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Understanding the Different Categories of the Apps in the Store

We are living in an age where applications have become an important part of our daily lives. The market is bombarded with all the types of mobile application even the leading businesses who might not have used the apps are also being a part of this game. How? Since many of them are making the best of the effort to take the lead of tech curve, while others are just trying to meet the consumer demands with apps that easing the lives. Since there are varieties of apps that fall in a huge range of categories before you start creating an app you need to evaluate where it fits in making your idea into reality. Here are the most sought categories of mobile apps.

The native app

Such apps are created for a sole mobile operating system, uniquely hence they are known as the native app for certain platform and device. The app is built for the system such as IOS and android, the windows, blackberry and other apps are not compatible with this platform you. In other words, you won’t be able to use the Android app on the iPhone.

The main perks of the native app is the high functionality and ensuring the good user experience since expert developer use the native UI, additionally, it gives access to a wide range of APIs that has no restrictions for app usage. Native apps are far more accessible from the app stores and have clear capabilities to reach the target consumers.

Some of the disadvantages of the native apps are the higher costs as compared to other apps, as per the high demand of duplicate apps for other platforms, split support and maintenance for different varieties of apps lead to greater product prices.

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The hybrid apps

They are created with the multi-platform technologies; hence these apps mainly fall in the category of a web application, covered with the native touch the apps posses the usual advantages and disadvantages of both native and web application.

The perks include are high functionality and easy development. The single code base for the entire platform makes sure the low-cost maintenance and smooth updates. On the contrary, the hybrid apps lack in performance, speed and overall optimization as compared to the native apps. Moreover, there are issues with the user interface to appear in the same way on more than two platforms.

The web apps

These are basically the software applications that perform in a way that is similar to the native applications. The web apps take advantage of the browser to run and are particularly written in the HTML5, The JavaScript and CSS. The whiteboard animation apps also fall in this category. The apps redirect the users to URL and provide the install option by only creating the bookmark to the web page.

The web apps need minimum device memory since all the personal databases are saved on the server and the users can have access from any device where you have easy access to the internet. This is the reason why the use of web apps with poor connections can disappoint you. The other drawbacks include limited access to APIs for developers, with the exception of geolocation and others. The app content is the only the wrap on the device since a great part of the data is loaded from the server.

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The functionality is inseparably connected to the performance of the browser and the efficacies of the next work connection. Well, where 14% of the time users spend on the mobile website and only some of the devices APIs can be taken advantage of. This clearly shows for what purpose are individuals using mobile apps. They do business, communicate, entertain and play games educate and much more.

Gaming apps

Till now the most popular category in the apps and holding a share of 24% of all mobile apps in the app store are none other but the gaming apps. It’s not a surprise for sure, and the average personal time a person spends on a game is expected to increase.

The mobile gaming apps have long been making efforts promoting the app developers to put in their time and resources in creating new games and mobile friendly version known as the stationary games. From the user aspect, the gaming apps provide a sense of achievement as well as higher levels of engagement throughout the gaming process. From the developer point of view, game apps bring higher profits.

Business apps

Also known as the efficiency apps they hold more than 10% of the share in the app store these categories involve whiteboard animation apps. These days the smartphones are able to perform a great amount fo task on the run. The business apps range from the B2B applications from office to personal apps to enhance the efficiencies and minimize budge everything is just on tap away.

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