of functionality available within the DFT display as well. Technology

Source: https://www.bikedekho.com/ultraviolette/f77#picturegallery

Riding modes

The bike has three riding ways, and it comes with adjustable regenerative braking. There isn’t any form of traction control, but safety does come while a dual channel A.B.S. While all that sounds good, we, unfortunately, didn’t get to experience any of it. As it turns out, the bikes we rode weren’t as production-ready as we thought. The t_f_t_ display was a mockup with a smartphone running underneath, and the switchgear wasn’t in final spec as well, which meant we couldn’t control any of the electronic features, including the region braking or the riding modes. In case you’re wondering, the bikes were set to offer a full fall when we rode them. Riding modes

Source: https://www.bikedekho.com/ultraviolette/f77#picturegallery

How much will all this cost you

Ultraviolet rays that the F 77 will be priced between rupees three and 3.2 5 lakh on-road when it goes on sale late next year in Bengaluru with other cities to follow at a later date at this price. You certainly aren’t getting a similar price to performance ratio as the petrol-powered machine. What you will be, however, is an early adopter, and early adopters of any technology have never had it cheap. As much as I wish, we got to experience the production-ready motorcycles for now.


All I can say is that the F 77 looks promising the F 77 creoles a motorcycle with a lot of promise. But here’s the deal. The bikes we’ve written today are still very much in the pre-production prototype stage, and we didn’t get to expense many of the features, and there are still things that ultraviolet needs to iron out. The good news is that the company has been transparent that it will not deliver any motorcycles for at least another year starting in October 2020. So that gives them time to refine and iron out all the issues. For now, this is a motorcycle that I’m intrigued by what I would recommend to wait until we get the final production-ready versions of this bike. To give you the last word.

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