How to Retrieve Data From Corrupted Word Document Effectively

Corrupted Word documents are the source of great inconvenience to MS Word users. MS Word is the default application for MS Office users used for composing and saving word documents. If the files get corrupt partially or completely, MS Word fails to open and display the files completely. Then users are left with only 1 option to retrieve corrupted Word document/ file as soon as they can. In case, users do not have backup copies, the corrupt files are their only hope.

If you are also facing the same case, you should remove the corruption and recover Word files in a healthy state. If you are willing to know how to retrieve data from corrupted Word document, this is the right blog for you. Here, we will discuss various methods to retrieve corrupted Word document/ file. Before that, we will recommend you to check some of the things.

Check to Confirm If the Word Document/ File is Really Corrupted?

If you simply guess that your file has become corrupt without verifying, that will be a big mistake. The problem may belong to the MS Office installation or even to your operating system. To confirm, you must try to open the same file in a different computer. Also, check in MS Word on your system can open any other document.

Also, you need to check whether you can open the corrupt file or not. If you can open the document, check which items are visible and which are not. Have a good look at these things as it will help you verify the healthy state after you repair the corruption issues.

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What are the Common Methods to Retrieve Corrupted Word Document/ File

There are some common methods available for MS Word file corruption removal and users can take the help of those techniques.

  • Online Repair Tools: Online Word file repair tool is a popular way to fix common Word file issues and to retrieve corrupted Word document/ file. All the users need to do is to go to those websites that offer online repairing services and upload the corrupt Word files. Then the files will get fixed and recovered files can be downloaded from the site. Sometimes, the repaired files are sent to the users via email.
  • Native Methods: There are some tricks offered by MS Office and Windows OS that can also remove corruption from your damaged word file. Here are some native methods are listed, have a look.

Listed Some Native Methods

Method 1: Open and Repair by Microsoft

These common methods are using “Open and Repair” option while opening the Word file. Also, steps are provided to retrieve corrupted Word document/ file by this inbuilt MS Word utility.

  1. Open MS Word Application.
  2. Go to File Menu>>Open.
  3. Choose the corrupted Word files and select them.
  4. Now choose Open and Repair from down-side arrow option.
  5. At last, open the file after completing the process.

By chance this free-inbuilt utility doesn’t work then, try the other two methods. Hopefully, you will get the desired result

Method 2: Retrieving the previous version in Windows

This “retrieving the previous version” method quite easy as compared to above one. For windows user, it will work as a bonus and will easily retrieve corrupted Word document/ file. But keep in mind this only views the previous session if you haven’t closed it already. Try these simple steps.

  1. Find the location of damaged Word files in your system.
  2. Right-click on the Word file from the located file.
  3. Now, retrieve corrupted Word document/ file by selecting Properties.
  4. Here, click on Previous Version tab from properties and Select Restore.
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Consider this method as a trick. If this trick fails then, go for the next method. It’s fine if you have closed the previous session.

Method 3: Recover Text from Word File

In this, users can try “Recover Text from Any File” option to recover the texts only. Keep in mind that you won’t able to recover OLE Objects, images and other things by this method. It’s just for text, as it will be helpful for those who work only with text in Word file. Follow the steps to retrieve corrupted Word document/ file from this method.

  1. Open Microsoft Word application.
  2. Select the File Menu>>Open.
  3. Navigate the location of corrupted Word file and choose it.
  4. Click on the arrow down beside the All Word Documents.
  5. Now choose Recover Text from Any File from the list.

If this method doesn’t recover the text then try once again. Sometimes, the MS Word issues while recovering the text from bulky files. Otherwise, you can think to try an automated solution which is mentioned below in this blog.

Wait! These Methods are Not Completely Trustworthy

The techniques we have just mentioned are surely quite common among the users who want to fix their damaged Word documents. But they are not completely free of faults. The Word file repair tools online cannot retrieve corrupted Word document/ file & removing all the corruptions from your file. Moreover, they cannot be trusted with files containing important and confidential data. The native methods are not so helpful when the corruption level is severe. Due to these drawbacks of the conventional approaches, people these days prefer using third-party tools.

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Retrieve Data from Corrupted Word File/ Document with an automated solution

A number of third-party applications are available in the market these days that can fix the Word document/ file corruptions. Some of the prominent names in this sector are SysTools, Stellar, Recuva, etc. For this post, we have chosen to discuss SysTools Word Recovery Software. This software has already become a prominent name when it comes to retrieving corrupted Word document/ file.

Word Recovery Tool has been designed in such a way that users can add bulk Word files in this software and get them all repaired. From basic to high-level corruption, the tool can repair all of them. After recovery, the files can be previewed in their original format. Since the application can retrieve all corrupt data from the file, there is no chance of data loss. Users can easily Save or Print the repaired Word documents using this program. All in all, this Word file recovery tool can be your trusted companion for corruption removal.


Once a Word file/ document becomes corrupt or damaged badly, it becomes necessary to retrieve corrupted Word document/ file. To help users in this matter, we have compiled some of the popular manual techniques to retrieve data from the corrupt Word file document. If they are facing minor corruption issues, they can use these methods. Otherwise, they can opt for Word Recovery Tool. The application is capable of recovering data from all types of corrupt MS Word files.

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