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Babolat AeroPro Drive GT Tennis Racket Perfect If You Love Spin!

Babolat AeroPro Drive GT Tennis Racquet

Babolat AeroPro

The Babolat Aeropro Drive GT tennis racket is a winner, especially if you love the wonderful feel, spin, and control. Highly recommended.

Amateur and professional tennis players alike will all recognize the tremendous power of the Babolat Aeropro Drive GT and, more relevantly, the extra spin of Rafael Nadal whose yellow GT racket shines on the court as a beacon to any aspiring player.

What will you like about the Babolat Aeropro Drive GT?

Babolat Aeropro Drive GT

Excellent blend of feel and power.

Although suited to intermediate to advanced players, on the whole, it can be beneficial to any players with a medium to fast swing by at least a little experience.

Better than similarly priced and featured Wilson tennis rackets.

High-quality construction, don’t suffer from those annoying broken string occurrences all the time!

Buy now with confidence, 100% money back guarantee and FREE shipping!

Babolat Aeropro Drive GT review

Babolat Aeropro Drive GT 2

The AeroPro Drive GT is updated using a combination of braided carbon fibers and tungsten filaments on the racket. The latter filaments make the frame stronger and produce greater precision by reducing torque.

In fact, Babolat themselves claim a 26% increase in precision compared to the previous Babolat AeroPro Drive.

The Cortex vibration filter continues with this updated model to enhance the feel by negating the two highest vibration frequencies in other words only the frequencies that enhance the feel will be allowed to pass through the Cortex filter.

Babolat Aeropro Drive GT specifications

The racket has an overall head size of 100 inches and falls into the mid-sized plus or tweener classification.

Babolat Aeropro Drive GT specifications

Is it suited to you?

This particular category of rackets is ideal for tennis players that enjoy a perfect blend of power and control which makes them ideal for junior players on the cusp of progressing to the intermediate level.

When this happens, they will the make the transition to longer, bigger rackets with generally more power potential.

Spin potential

As I mentioned in the title though, the AeroPro Drive GT is perhaps best known for its spin potential, more so from the baseline than anywhere else on the court and this is what makes players like Nadal spin freaks on clay.

Court performance

Users who love Babolat tennis rackets found this racket provided a more solid and stable response from all areas of the court in general.

The were equally as impressed with the power and spin they were able to generate, and the allowable string pattern offered lots of bite and an energetic feel to their strokes.


Babolat Aeropro Drive GT specifications 3

The Babolat Aeropro Drive GT is awesome if you have an all court game and variety in your shot making decisions.

If you enjoy slicing the ball and employ a lot of top spins, it goes without saying that you should strongly consider this racket. It has an almost perfect blend of power, control and feels and the racket is easy to swing through the air giving you plenty of opportunities to get some force behind you before you strike the ball.

This is an ideal stick for someone with an all court game that can really manipulate the ball and make it dance! A very addictive and highly recommended racket.

Babolat Drive Z Lite – High In Aggressive Spirit And Low in Weight

Babolat Drive Z Lite

Babolat Drive Z Lite

The Babolat Drive Z Lite Tennis Racket is perfect for those suited to a lightweight racket.

This racket is a particular favorite of many women tennis players who find the ease of use and maneuverability a real plus. However, this lighter frame complements well with a stiffer Zylon profile which provides extra stability for even the fussiest of intermediate and advanced players.

What is Zylon technology?

Zylon technology

It is a technology that the Drive Z line has made famous, as it makes use of the Zylon Matrix™ system which offers extremely lightweight framing but does not sacrifice maneuverability or stability.

At the same time, the Babolat tennis racket provides high levels of power thanks mostly to the added stiffness in the throat.

It is of course in evidence to the Cortex system which filters out harsh vibrations but still allows the player to feel like they are hitting the ball.

Zylon technology 2

In court tests, the Woofer grommet system also allows the strings to move allowing a larger sweet spot. The racket also offered excellent mobility and a solid feel from all areas of the court, and spin was also quickly created to provide yet another level of control.

In fact, the Babolat Drive Z Lite Tennis Racket is such a versatile racket; stronger players might want to add some lead weight if they feel compelled to do so.

All in all, this is a highly adaptable racket that provides a comfortable yet assuring response from all areas of the court. It will be to your interest to check it out today.

The Babolat Pure Drive Roddick Plus – As Powerful And Hard Hitting As Its Namesake

Babolat Pure Drive Roddick Plus

Pure Drive Roddick Plus

The Babolat Pure Drive Roddick Plus tennis racket is the marginally heavier successor to the Babolat Pure Drive Team Plus. As you probably know it is more closely supposed to resemble the weight and other specifications of Andys racket, and as a result delivers more stiffness and more power.

In fact, this racket will provide even more power than the standard length Pure Drive Roddick on the assumption that you have the stamina to be able to handle the extra weight and power in the first place.

As with most other Babolat tennis rackets, the Roddick Plus features the Cortex vibration dampening system. In case you weren’t aware, the Cortex technology is a revolutionary technology made up of dampening material located between the throat and the handle of the racket.

In other words, it eliminates unnecessary vibrations and enhances the feel of the tennis ball. The enhanced feel of the ball is, of course, more an advantage for competitive players, but it also provides the convenience and comfort of use that a player would be looking.

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The racket also features another innovation that is exclusive to Babolat the Woofer system. Most rackets on the market today do not have the strings and frame working in unison and this, as a result, limits the driving force. Only some strings are active when striking the ball and the full potential of any racket is not reached.

Along came the Woofer system, which allows all of the strings to work with the frame to deliver their maximum potential when hitting the ball.

Players will discover copious amounts of pace and spin from the baseline with this racket and if you like double handed shots or ripping a big forehand then the extended length of this racket might just suit your game. Do not be put off by the extra weight though if you think you can handle it.

This racket is still highly maneuverable and on par with some lighter rackets and the spin friendly response is suited to hitting with a lot of topspin or slice (making it ideal if you are playing doubles).

Still, if you are an aggressive player who loves hitting big forehands, you can’t go wrong with the Babolat Pure Drive Roddick Plus.

There’s no doubt the Pure Drive Team has redefined the players’ racket category by attracting more advanced players to stiffer, lighter racquets, and this version just sweetens the deal. More advanced players who may have found the Pure Drive family too light in the past may find this Roddick version an ideal fit.

Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200 Combines Superb Power And Control Into One Racket

The Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200 tennis racket

The Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200 tennis racket is more suited to the tournament and advanced players.

The 4D 200 comes with a long and powerful swing and above average control for the best and most precise shot control.

Dunlop has inserted 4D (4-directional) braided touch points around the frame to aid in stability by up to 33% more than in previous Dunlop rackets.

The braided fibers are aligned in a certain orientation that enables stress on the racket to be supported in many directions this is opposed to standard carbon sheets in other rackets that are only oriented in one direction. The 4D braided graphite technology also makes for less shock, better feedback, and more consistency.

The European model of the 4D 200 is also available on Amazon, it is the Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200 16 x 19 Pre-Strung Racket. This Dunlop tennis racket also features the 100% graphite Aerogel™ technology and new 4D braided technology.

The 200 16/19 designs for more advanced tennis players with a long swing who need exceptional handling and feeling. 4D Braided technology added at strategic locations along the racket and improves the stability and greatly enhances touch making this the ultimate control orientated racket.

The design also features a more open string pattern delivering extra power and better spin generation, and they recommend this racket for 4.5+ level players. The 95 square inches of head size will give a right amount of control to the user, but the Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200 16/19 also has even lead weight distribution, so the racket provides the player maneuverability on the court.

All in all these two Dunlop tennis rackets give players the best of both worlds you will desire this frame for its spin-friendliness and its control and agility. Check out the Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200 if you prefer a frame with a bit more control and less spin. Otherwise, there is not that much different between the American and European version.

The Head Liquidmetal 8 Tennis Racquet Packed With 3 Superior Technologies

The Head Liquidmetal 8 is an accomplished racket and offers the perfect balance of power and control for beginners to intermediates.

They formerly designed the Head Liquidmetal 8 Tennis racket having in mind the particular need of each and every tennis professional. That is the reason why Head have developed Liquidmetal technology – a revolutionary new material that produces a special blend of control and power.

Head Liquidmetal 8 review

The Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200 tennis racket 2

Thanks to the new Liquidmetal atomic composition which is 2.5 times stiffer than titanium, you can now look ahead to faster serves, superior returns, and better volleys. The mystery to its success is that the atomic structure is a liquid which does not deform on impact like other solid competitors.

This, in turn, allows liquid rackets to efficiently and precisely make use of the energy of each ball impact rather than losing it during the process of the swing. The Liquidmetal technology is fully applied to four strategically placed areas around the head, allowing you to give it your best shot including the confidence that your ball won’t end up in the parking lot.

Liquidmetal 8 Specifications

  • Head size: 112 square inches
  • Length: 27.33 inches
  • Weight: 10.1 ounces
  • Stiffness: 66
  • Balance: 13.98 inches, head heavy
  • Cross section: 28mm/26mm tapered beam
  • Swing weight: 312 kg/sq cm
  • String pattern: 16 x 19
  • Grip: Head HydroSorb

Another Head-developed technology, the Total Sweetspot Construction (TSC), gives you an innovative corrugated structure that increases the torsional stability in the Head Liquidmetal 8 racket head.

In more simple terms, this increases the sweet spot throughout the entire head of the racket the benefits of which are obvious (you will feel like you’ve hit the sweet spot with every shot).

But wait, there’s more. In addition to the TSC technology, Head also features the NoShox system which significantly (and more importantly comfortable) reduces vibration by as much as 27% over other leading brands. The implication here is that even the harshest of game styles will be suited to a happy partnership with the Head racket.

Stronger improving professionals will find useful control by adding more spin to their strokes with the Liquidmetal 8 easily done thanks to the rackets spin solid stringbed. At the net, the racket feels stable, controllable and very comfortable and volleys hit with ease and confidence.

Last but not least, the Liquidmetal 8 features an integrated string dampener that is attached to the grommets. The string dampener reduces string vibration yet further still, encouraging a more comfortable swing and creating the perfect tone and feel when you hit the ball. This is something that a lot of Liquidmetal tennis racket reviews praised.

What are others saying about this racket?

Minhaj Hussein from NJ, USA commented that the Liquidmetal 8 increased his confidence tremendously. It has improved his confidence to the point where he is motivated to improve his own game even further, noting that he can’t, and won’t blame the racket for his skill errors.

about this racket

This is my second Tennis racket, I had the Wilson US Open as a rookie and played with it for a year. I have been performing with the Head LiquidMetal 8 for a week presently, and I have to say it is amazing.

Remarkably light (on the UPS scale strung it weighed .60 lbs) and packed with a punch this racket has improved my confidence level amazingly, I can’t blame everything on the racket anymore, so I try extra hard and have improved a lot in just a week.

Look and feel of the racket is a plus, it has the combined vibration dampers, so you can’t lose it during the plays. Comes with a full case in Black and Silver/Gray to match the racket.


The Head Liquidmetal 8is by far the most robust offering in the Liquidmetal line, but it is conveniently and pleasantly comfortable for a stick that is best known for power.

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It is the geared toward the beginning to intermediate-level player with a slow to moderate swing. The racket is particularly appropriate for tennis players who need the convenience of a larger sweet spot coupled with a lighter head weight.

Head MicroGel Prestige Pro Tennis Racket – Outstanding And Adaptable Performance

Head MicroGel Prestige Pro

Head MicroGel Prestige Pro Tennis Racket

Perhaps the most aggressive Prestige to come onto the market, the Head MicroGel Prestige Pro now boasts an open string pattern that offers complete control and even more outstanding power and handling.

Prestige is one of the most famous words in tennis, and now this particular racket includes Microgel™ technology.

The Head Microgel™ technology is one that incorporates a new silicone-based material with strong and stiff carbon composite fibers to produce a tennis racket that has amazing responsive qualities.

In other words, the racket (upon impact with the ball) evenly distributes the force of impact around the frame to give you a solid and commanding response each and every time. In technical terms, the MicroGEL material deforms and subsequently compresses, absorbing and dispersing the impact to the entire frame but then returning immediately to its original shape.

The accolades don’t end there, however. The Prestige Pro has excellent mobility in all areas of the court. The racket has an extremely light head which allows the player to get into the perfect position to execute a shot.

More dynamic tennis players will also find this racket pleasingly suitable as it means they can hit the ball with maximum impact and not have to worry about hitting the tennis ball over the crowds head and into the parking lot.

All in all this racket is one of the best and most lively in the MicroGEL Prestige family. Players who like the feel and acknowledgment of an open string pattern will more than possible find this one their favorite Prestige to date.

Harder-hitting players will also find some nice pace and good weight of shot on swifter swings. The head light balance provides a free flowing feel from all areas of the court and helps keep the swing weight under control.

The racket also outdoes itself while serving with a combination of pace, spin and consistency making for an enjoyable and confidence boosting experience.

As with the regular Prestige Midplus, this unit will resonate with a few different styles of game. Do not pass up the chance to seriously consider the Head MicroGel Prestige Pro tennis racket.

Head Ti S6 Tennis Racket Why Is It the Best Selling Racket In America?

Head Ti S6The Head Ti S6 Tennis racket is a racket of superb overall performance and ability thanks to its superior titanium design.

This design affords the Head Ti S6 a level of maneuverability and control that you can rarely see with such a powerful piece of equipment. The Ti S6 gives you the power of a great racket without sacrificing agility and control.

Who will enjoy it? Who suits the Head Ti S6?

Head MicroGel Prestige Pro Tennis Racket

That’s not all, however. By using a fan string pattern basically, all of the racket face is the sweet spot.

This gives the obvious advantage of more powerful strokes more often, and the comfort in knowing that it won’t be the end of the world if you don’t hit the ball in the centre of the racket.

The Head Ti S6 is more suited for beginner to intermediate players with a slow to medium compact swing who require a generous sweet spot, though it is not entirely limited to that type of player. If you like to hit heavy top spin oriented shots, then this racket is perfectly suited to your game also.

Head Ti S6 review

I should say there are always conditions to using lightweight rackets. Perhaps the biggest thing to keep in mind is you should not lose sight of the basics of the game of tennis itself.

An amateur player will have a tendency to put more effort into the shot to get the most out of the excellent sweet spot but forget all about racket position, footwork, and balance (the basics that I alluded to above).

Head Ti S6 review

Some players with a lighter, more powerful racket in their hands will become lazy and as a result, expose other faults in their game!

Secondly, light-weight rackets like the Head Ti S6 cannot possibly absorb as much energy as a heavier racket.

The excess power has to go somewhere, and it usually reverberates back through your body which can result in nasty injuries to your wrists, shoulders or elbows down the track. Look after yourself and get a racket that tailors to your game.

(Note: The Shockstop is a small metal cylinder in the bottom of the racket that presses up upon the grating of the shaft and depresses all of the fluctuations. Of course, if you hit the ball off center you will still feel vibrations, and everybody will have a mixed response depending on their hitting ability and tolerance to pain)


  • Length: 27 3/4
  • Head Size: 115
  • Weight: 8.0 oz.
  • Balance: 380mm
  • Cross Section: 28.5mm
  • Type of Swing: Full-Moderate strokes
  • String Tension:57-66 lbs
  • Flex: Stiff
  • Patented Head Titanium/Graphite Composite
  • Sweetspot Design
  • Softac Grip


Head Ti S6 review 2

The Head Ti S6 is an excellent piece of equipment and dare I say the best in its class for beginner to intermediates. If you are a player who has a compact swing and loves spin, then you need to check out this racket!

Remember, we all have to start somewhere. Focus on improving the basics of your game (stroke production, footwork, and most importantly physical fitness) instead of relying on the next best thing in tennis rackets to win you the game.

If you take shortcuts and have short term success, know that it will catch up with you eventually and you will be back to square one.

I don’t mean that as nasty or accused by the way, just rather as a couple of hopefully helpful comments to save you a lot of pain and time wasting over the long term.

Prince ExO3 Rebel 95 Tennis Racket – Raw And Professional Hitting Power

Prince ExO3 Rebel 95

The Prince EXO3 Rebel 95 tennis racket offers a ton of feel and comfort and is an excellent choice for advanced level players.

Used by ATP tour professional Gael Monfils, this racket has the precision of a surgical scalpel but is as comfortable as a pillow around the court.

Prince has been able to extract even more performance from the O3 system and been able to implement it on right players frames. The EXO3 Energy Bridge concedes the stringbed to be suspended from the frame thus catching the energy that would have contrarily been wasted through frame vibration.

The result is a greater power, a bigger sweet spot, and even better comfort and feel.


The EXO3 also features interchangeable grommets for a truly custom feel. You can choose from the active port insert for more power and comfort, or the string hole inserts for more control and feel.

In addition to this, the Prince EXO3 is enhanced by the dynamic effects of the Energy Bridge, or in other words the patented Energy Channel exclusive to Prince tennis rackets. It is a sculpted groove within the frame that provides more stability, bolsters your ball control and increases spin by up to 25%.

This is a superbly accomplished racket, but its standout feature is its control. With a 95 square inch head, the EXO3 Rebel 95 offers ultimate control in the EXO3 line.

Overall, this tennis racket is sure to be one of the best players rackets for an intermediate-advanced to a seasoned player with a fast swing speed. If you have the skills, stamina, and confidence to go with the Prince EXO3 Rebel 95, it will respond in great style.

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One thing I should point out is that there is another option in the EXO3 family that is lighter in weight but retains outstanding maneuverability and control.

It is the Prince EXO3 Rebel Team MS 95 Tennis Racket and is more suited to players looking for the control in a mid-size head in a more compact, lighter package. Both rackets are excellent options in this category.

Prince O3 Hybrid Hornet – Versatile Yet Spectacularly Cheap

Prince O3 Hybrid Hornet

Prince O3 Hybrid Hornet

The Prince O3 Hybrid Hornet is one of the most versatile frames in the Prince lineup.

This is the original and famous TT Hornet on steroids! Perfect for aspiring, competitive players looking for great racket head speed, a lighter frame and plenty of zing.

It is ideal for aspiring competitive players. Prince has retained the incredibly lightweight maneuverability of the Hornet but accentuated the rackets indulgence of off-center shots by increasing the sweet spot with O3 Engineering.

The O3 Hybrid Hornet has also won a Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture Award for its extraordinary design.

The O3 Hybrid Hornet Midplus as it is differently known offers a smaller head size and a little more control on the ball opposed to the Prince O3 Hybrid Hornet OverSize Tennis Racket.

The technological redevelopment has replaced traditional pin-sized string holes with a revolutionary giant O-Port. A super aerodynamic frame has been created with a more powerful stringbed. This enhances the sweet spot by 54%, creating a larger area which apparently means that you have a better chance of hitting your best shots more often.

The unmistakable O-Ports locate at twelve and six o’clock on the perimeter of the frame. Prince manufacturers say this extends the sweet spot towards the tip of the racket where most mis-hits occur.

What is most remarkable is that Prince accomplished all of this without enlarging the head size, which further enhances its ease of use as the racket has not had to have been lengthened or made heavier.

All in all, an excellent all-around racket for competitive, developing juniors and more experienced players with an all-court game who need a racket that’s just as good for aggressive play as it is in defense.

As a result, you really cannot go wrong for under $100 with the Prince O3 Hybrid Hornet racket considering it loads with some well-made Prince technology and comfort.

The Prince O3 Speedport White, The Best Of Power And Comfort, Awaits You

The Prince O3 Speedport White is ideal for the player who’s seeking more power and maneuverability without compromising on control.

Prince O3 Hybrid Hornet 2

The Prince O3 Speedport founded on the highly successful O3 White that Maria Sharapova made famous. Features square shaped O-ports that become wind tunnels to permit greater acceleration, swiftness, and flexibility in your swing.

Another advantage of the free speed produced by this racket may be the improved spin production. Prince also has excelled with free of charge string motion on each hit of the ball. The strings thanks to Speedport technology absolve to move when the players hit the ball, allowing the sweet I’m all over this the racket to be increased by up to 59%.

The Prince O3 Speedport White review

Are you among those players that are scared of bone jarring feedback if you don’t strike the ball correctly? This racket has an apparent benefit of reducing or even eliminating that unpleasant experience significantly.

What is a lot more impressive is that Prince managed this feat without adding additional weight or increasing the length of the racket, today further increasing their reputation among the leading racket producers in the world.

Indeed if you wish to add excess weight, you could do this too certainly.

Who’s the Speedport White suited to?

Some players found that the O3 Speedport White is more suitable for creative players because of a better and well-informed feel. They discovered that they could produce more subtle drop slices and shots, but create a larger focus on spin when required also.

Of course, there’s always the problem with the even more great driven rackets of hitting the ball. Why is when you have a robust stroke already, you might be wise never to grab this racket since your control might suffer as a consequence and you may continually end up hanging back again to avoid over-hitting.

Furthermore, some players do prefer to experience the ball hitting the racket, and the soft, cushioning hits that the O3 White encourages might not be for everybody.

But these are small issues obviously, and nobody racket is going to suit everyone.

Final word

The Prince O3 Speedport White has almost everything you could ever want in a tennis racket, and a result will suit a vast range of different players and skill levels. It has this general appeal because of a fantastic blend of power, control, and feel.

I could see anyone from acceleration happy juniors to more competitive adults using this racket, and I urge everyone to give the O3 Light, strong consideration, especially if you have never used or come across any of the Prince Speedport range before while reading the various tennis racket reviews.


Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 – Outstanding All Round Performer

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3

The Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 is among Wilsons most successful tweener rackets and the best offering tennis rackets ever. Just click here to buy now!

This racket combines both control and power which makes it ideal for beginners seeking to intensify their game or intermediate players who would like just a little extra control.

Probably the most popular racket groups to emerge in the last year offers been that of these tweener rackets. Tweener rackets are those versions that fall between real players models and actual game improvement, or merely power models.

They’re lighter (9-11 ounces), slightly much longer (27.5-28 inches) and so are made for players with moderate to medium-complete/fast swings.

Though it is light and maneuverable with hook bias of weight towards the relative head of the racket, the 5.3 isn’t as top-heavy because of so many other Hammer models.

Actually, it provides a bit more leverage and reach when compared to a standard duration racket but will not block the way of pictures performed closer to your body. All court singles players should discover the Hyper Hammer an advantageous racket on courtroom and a pleasure to use.


  • Head size: 110 square inches
  • Length: 27.5 inches
  • Weight: 9 ounces (unstrung)
  • String tension: 53 to 63 pounds
  • String pattern: 16 x 20
  • Beam Width: 28 mm/25 mm, binary taper beam
  • Composition: 15 percent Hyper Carbon/85 percent graphite
  • Power level: Medium
  • Swing speed: Moderate fast
  • Grip: Cushion-Aire Conform


  • Hyper Carbon Material: Gives ultimate power, light weight, and enhanced strength.
  • Hammer Technology: Provides a higher and larger beautiful spot.
  • Stretch Light: Provides more power and higher reach.
  • Dual Taper Beam: Boosts stability for better power and enlarged lovely spot.

This racket is one of the best selling of all period. It is purely and utterly that good. Ideally suitable for beginners and intermediates, you would be unlucky to be disappointed with the Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 tennis racket.


The Wilson K Surge – Light, Flexible And Friendly

Wilson K Surge

The Wilson K Surge Tennis Racket a lightweight, a flexible and spin-friendly racket.

Bringing a solid performance to all areas of the court, the Wilson K Surge offers a comfortable response yet still offering ample feedback for touch and control.

The Wilson K Surge

An added bonus is that at the net the racket feels very maneuverable and volleys are a breeze with both depth and directional control easy to gauge.

The K Surge is made using graphite black technology, a next-generation technology that results in better feel and a stronger, more stable performance. In a nutshell, this means that it’s easier than ever for players to shape their shots and hit the corners with accuracy.

Overall, the racket satisfies the hopes and dreams of a new generation of tennis players who expect to keep dominating as their game and skill level grows increasingly better.


The racket also boasts Wilsons Double Hole technology, which offers larger-diameter grommet holes that generate more flex in the string bed upon shock, resulting in a softer feel and added power. Sporting a classic tweener design, the K Surge is a terrific all-round racket with a great blend of authority and control.

Some of the specifications as follows;

  • Head size: 100 square inches
  • Length: 27 inches
  • Weight: 10.5 ounces (strung)
  • Stiffness: 67
  • String pattern: 16 x 19
  • Balance: 1 point, HL
  • Cross section: 26 mm flat beam
  • Grip: Wilson True Grip
  • Grip sizes: 0 to 5
  • Wilson Stiffness Index: 5

There is more than enough scope for customization with this racket as far as weight and balance are concerned, and it is geared to players who want to take their game to the next level and want to make adjustments to the racket as their technique and stamina increase.

The Wilson K Surge Tennis Racket racket provides some of the best performance of any in its weight class and is well worth a look.

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