Integrate E-mail Marketing And SEO

6 Tips To Integrate E-mail Marketing And SEO For Better Results

In this age of social media, e-mail marketing still remains an effective method for promoting a business. Entrepreneurs must know how to integrate e-mail marketing and SEO to generate more value out of their promotional strategy. Drafting interesting emails and sending them to registered users can improve their engagement with the platform besides providing an opportunity to discover new customers. SEO is another vital method of popularizing a business. Most of the time e-mail marketing and SEO are treated as separate digital marketing tactics. However, both these strategies can be combined to maximize the effectiveness of the promotional campaign. For instance, a hardware supplies business looking to promote itself hired a firm for search engine services in Vancouver. The agency besides employing the usual optimization tactics also started an e-mail marketing campaign that produced great results. Let’s take a look at the ideas that went into creating the successful campaign.    

1. Create Personalized Content

Personalization holds the key to successful e-mail marketing. People are more likely to open an email if it contains something which interests them. Businesses must conduct surveys to understand the kind of topics the target audience is most interested in. The information gathered in this manner must be used to divide the audience into different segments. Categorizing users according to their choices will be helpful in creating relevant content. Greeting customers by using their name will also help in adding a personal touch to the emails.

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2. Repurpose Content Of Newsletters

Newsletters are not just for promoting latest offers or products. They provide an excellent opportunity to increase engagement with your customers. Subscribers must be offered exclusive content which is not available anywhere else through e-mail newsletters. Repurposing this content afterward gives you a chance to extract SEO advantage out of it. Alter the material to create blog posts and enhance them with images and optimize them with keywords. Do not forget to mention that the material was originally created for your subscribers. This will help in attracting new users to your platform while keeping the existing subscribers satisfied.  

3. Encourage Subscribers To Send Feedback

E-mails cannot directly help an interface to achieve better rankings in search results but they can encourage users to take an action that will. Ask your registered users to provide feedback about your service on various platforms. Moreover, asking subscribers to comment on your blogs will help in increasing their engagement. Include links to the relevant review pages along with compelling calls to action in the newsletters to encourage users. Request them to leave reviews on social networks like Facebook and other avenues like Google My Business. This is a good way to integrate e-mail marketing and SEO.

4. Ask Subscribers To Share Content On Social Media

Another good way to harness an e-mail marketing campaign for deriving indirect SEO benefits is to ask your subscribers to share content on social networks. Almost every internet user is active on one or more social channels and it will be pertinent to know the most preferred networks of your target audience. Include easy to spot social sharing buttons of those platforms in the newsletters to encourage users to post the content on their accounts. Do not forget to insert relevant links to your web pages in the content.   

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5. Create Digests About Useful Topics

People will not open an email unless they feel that it contains some useful information. Identify the topics that your readers are currently interested in and collect relevant articles of your blog to create a digest. Make sure that the collection has plenty of valuable information so that subscribers feel compelled to visit your page. This tactic will attract quality traffic to your website and also reengage users who had stopped connecting with your platform. The Vancouver-based search engine services firms suggested that the hardware business’ website include a blog page that posts content about helpful Do-It-Yourself tips and other hacks. It then categorized all the articles under different topics to create digests which were sent to customers according to their interests. This helped in attracting more visits to the website and also creating an image of the business as a trustworthy entity.  

6. Archive Your Newsletters

Create an archive with all your old newsletters and add them on a page of your website. This will give an opportunity to non-subscribers to take a look at the kind of content you send to registered users. Remember to optimize the material with relevant keywords and other attributes. This enables you to reutilize the old content to improve your website’s visibility.


Entrepreneurs must integrate e-mail marketing and SEO strategies to enhance user engagement and improve search rankings. However, they must be patient as these tactics require time and perseverance in order to succeed.


Maria Dicosta is a Web designer by profession and she works for a leading Vancouver Web Design Company, Canada – FernWeb. She uses to write useful tutorials on Web design and socialize its different social media platforms.

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