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Whiteboard animation is the process by which the author draws an illustrated description on a whiteboard or something white. Typically, the colors are black and white. Visitors can see the whole drawing process, which is fascinating. Usually, whiteboard animations are accompanied by a lively narrative, and visitors can follow the drawing steps.
Here we are discussing the application best Sparkol Videoscribe alternative for android 2020, which is for those who want to teach students remotely. These applications will prove useful to many thought-provoking ideas. You can simply pull and clean it with all the drawings. These apps offer you many whiteboards; It enables you to draw handwritten videos. Those are very easy to use and starts to draw on the screen by dragging with your finger.

Best VideoScribe Alternative Free for Android


Ziteboard is an online whiteboard with sharing boards and real-time affiliates. Its a vector-based shared online whiteboard that runs on any kind of device. Ziteboard has unlimited space to work with your team in real-time regardless of the device you use.

The shared whiteboard is ideal for collaborating, teaching, visually discussing topics, and it’s excellent in making tutorial and online teaching. It can be used for teaching math, science, and classroom or personal English. You can use its free online whiteboard for sketching up a new website, a smartphone app, a movie poster, or any other media. Need a perfect circle or line? Ziteboard will automatically recognize your purpose and display beautiful shapes so that everyone will be amazed at your drawing skills. Ziteboard

Get Ziteboard from Google play store

App Features 

  • Personal tutoring, distance learning
  • Format with a team, workflow, sample design of these
  • View information and processes
  • Casual, ad-hoc presentations, meeting notes.
  • Visual simplification
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StickDraw Animation Maker is a free software application. StickDraw lets users draw and animate in no time. You can use your fingers to draw and move from one frame to another. StickDraw is an excellent tool for inspiring your stick figures and creating stop motions. Everyone can create the best in the art, but the stick drawing figures and their animations will meet the creative passion. Using this app, you can not only retrieve but also draw, which is no longer animated fun like playing a game. You can try your smart skills and feel like an amateur movie maker.

StickDraw has a very user-friendly and straightforward interface. Users can share their animations on Facebook. It is such a simple app that both children and adults will enjoy using it. StickDraw

Get this on Google Play Store

App Features

  • Draw with your hands
  • Multiple graphics: free-shapes, lines, rectangles, circles, and more
  • Advanced copy and paste
  • Background pictures or drawings used
  • Export GIF and MP4
  • Easy to use user interface


FlipaClip lets you visualize your past childhood experiences and express your creativeness or professional skills in many fresh ways! Draw your cartoons using frame by frame animations. It works just like the old school dreams but with a modern twist! Whether you are sketching, storyboarding, animating, or only playing around with intuitive tools, FlipaClip is the perfect platform for your creative ideas. Bring your dreams to life through animation! FlipaClip’s powerful and fun tools make frame-by-frame animation easy.

FlipaClip’s responsive interface provides the best drawing and tweaking experience. Its simple and intuitive control is straightforward to get started for your creative idea. FlipaClip

Get in on Google Play Store

App Features

  • Draw with practical multiple font options for free! Brushes, Lasso, Fill Eraser, Ruler Size, and Insert Text
  • Use up to 3 levels for free!
  • Onion Leather Chetak Tool
  • It can easily add and edit audio clips using up to six audio tracks for free.
  • Share your animation anywhere!
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Plotagon is a free animation application that brings your stories to your life. Express yourself more with an animated movie and share it with the world! The Plotagon story is the perfect place to express yourself in your own animated stories.

Loads to choose from different character traits, backgrounds, clothes, and accessories are regularly added to new fantastic content. Make your animated video with your recorded voice or your favorite sound effects or music and share your video on Facebook, YouTube and other social media.Plotagon

Get this app from Plotagons website

App Features

  • Make your animated video
  • Make yourself a celebrity your movies work
  • Add your voice record, sound effects and music
  • Share your story on YouTube and other social media apps
  • Includes captioned caps for automatic subtitles or accessibility

Zoho Show

Here you create, edit, and provide Stunning, also Create and edit visually appealing content using images, shapes, and charts on the go. It can import PowerPoint files and professional presentations to give a refreshing look and feel—share presentations with your team and collaborators on slides in real-time. Zoho Show has a wide range of customizable presentation tools available in themes and styling to your taste. You will get here lots of images with filters, fill sizes improved with a color gradient and many more. Zoho Show

Get this app from Zoho

App Features

  • Capture your ideas
  • Reimagine, refinement and practice from all places
  • Custom shapes, modifiers, and scribbles
  • Do your presentation skillfully
  • Let’s talk about your chart.

Showcase Workshop

Showcase Workshop is the best apps that allow you to view and create the current Exhibition Presentation Exhibition Workshop online platform. You can access and share content that your teammates have created just for you by highlighting external possibilities from the app.

Exhibition Presentation Planned slides might include PDF documents, links or videos, updates by your team on the Showcase website. Once an Exhibition app is downloaded, you can use it offline and find access and share this content with others at any time.Showcase Workshop

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Get this app on Showcase Workshop

App Features

  • You can present with maximum effect.
  • See professional, well-organized,
  • Never talk random again! Showcase, therefore, works offline
  • You can present with confidence.
  • No more power points.

LinkedIn SlideShare

LinkedIn Slideshare is a business tool apps that helps its users validate their knowledge anytime, anywhere, with this fantastic application. It’s an excellent tool for all students, executives, professionals, and other individuals who help explore millions of their full-screen and stunning formats of presentations, infographics, and videos. LinkedIn lets you want to read these presentations after saving them on Slideshare. It’s a fantastic app that allows anyone to tour over 15 million professional exhibitions, and a crisp, clean layout with other elements.

With this app, you will be able to save your most likely slides on your mobile phone with a simple call. On LinkedIn SlideShare lets you find the most trending and hot presentations in your social network and share whatever you like with classmates, collages, and other people.LinkedIn SlideShare

Get it on Google Play Store

App Features

  • Explore over 15 million professional presentations
  • Discover your favorite topics, with 30 to explore
  • Save your favorites later (! Even offline) to read on your phone
  • Check out the top presentation of your social network trends
  • LinkedIn SlideShare now you can clip the best content on TV


These are the best video animation options if you are hoping to create whiteboard animation content. Whether you are hoping to create a series of short videos or graphics, these free downloads will get you started in the process. And if you are want to use VideoScribe.apk for your Android devices check out our another article on Latest VideoScribe apk. It offers great editing features and free video effects, which are very easy to use. You have to try this app.