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Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools to Ensure You Stay at the Top

Digital marketing is more competitive today than ever before, so if you want to stay ahead of the game be ready to give it your all. However, that does not mean you exhaust yourself to the brink of collapse. It’s not about working hard as much as it is about working smart. There’s always a more efficient way to get your tasks completed without wearing yourself down and it all begins with making use of the tools and apps available to you. They can increase your productivity and improve the quality of your work and at the same time decrease the stress you’re under. If you are looking for smart solutions read on. We have compiled a list of must-have digital marketing tools and apps which you’re sure to find interesting.

Hemingway Editor

You can spend hours writing content but if you don’t put in enough time to edit and proof read it, chances are it will be littered with errors. You can’t have that published now can you? To ensure it is clear for posting, you must spend time and resources to ensure it is error-free and sometimes you just don’t have them. You needn’t worry though, the Hemmingway Editor takes care of it all. It helps you make your writing bold and clear by highlighting lengthy, complex sentences, fixing grammatical mistakes and more. Having this tool in your arsenal is sure to give you an edge so go ahead and download it today.



Getting flagged for plagiarism is never fun and for a website to be caught with it, it can mean certain disaster with the Google algorithm penalizing you for it. When we write the content ourselves we know for sure that they will be free of plagiarism, but it’s tricky with guest posts. To make sure it’s not copied from some other website you must run it through a computerized check and there’s no better tool for this than the Its advanced algorithm gives you interactive results and reports that help you avoid plagiarism. 


It’s all about images these days. One impactful image can get you racing ahead of the competition. So, giving your best is rather important when it comes to pictures and Canva lets you do that with ease. It helps you create professional looking print and digital marketing collateral. You can access more than one million stock photos along with graphic and fonts, all that you need to create good quality media for you firm. 


Search Engine Optimization plays an important role in getting your message out there, so if you’re serious about making it to the first Google results page, we’d suggest you get Ahrefs right away. 

This helpful resources offers a range of tools, like backlink information, content research, keyword and competitive analysis and more. You can easily track your rank and monitor the web. This tool helps you figure out why you’re lagging behind your competitors so that you may work on your strategy and improve. 

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Google Search Console

Another great app for getting you on top of SERP, Google Search Console continually monitors, maintains and enhances your site’s appearance. It lets you see your site from the search engine’s point of view, giving you great insight and better understanding of where you’re at. With this on your laptop, you’ll be better equipped to deal with your site’s SEO so make sure to test it out.

Visual Website Optimizer

You may be getting a high-ranking on Google, but that means nothing if you can’t get your visitor to convert. Visual Website Optimizer lets you do A/B testing to experiment and learn and the geo-behavioral targeting campaigns let you find and connect to your target audience. The additional tools like usability testing, heatmaps and other conversion rate optimization features ensure you can do multivariate testing with ease. The best part though is that even if you don’t know HTML or have technical computer training you’ll can use without any difficulty. 

Final Words

No matter how hard you try, you’re sure to miss something, but with these tools you’ll be able to catch it all in time. They’ll help you improve your site and get your message across to the right audience. You’ll have a report of each second that you can analyze and learn from just make sure you have a high-speed internet connection like Mediacom Internet. Its fast connection is affordable and what’s more, it’s reliable which means you’ll always be connected and have the latest updates.

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