Video Camera for Sports Recording

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As #1 video camera for sports recording Buying Guide, we continuously test and review Video Camera for Sports Recording that fit and meet everyone’s requirement. Not everyone can afford to spend $400-500 on top of the line action camera.

So we scoured the web and markets to find excellent action cameras for every budget. In the series we’ve covered Video Camera for Sports Recording under $50, $100, $200, $250, $300, $400, and $500.

Video Camera for Sports Recording

Video Camera for Sports Recording
Video Camera for Sports Recording

For the $150 budget, you can get an entry level Video Camera for Sports Recording from high-end brands like Go Pro, i On, etc. which will provide you great features and allow you to enter their ecosystem. Let’s see what a $150 bill will buy you:4. SJCAM SJ5000 The SJCAM’s SJ4000 was the real contender of Go Pro which one could certainly compare it to because the other replicas were plain rubbish, and after some, a lot of replicas started using the SJ4000 as their model sign, but SCAM is the best cheap alternative to GoPro.


The SJ5000 saw a noticeable improvement from its predecessor SJ4000 and like the earlier model it has LCD which is only found in GoPro 4 and also comes with essential accessories and mounts which make it a good purchase as it has a high reputation for the video quality it offers.
The SJCam SJ5000 doesn’t look much different from the SJ4000 or GoPro for that matter but saw an improve in features from its previous model.  The CMOS sensor does up from 12 MP to 15 Megapixels CMOS Sensor which car record 1080 p video. While you can’t expect it to hold on when roughly used, e.g., Underwater but usually it can do most of the work which any action camera is supposed to do.


The SJCAM SJ5000 is a decent camera with a good spec sheet. It has 14 Megapixels CMOS Sensor with a 170° wide angle lens. It can record Full H D: 1920*1080 P 30 fps, 720 P: 1280*720 P 60/30 fps in. M O V and H.264 format.The LCD Size has increased to 2-inch display from 1.5 on the SJ4000, but the battery size is the same at 900 M A H with recording up to 70 minutes.

The SJCAM 4000 was a definite choice when compared with higher end Go Pro models but for Under $150, you can find Best Action Camer a from reputable brands that are worth considering. Still, the SCAM has a good reputation, and while it is not the perfect action camera, it is an excellent package as seen by other buyers on You tube. Amazon listing does usually fill with complaints but as expected the happy customers don’t get the need to post raving reviews, but there are a lot of comparison videos and reviews on You tube which is satisfactory. To Check Latest Price on Amazon 3. i ON Air Pro Lite Similar to Contour, the i ON Air Pro Lite comes in a bullet-like design with metal tube chassis which is unique from the rest of Video Camera for Sports Recording. The camera does build in a such a way that you don’t need any case or housing to take it underwater, it is waterproof up to 30 meters by default and can start recording right away with a slide of the switch.

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Video Camera for Sports Recording

Video Camera for Sports Recording
Video Camera for Sports Recording

This best thing regarding the tube style cameras does because they make no long and yourself can install on the head of your helmet applying available helmet mounts differently. Go Pro that you have so wear using a helmet band at the top from your spring so if yourself do into sports where you have to do flips, and stupid stunts, the i ON Air Pro wish be a much improvement since it is non-obstructive. Let’s see what i ON Air Pro has to offer in under $150.

This Air Pro® is a 1080 p H D video camera suitable for just about anything, thanks to its aerodynamic tube like design. It waterproof without any casing and is one of those rugged cameras which you can take anywhere, because of its unique design. Even it’s lens is covered by a glass with screws which shows that you can replace it whenever gets scratched or damaged.

It is Waterproof up to 10 meters (30 ft) without any outer case required and have 5 MP Lens with 170° angle field of view, and can record 1080 p at 30 fps and 720 p at 60 fps for those slow-mo smooth recording. By simple one-touch recording and Wi-Fi POD Z™ (included with Air Pro™ Lite Wi-Fi only), you’ll be ready to shoot and share your content with everyone your favorite social sites in real time.

You can further take photos while shooting video with a secondary button which is a great feature.


Specifications: i ON Air Pro Lite has a sleek metal tube design, 5 Megapixel C.M.O.S. Sensor that can record Full HD Video at 1080 p 30 frames per second and HD Video at 720 p with 60 frames per second rate. It has 170˚ wide angle field of view and also has photo mode which allows you to take pictures in Single, Burst-shot, and Time lapse mode.
The battery is built in but can last for 2.5 hours which is excellent compared to other options which offer 70 minutes of recording time. The best thing about this model is the  Wi-Fi POD Z™ which allows you to both control and stream using the app and wifi.

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Air Pro has a definite advantage over its competitors because it is waterproof by default where other cameras need separate housing for waterproofing. It too has an excellent battery life and is very rugged. It is also very easy to use with a slide switch used for instant recording, so once you mount on your helmet, you can use it with gloves quickly.
The video quality is excellent at both 30 and 60 frame rate. The lens is the wide angle which most enthusiasts look for to show more background in their stunts with slow-mo clips. Overall it is an excellent Video Camera for Sports Recording with a nice balance between the performance, features, and PRICE. Check Latest Price on Amazon 2. Polaroid XS 100 The XS 100 action camera does make by Polaroid which has over 75 years of history in making cameras starting from 1926. They have built a reputation and name in the market when it comes to photography and camera; their instant print cameras are still used to date.

Video Camera for Sports Recording

Best Action CameraThe Polaroid XS 100 i Extreme Edition is a waterproof action camera just like the i ON Air Pro but has more and better features and as a result, they have over 600 reviews on Amazon alone. This camera is perfect for you if you want to jump off a cliff or a plane or just go crazy biking, skiing or surfing. It has the functions, quality, and durability to become a perfect companion for your adventures.Features: Polaroid XS 100 is a decent P O V action camera for the price it sells for, with features that are well worth the money. It is a Full H D 1080 p action camera which is both shock and water proof so does categorize as a rugged action camera which can do done for extreme action sports.


The Polaroid is a decent P O V action camera that ranks very highly among the users. It is the only action camera after GoPro in this budget category of Video Camera for Sports Recording under $150 that received more than 600 reviews. If you have to compare among i ON Air Pro vs. the Polaroid XS 100 the Polaroid wins hands down and is the reason why it is ranked #2 in this rating review. Check Latest Price on Amazon

1. GoPro Hero GoPro hero is the ultimate budget action camera introduced by GoPro in 2015 along with GoPro Hero 4 Silver & Black. That happens their final answer to budget cameras by Contour and Sony action cameras. A Perfect option for those who want to get into the GoPro line of cameras but they either don’t have or want to spend $350-$500 for their top of the line action camera.
Anyone who is looking to buy a Video Camera for Sports Recording must’ve heard about Go Pro. The Go Pro Hero being a budget camera has quite a lot of different features than the other cameras, but noticeable difference is the fixed waterproof housing and non-removable battery. Let’s take a look at the features and specs of the Go Pro Hero which is also being called as the Go Pro Hero 2014.

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One could easily compare it to other Go Pro Models like the Hero 4 Black or Silver or even the Go Pro Hero 3 White Edition which costs $200. But the truth is that it is meant to be a low-end action camera that offers excellent video quality with a wide variety of mounts for just $130. GoPro Hero is an All-in-One Designed action camera. Upon close inspection, one can see some difference in the design e.g. this particular camera comes with fixed housing which means you cannot take it out of the shell. The back is removable where the SD card can do inserted, but the battery is also fixed and non-removable. It is extremely durable and waterproof and can go up to 131 feet underwater which is simply amazing.

There does a lot that can happen told about the GoPro but they’ve stuck to the core of what they are about, and that is the video quality they offer. The Hero can capture video at 1080 p and 720 p wherein 720 p you can record at 60 fps, giving you the smooth shots for slow motion.

It is lightweight under 4 ounces, rugged, waterproof and has excellent features like Quick Capture convenience, Immersive Video, Auto Low Light Mode, Wide-angle Lens and an attractive built-in microphone which most users complain about in other action cameras.Specifications: GoPro Hero is an H D Camera that records video at 1080 p at 30 frames per second and 720 p at 60 fps. It takes photos at 5 Megapixels with multiple capturing modes.

It has user-friendly ways like Quik Capture, Super View, and Auto Low Day; it’s easier than ever to get the shot and achieve professional-quality results each time. The camera does directly build into the waterproof housing that can go up to 131 feet or 40 meters deep.

Verdict: Go Pro is the most reputable Video Camera for Sports Recording company and is doing used by professional video graphers and sports enthusiasts around the world. The GoPro Hero is hands down the best choice in the Under $150 category as not only you get a waterproof camera that can go very deep but also allows you to enter into the GoPro Ecosystem from where you can upgrade if need be. In short, it is a clear winner and the most sensible choice.

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