PS5 vs Xbox Series X

PS5 vs Xbox Series X {2020} FULL Comparison!

I was actually planning on making this article with some updates on the PS5 and the X-Box. The project’s Carlat. But it turns out that Microsoft has actually unveiled the brand new X-Box project, Scarlet, which isn’t really called the X-Box, too, like most of us were expecting, but instead the X-Box series X. without further ado, here’s everything we know about both the PS5 and the X-Box series X. here’s how they compare side by side and everything you need to know.

And this article split into five different sections: Design, Performance, Controller, Games, The price


These new consoles are the very next generation of consoles, meaning that unlike the X-Box one X and a PS4 pro, they will both have a very distinct look from the PS4 and the X-Box one. Now, interestingly, like PS5,

Long story short, both of these consoles will be focused heavily on cooling, so they will both come with a significant bump in performance, which we’ll be covering in the next section, the performance of this article.

But because of that, both of them would be notably larger than the PS4 Pro and the X-Box one X.

On the Sony side, We don’t really have a final design as of yet. Well, we do have art as Sony patterns for that devilment kids and not the final version, but those patents actually turned out to be pretty much spot on when compared to the photos that we were sent with that developer kids. Now, I guess you’re not aware the deaf kid pretty much always has a very different design compared to the final version. We’ve seen this. Would it be as for the PS4 Pro as well? But the final version does usually ends up retaining some visual elements and ideas from the deficit.

And I have to say the PS5 defecates is very strange. So we have this alien-looking console when a gigantic V in the middle, which is the Roman numeral 4 5. So, you know, a very good Sony. How do you like that? Hopefully, it was intended, but as I can probably tell, we do have a ton hates on cooling on this. Seems to me that’s the console sucks air from the middle and then expels it through the back and the sides.

Now we’ve modeled our concept based on deaf kids and we even made ours a bit prettier by adding an LCD strip on the sides, which is also a water cooling system. Sony would very likely not do anything like this, anything crazy like that’s water cooling.

But yeah, to be PS5. This is the design that we have as of right now, so we can expect something along those lines in the final version. Just a few visual elements from the deaf kids apiece who are pro-style horizontal slab put a possible V-shape, cut out an extreme amount of cooling and overall just a larger form factor than the PS4 pro was. Now moving onto the X-Box side, this is now official.

So, Mike, enough has now unveiled the X-Box series X. It pretty much looks like a very big B.C.E. case, but it turns out that it’s actually way smaller than you would think. So, yeah, there you go. ps5 vs xbox Design

The X-Box series X will have this tall vertical-style P.C. case like, look, some people might not like this design. I definitely do get why it would not fit on a regular TV stand. So you would either have to put it on the floor or have it’s on top of the TV stands. Personally, I really do like it. It’s very sleek. It reminds me of a lot of the 2013 Mac Pro look and it’s actually around the same size. In fact, Microsoft even showed us how the controller compares to the X-Box series X and it looks like the series X is around three or so times the height of the controller. So yeah, it’s not as big as most of us expected it to be, judging from our judging from the trailer.

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Also, Microsoft did say that you will be able to place this in both on Aurizon soul as well as in vertical orientation. So yeah, you’re good. Okay, but what else do we know in terms of the X-Boxes series exit design? Well, on the top we have a pretty massive cooling vent which would make sense for it to be the outtake. And then I’m assuming that there’s also an air intake on the bottom of the console since we do seem to have some feeds that the rays of the console, a bit of the ground by quite a bit. We don’t have the X-Box logo, which also acts as a PA button.

We have the Blu ray drive as well as the disc eject button. And yet it’s a that’s pretty much it. We haven’t really seen the back of the console yet, so we don’t know what ports it will have. But yeah, that’s about it.

This is the X box series X. Now, it’s something that I do want to mention is that I do believe that Microsoft will actually release multiple versions of the new X-Box, while Sony will only have one version of the PS5.

Why? Because the most obvious clue is in the name the series X implies that this would be a series of X boxes rather than just a single unit. Also, Phil Spencer, the X-Box chief. He did say back in E3, back at E3 2018, that Microsoft is working hard on the next Generation X box consoles.

He did say it’s a plur., which was a pretty good indication that Microsoft was considering multiple versions of the X-Box, the next Gen X box even back then. We’ve heard about three codenames, Scarlet’s and a console and Lockhart, what’s called being the Hyne version, Anaconda being the RMIT’s here and then Lockhart being a cloud streaming console only. This is why the initial rumors were saying. But it turns out that’s Carlat was actually the code name for the X-Box family of consoles, while Anaconda and Lockhart were the two new consoles.

And while the high-end tier would be focused on 4K and even a.k gaming, the low-end tier would be only focused on TDP and 14 40p gaming. Okay, so now that we clear it up, what the design differences would generally be between the two consoles, which one is going to be the more powerful one?


I do actually have some very good news here because you see these two consoles would be basically identical in terms of the raw performance. We know that both would be. And these brand new third-generation Ryzen processors, which are already out for PC, by the way, and are actually based on a seven-nanometre architecture, so that’s pretty impressive. Then they would both have an AMD Navi/RDNA GPU with around10-12 teraflops of depute compute power, which is extremely impressive considering that this is pretty much in the same league as in video RTX 2080.

They would both have real-time retracing supportthe, which is actually a very big deal on consoles and they will both have an end NVME flash storage and then both myself and Sony have confirmed that our next version consoles will support 4K sixty-four key 120 and even 8K apps more than likely just 30 frames per second. But still, this is really, really impressive. Now they’re having reports that a ps 5 will actually be a bit more powerful than the X-Box. And I do actually believe that to be the case, especially when you look at how much more powerful the access want X was over to PS4 Pro.

So it will make a lot of sense for Sony to want to retake the lead in terms of performance this time. Plus the PlayStation, with the exception of the X-Box, one X has always been more powerful than the X-Box was. Maybe a story had a very unique cell architecture which was significantly more powerful. The X-Box 360 was although it was very hard at first for developers to make games for it, if yes, for it was again more powerful than the X-Box one was at an even lower price point. So yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if the rumors are indeed correct. And the piece five turns out to be more powerful than the X-Box series Xs. ps5 vs xbox Performance:

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However, does that even make sense if they have exactly the same specs? Well, it actually does. So one of the consoles will have slightly higher clock speeds or, you know, more video memories. So while they both use empty components, one of them maybe Sony was like, hey, we want more video memory in our GPU, you know, and they provided that. And in that case piece, I will be slightly more expensive. But again, more about what’s in the price section of this article.

Overall, the CPI would be around 4 times the power of the X.X 1 Xs. Microsoft has already confirmed this while the GP will be 2 times the power of the X box 1 X. This is on the X box series X. However, the performance improvements are even greater than this. So thanks for reiterating support as you can see in this Minecraft demo. There is a gigantic difference between the standard and the rate racing mode. Now another big new feature and these new consoles are the brand new storage module. So unlike the conjuration consoles that both feature a painfully slow fifty-four hundred APM hard drive, both the P.S. 5 and the X-Box series X will feature SSD storage. However, this will not be a state-based SSD, but instead add that to flash storage, which is pretty much the highest end and also the faster storage option that you can get on a P.C. today. Both I and Sony have said that they’re working on their own custom flash storage module.

Microsoft even released a video detailing this while Sony would have reported that they would be using Samsung’s new A.M.E. drives aimed at consoles which are due to be released in 2020? Nonetheless, these would have insanely fast loading times, pretty much instant loading times, to be honest. And this is what both Sony and myself have said instant wake from sleep, plus the ability to have multiple games suspended in the background or in just a single one as we have now. Now, Sony to talk about 3D audio quite a lot. So it seems like this would be a unique selling feature of the PS5.

Now when it comes to myself. Second new X-Box Lockhart’s. This is still said to have these new Arduino architecture graphics also and these new Ryzen third generation and CPU. But it would also have significantly less video memory lower clock speed, four to CPU, less ram and their own for teraflops of GPA compute power, according to the rumors. And while this sounds very close, it appears for pros fourpence teraflops, it would still be significantly more powerful than T.P.S. for pro.

Thanks to the newer and the ordinated RGB architecture and the much more powerful CPU.


What about the actual controllers themselves? Well, the sort of controller hasn’t been fully unveiled just yet, but as would it be PS5 itself. We have had patents on the controller as well as what appears to be leaked development code versions of the controller itself and from the interviews that Mark Cerny, the lead system architect for PS5.

We do now know that it would be very similar to the PS4 controller with a few small but big changes. We are getting USB type C finally so we can all say goodbye to micro USB. Now there is a possibility that the touchpad would be turned into a full touchscreen display now. So this is what we’ve seen with delicate photos and even the pendant itself.

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So I can really tell that a touch by itself isn’t curved anymore like it was on the PS4 controller, which could point towards the controller having an actual display which would be used for chat messages and just a secondary screening games and apps, which is pretty cool.

Sony has confirmed that a battery would be increased, but probably the biggest feature of this new controller would be the brand new haptic engine. Controller:

Mark Cerny has confirmed that a piece of our controller will feature a revolutionary haptic engine that would let you feel things such as mud, ice, a bumpy road, a flat surface, a smooth road. And you know, all of those I’m really, really curious to testing those myself. So that’s pretty much the PS5 controller. Now, in terms of the X-Box series X controller. This is the official image that of. Posted and from the looks of it, it seems to be pretty much identical to the X-Box one X controller.

Microsoft says that they’ve made a few small changes to the shape of the controller. Norio accommodated four more people, so it should be easier to hold in the hands now. If you thought about the first controller was uncomfortable for some reason. We also have a share button that allows you to take screenshots and record videos.

Basically the same exact functionality as on the PS4 controller and yeah, it’s a that’s pretty much it. So all the PS5 controller sounds like a bit more exciting with some very new features. The Xbox controller is pretty much the same as before.


We’ve actually had a first-party game teased by both Sony and Microsoft, so Mike’s up showed us how Blade 2, which was running on the X-Box series X.

This thing looked absolutely insane, like the graphics, the scenery, the facial animations, the water, everything looked like in a movie like absolutely incredible. And truly next generation. Sony has shown us a game called god-awful, which looked okay, but it just didn’t look nowhere near as good as hell too. So it still looks like a game was hell. Blay too literally looked like a movie set from these two games.


We don’t really know anything else that we’ll get, but we’ve heard rumors about Horizon 0.2 and you got a for making its way too to be as 5 while both consoles are said to be getting the new Assassin’s Creed kingdoms, which would be an exclusive for the next-gen, which is also to come out next year.

Now, one of the big differences between those two consoles when it comes to games is backward compatibility. Both Soda and Microsoft have stated that their consoles will support PS4 and X-Box one games. However, the X-File series X will also support X Xbox 360 games, which I think is a pretty big advantage over the past 5, which will not support. P.S. 3 games.


And finally we have the price. So here we don’t know the price of any of these consoles. He adds the prices are not official, however, we have had some leaks suggesting it PS5 will cost $500. Price:


Which interesting enough is the exact same price as the X-Box wants X currently costs. So because of that, it will make a lot of sense for the X box. You start at the exact same price, but then you keep in mind that Microsoft will also have a second X box with law cards, which should be a much more inexpensive option, possibly starting at $350. The same price as the X-Box one s Lemonier to come and switch on the consoles.

Would you guys pick X-Box or PlayStation? Hashtag XBox or hashtag team PlayStation. I hope you guys have enjoyed this fantasy.