Google Pixel vs OnePlus 7T

Google Pixel 4 vs OnePlus 7T: Hand on Comparison

The pixel false starts at eight hundred dollars in the U.S. and it’s the first to buy if you want the purest Android experience, but this Android phone, though One Plus 7T, is only $600 and it offers a lot of the same features. So let’s work out if you need to spend more or less. I’m comparing these two phones on everything from the cameras to the battery life to the performance. What the screens look like and all of the extra features inside. So let’s get started.

Let’s talk cameras

So the main difference between these two is that you get two lenses on the pixel full and three on the one plus 7T. And those three, our regular wide, ultra-wide and a two times telephoto. The pixel four is just a regular wide and a two times telephoto lens.

Now, Google says that most people probably don’t want an ultra-wide lens because they’ll rather use a telephoto. I don’t know about that. I think I’m definitely on team ultra-wide just because when you’re trying to take a shot, you can generally move closer or pinch into zoom. You can’t pinch out to zoom and you gotta keep walking further and further backward and eventually you’re going to fall over something. But general photos with HDR turned on both of the phones do a really good job. There’s a great level of detail in shopping to sell them when you zoom into the 100 percent crop and the color rendition is pretty nice on both.

However, there is a difference. Straight out of the camera, the images from the one plus 7T look a little bit more saturated and punchy than those from the pixel four. But a lot of this comes down to personal preference and what looks good to me might not look good to you and vice versa. I think portrait mode is a lot more dramatic on the pixel compared to the one plus 7T. And it does a better job on inanimate objects like flowers, for example, from the rear camera. Sophies is a bit of a tough one because again, taking photos of yourself. I don’t know which one you prefer to me. I prefer the way I look a little bit more on the one plus 7T. But again, it’s a little less saturated and sometimes washed out.

So maybe the pixel looks good. However, when it comes to port remote on the front facing camera, I definitely think the 7T wins this one just because sometimes on the pixel it just doesn’t quite get the blur. Right. Now it comes to night more at my favorite time to take photos. It’s nice site versus night scape.

And yeah, I hate to break it to you, but that one plus 7T does a really good job at night photography. I don’t think it’s as well rounded as night sight on the pixel. But honestly, for $200 less you’re getting are really, really capable camera in this phone. You just look a little bit warmer overall at night than from the pixel. But again, unless you put them side by side, I don’t think you’re really going to notice. But the pixel has one final ace up its sleeve when it comes to the camera. And it is astrophotography mode.

Honestly, this mode is fully sick, as you say, in Australia because it’s so cool. Video, though, is another matter, because the pixel for still only does 4K at 30 frames a second, whereas the one plus 7T is 4K at 60 frames a second. And it’s just night and day in terms of smoothness. I love having 60 frames a second as an option.

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Storage Memory

Yes, it takes up more storage space. But honestly, if you want memories to look the best, they’re going to look the best on the 17.

Now Let’s Talk Battery Life

Because all of those resource intensive applications mean that you will probably be using this phone quite a lot and draining down the battery to walk charge on the one plus 7T. This is pretty epic. You can charge your phone from flat to a 100 percent charge in about an hour. And the charger in the box is just it’s a based like honestly, the pixel fall has fast rapid charging. But that giant charge, you put it side by side with the one plus charger. And yeah. Size does matter in this instance. However, the pixel does have wireless charging, whereas the one plus seventy does not. Both of them will get you through the day on one charge, but there are some caveat. So the pixel for the battery is smaller than previous generations and it does take a beating if you are using a lot of resource intensive applications. Our battery tests showed that the full and the 4 X L, which is the larger version of the pixel and it has a slightly larger battery to only lasted around 11 to 12 hours in our battery tests, whereas the one plus 7T it got like 16 hours plus, which is insane.

Let’s Talk Design

Because this is where the phones really start to pull away from each other.

The one plus 7 is obviously a larger design. It is a six-point five five-inch display and it has a glossy finish at the back available in a silver or a blue color. It is a little bit of a fingerprint magnet.

Let’s be honest, I think people are going to be able to lift prints off this if you really tried, but it looks premium and really pretty. The pixel for on the other hand, is I guess a little bit more of a simple design for me. I like this two tone black of the camera bump and the whites. Although the glossy black finish you can get it in is also a fingerprint magnet. And then there’s that limited edition orange. I don’t know. Do you like oranges? I mean, I like the fruit, but I don’t like it. It’s a color from a phone.

The pixel for comes in two sizes, the regular 5.7 inch or the six point three inch on the full excel. And they both have slightly denser displays than the one plus 7T when it comes to using them. I didn’t find that there was that much difference, although I definitely notice that looking at text, it was a lot sharper on the pixel for phones than on the 78, but display wise. They also both have 90 hertz displays, which is really pretty to look at. It means things refresh faster and scrolling is so much more seamless and gaming also gets a bit of a boost too.

So I’ve been using the pixel for a while now. There’s like scratches on the screen. I don’t know what’s going on. I feel like I’ve been asleep and someone started to claw at the phone while I wasn’t there because it looks pretty bad. Let’s be honest. And this is only after, I guess, a week’s worth of use. So I don’t want to see this in a couple of months time. It’s just been in my bag. People have been clawing at my sleep unless they have been telling me anyway.

The one plus 7T comes with a built on screen protector, which is nice of older. Yeah, you could put one on the pixel for yourself, but the fact that it comes with one is a nice bonus. However, the one plus 7T is not IP rated. We have done our own testing with the older versions of the one plus phones and they last longer than nothing, but they don’t have the official IP 68 rating of the pixel full. Do you like bezels? I don’t. The pixel 4 has some bezels and there’s a reason for that, especially at the top, because that’s where the radar and Sophie camera is. The one plus 7T on the other hand. It’s not entirely edge to edge, but it’s pretty close and it looks pretty nice too. There’s that teardrop selfie camera at the fronts that I think it’s nice and unobtrusive as opposed to the big black bar at the top of the pixel.

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Unlocking System

Both phones have different ways to authenticate and unlock your device.

The Pixel 4 has faced scanning and a pin. No fingerprint reader or unlike the earlier pixel finds the one plus 7T has the option of a pin and a fingerprint reader under the screen. It also has face on look, although it is not secure enough to use for things like online banking and mobile payments.

There’s a lot of discussions online about the Pixel 4’s face unlocking technology because it works when your eyes are closed. Maybe this is a big deal to you if you leave your phone unawares while you’re sleeping and someone uses your face while you’re asleep to unlock the phone during a how likely that is. Anyway, Google says that it’s going to be making a fix soon to actually make it so you have to have your eyes open while you use face unlock. The 7 doesn’t have that problem. However, you could walk up to someone with this phone and if they were asleep, put their thumb on it and the phone would look. So there’s always a problem. There’s always a way to get around it. So just be aware of it. So the pixel has a really cool radar at the front, which is used for, well, not that many things right now. Let’s be honest about their future applications seem pretty cool.

But for now, all you can do is change tracks. And when you have a phone line down on a surface, if it detects you coming up to it, it can turn the display on. I think that’s kind of nice. It’s like a personal butler walks up to me and knows that I need my slippers before even I need them. So, you know, I like that. But the real proof is gonna be in what this radar can do in the future. And right now, we just don’t know. As with any pixel device, you get a lot of Google features and tight integration. But I think the coolest one for me honestly is that voice transcription within the app because it works. I’ve talked really fast to it and it’s able to transcribe. I mean, hopefully it’s good. You can see exactly on the screen what I’m saying right now and it’s pretty cool. It works pretty well and it understands my Australian accent. So yeah, I like it. But what you need to know is that it all works off-line and it stays on device and it’s all done on device. So hopefully that gives you some peace of mind when it comes to security.


When it comes to performance, both of these are definitely on the premium end of the spectrum and they perform really well.

I’m not going to run through every single speck. If you want that, please go through specification below.

OnePlus 7T Specifications

Processor Snapdragon 855 Plus.
storage 128 GB.
camera 48MP + 16MP + 12MP.
battery 3800 mAh.
display 6.55″ (16.64 cm)
ram 8 GB.
Launch September 28, 2019 (Official)

Google Pixel 4 specs

Display 5.7-inch Full HD+ Smooth
Display (up to 90Hz OLED) — Ambient EQ
Battery 2,800mAh
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, Pixel Neural Core
Memory 6GB RAM
Storage 64GB, 128GB
Cameras 12MP Dual-Pixel and 16MP Telephoto
Security Titan M Security Module
Features Face unlock, Motion Sense
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But what I will say is that neither of these phones have struggled with pretty much anything that I’ve thrown at them. Technically, the one plus 7T is a little bit faster in terms of benchmarks, but overall, I don’t know if it’s gonna make that much of a difference to your everyday use. The Snapdragon eight fifty five plus in the one plus seventy is technically very similar to the Snapdragon eight fifty five in the pixel full, although it has been optimized slightly for mobile gaming. So if that’s something that you like doing, then maybe the 7T is the better by for you storage. Well that’s another story altogether because unfortunately the base storage of the pixel floor is only 64 gigabytes. Yes, you can buy 128 gigabytes, but it costs more obviously. And these 7T is only one storage option, but at least it’s 128 gigabytes straight off the bat. Neither of these have expandable storage. So you are really going to be offloading to the cloud if you do a lot of like photos and videos and lots of different apps and things like that. Come on, Google like 64 gigabytes.

Please just give us a little bit more. Oh, free Google photo storage at original resolution. But the real reason you get the pixel over any other Android phone is the pure Android experience and the fact that you get Android updates before pretty much anybody else. They go straight to the pixel and then everyone else has to work out how they gonna do it on their phones. I really love pure Android and for me this is a big, big deal. But if you don’t really know that much about pure android, oh you don’t really mind than oxygen OS on the one plus 7T is really nice. It looks very premium. It’s still running Android 10. Just like this phone straight out of the book. So you don’t lose out on any of those extra features. It just depends which look you prefer.

What’s in the Box

On the pixel for you. Get the phone, a charger and a USB type C cable on the one plus 7. You will get the phone, a case, a charger, and the USB cable. Neither of them come with a headphone jack.

Pixel full box standard retail issue 1 for 70 bucks, OK? Not retail issue. This came to me from one plus the retail boxes. Keep it like honestly, this is hilarious. There’s some documentation. This is the actual retail books.

This is note pad something. This is what is this? This is headquarters. And yet there’s more.

I just found the next level is cases 1, 2, 3 cases.

Think Again: Which One You are Going Buy?

Now it comes down to which one I would pick if I was spending my own money. Again, a tough decision. And this one really comes down to do you want a really, really kickass camera with Knight Mode and the ability to get Android in its purest form and updates the first? Well, if so, then I would choose the pixel. But I’m a cheapskate and I really like ultra wide cameras.

Every time I was using the pixel, I just wish that I had the ultra wide angle lens on the one plus 7T. So for that reason for cheapskates pic, I’m definitely going to pick the one plus 78 because it doesn’t feel like a compromise despite it being $200 less. It’s a premium phone. It’s got a fingerprint. It’s got everything that I want a really nice camera and it doesn’t look as nice in terms of the oxygen os to me as pure android. But I guess I could just put a different launcher on it and it would look different.

End Talks

Thanks for reading the article. If you want to buy either of these two phones, visit the market or order online and make sure to come back soon when I will be comparing any other products.


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