How to Install Fonts in Windows 10, Photoshop and Microsoft Office

How to Install Fonts in Windows 10, Photoshop and Microsoft Office?

In this post you will find the step by step tutorial of installing fonts in windows. After installing your fonts in this way you can also use your fonts in Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Office or in other applications in your any version of windows OS.

Step 1:

Click on your start menu and then click on settings.How to install fonts 2

Step 2:

Now the search bar write “Fonts” and press to install fonts 3

Now your Fonts Folder will to install fonts 4

Step 3:

Now go to the folder of that font you want to install. Here we are installing the “Canada 150-rg” Font.

How to install fonts 5

Step 4:

Now copy the desired to install fonts 6

Step 5:

Paste it to the previously opened “Fonts Folder”.how to install fonts 7

Now it will take few second to install the to install fonts 8

Now you are done and after installing you will find your font in the “Fonts Folder”.how to install fonts 9

Now I am showing how you will find your Installed Font in MS Office?

Step 1:

Open MS Word and Click on the fonts as shown in the picture below.

how to install fonts 10

Here you can see the font that we just installed.

how to install fonts 11

In this way you can find and use your desired fonts in other applications like Photoshop or other as well.

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