Flutter App development Cost

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Flutter App?

Mobile apps have become crucial for technical advancement. In a real sense, mobile applications have made human life more comfortable. Almost everything is manageable through mobile devices, from booking a cab, online shopping to work management, and more. the normal Cost to Create a Flutter App may go somewhere in the range of $15,100 to $50,000.

Android and iOS are two of the most preferred platforms for mobile app development. The debate on which platform to choose has been a long one. However, the evolution of Flutter in 2015 by Google has brought a revolution for mobile app development.

In the article, we’ll discuss what Flutter App Development is and how much it would cost:

Factors that Influence the Cost of Flutter Development

Flutter is an open-source hybrid app development framework launched by Google in 2015. It has a few perks and features that make it a preferred app development platform. The application is compatible with both Android and iOS. Plus, developing cross-platform applications is less costly than building two separate applications. But many other factors also influence the cost of development:

  • Designing
  • Backend Development
  • Types of Features
  • Maintenance & Support


Designing is the first step in the app development process. With the app design, native-like performance, flexibility, and intuitive UI/UX are crucial parameters for developers to consider.Designing

These individual factors make a fully-functional mobile app compatible with multiple devices and OS versions.

Backend Development

Backend is the backbone of software. The front-end is the interactive UI, accessible to users while the backend coding is responsible for how responsive and intuitive the software is.Backend Development

Backend controls the server, app data, app security, and real-time chatbots. It contains all the data backup that stores all the user-data for personalized user experience. Moreover, data encryption and security codes are also part of the backend app development.

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Types of Features

Custom mobile app development means integrating features particular to your company’s needs. With the advancement of technologies, there are a variety of possibilities to enhance the function of gaming apps, management apps, delivery apps, and more.Types of Features

Many globally-renowned companies provide app development company to design apps that lie in one of the three types: Dynamic Application, ListView Application, and Gaming application.

  • Dynamic Application

Dynamic applications include social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more offering real-time data access and excellent user experience.

  • List View Application

For an optimized website, a few of the features are presented in a list view in the app menu.

  • Gaming Application

It includes all types of gaming apps, from simple ones to incredibly complex apps with high-end animations, AI-enabled features, and more.

Each type of application is customized per user requirements. Besides the basic functionalities, many other features can be added, including push messages, 3D modelling, social integration, and much more.

Post-Launch Maintenance

Every application requires regular maintenance and updates after the launch to keep the software from crashing. Top-tier companies provide support and maintenance as part of their package.Post-Launch Maintenance

User feedback and customer support features in the applications are the best way to learn of any bugs disrupting the app performance, post-launch.

Benefits of Flutter App Development

Single Codebase

Flutter is a cross-platform app development framework that allows developers to create a single codebase for both Android and iOS apps.

Single Codebase It reduces development time significantly. With a single codebase, the testing phase is short for applications across multiple platforms. Plus, it is a cost-effective solution for targeting both platforms.

Open-Source Framework

Flutter is an open-source development toolkit from Google, where developers can view documentation easily. It is an open community for amateurs to learn from experts on Flutter app development.Open-Source Framework

Furthermore, developers can use the documents and codes for primary features, saving time and effort from writing the code from scratch.

Quality Performance

Applications developed using Flutter offer high quality, native-like performance on any platform. It uses Dart programming language which is quickly compiled into native codes. Quality PerformanceThere is no need to access the OEM widget because Flutter has its own native code. It further reduces development time, and in turn, reduces the cost of development.

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Testing Support

Widget testing is one of the best features of the Flutter framework. It provides a separate package named Flutter Driver for swift and convenient quality assurance. Plus, it enables testing at different levels as a unit, UI.Testing Support

For QA experts, Flutter offers superfast testing, which reduces the time for quality assurance making the overall development process more cost-effective.

Improves Efficiency of Development Process

Flutter allows developers to reuse the code for principal features in multiple applications and make changes as necessary for the type of app.Improves Efficiency of Development Process

Therefore, it increases the profitability of designers. Flutter is the cross-platform that exceeds expectations and delivers the remarkable app development services for your business. In this way, flutter improves the efficiency of app development processes.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App with Flutter Framework?

The following are the factors that influence the cost of Flutter app development.

UI/UX Hours

The cost of the design and structure of the application depends on the time spent on the task. UI UX HoursMore complex app design means more manhours spent, thus higher the cost of development and vice versa. Simple UI/UX designs are less time-consuming, therefore, more cost-effective.

Development Time

The cost of an app is determined by the number of hours taken to develop the application. Complex apps with multiple features, tailored to suit client’s needs are more time consuming, thus more costly. Development TimeWhereas, simple apps with minimal features are less expensive.

Developer Cost

The developer costs incurred are related to the total hours spent on the app development process. The price is decided by the developer working on the project.Developer Cost infograph

Two main stages determine the cost of Flutter app development:

  • App Discovery Cost
  • App Deployment Cost

But other integral factors also influence the development of Flutter apps:

Hardware Cost

The cost of the Flutter app development depends on the number and type of hardware connected to the app. The higher the number of hardware, the greater the price of Flutter app development.Hardware Cost

Type of Application

Each application has different features and purposes; therefore, it can be divided into categories.

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The usual categories are e-commerce platforms where users create an account to access other features of the app. The learning portal also requires users to create an account and access the data.Type of Application

On the other hand, food delivery applications allow users to track and communicate through the app. They also have a vast storage space to record user data.

Flutter framework has numerous highly flexible and useful resources that ease the app building process for a variety of applications.

Application Design

The design of an application is one of the essential elements of the development process. It is the first thing that will grab the users’ attention.Application Design

More user-friendly and simple the design of applications, the more likely it is to attract attention and success. Furthermore, not only is the design cost affordable with the Flutter framework, but it also allows developers to experiment with new things, build UIs, and new features.

Flutter’s hot reload also allows users to experience sub-second reload times without the loss of on emulators, state, hardware for Android and iOS, and simulators.

The Complexity of the App

There are multiple aspects of the complexity of a Flutter app. It includes admin panel development, in-built features of the host devices, deployment of the architectural model of the app, third party integration, and the integration of enterprises.Complexity of App

App development is dependent on the coding and skills put in by the developers, which affects the total cost.


The application needs continuous updates to ensure no bugs and errors affect the performance and function of the app. App maintenance includes application updates, bug fixing, and design upgrades based on current trends at regular intervals.application Maintenance

It is essential to keep up app maintenance to guarantee its success in the mobile app market. However, bug fixing is a prolonged process that needs to be carried out throughout the app development process.

Why Choose Flutter App Development?

Flutter app development offers businesses an opportunity to target multiple platforms and target audiences at an affordable cost. Plus, with one codebase, maintenance and upgrades are also convenient, which reduces post-launch maintenance costs.Why Choose Flutter App Development

The framework also allows developers to speed up development for both iOS and Android platforms. By reusing the code for both OS, developers can reduce the time and effort without affecting the quality of mobile apps.


So, if you have an idea for a mobile app, consider hiring a software developer with expertise in Flutter app development for an app with native-like performance on multiple platforms. Targeting both platforms in one swoop is a way to build brand awareness, boost engagement, and traffic at an affordable rate.