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How to Remove 128 Bit AES, RC4 Encryption from PDF Document

Looking for a quick solution that let you unlock encrypted PDF file in no time? Don’t how it can be done in a trusted manner? Just sit back and relax as you are at the right place. This blog will explain how to remove 128 bit encryption from PDF file in a seamless manner.

There is no doubt that PDF format has become a standard format to store a document. The best part about PDF is the level of security offered by it. A user can protect their data by securing them with a password. In addition to this, sometimes users encrypt their PDF file also so that it cannot be read or view by any unauthorized person. Generally, users apply two types of encryption for PDF file i.e., 128 bit AES and 128-bit RC4 encryption. The main purpose of these algorithms is to encrypt your highly sensitive data as it is hard to hack or crack.

Now, a user can apply two types of password security with the above-discussed encryption (AES/RC4) techniques. One is user-level i.e., is required to open PDF document. Another is owner-level password security. This lets users apply any type of restriction on PDF file like a copy, edit, print, extract, sign, comment, document assembly, etc. If such type of restriction is applied to a PDF document, then a user is not allowed to perform operations on restricted PDF file. Therefore, in such cases, users want to remove restrictions from PDF document.

Why It is Necessary to Remove 128 Bit Encryption from PDF?

If a PDF file is secured with 128-bit encryption, then it becomes really difficult for users to access it in their own way. They are unable to decrypt PDF document without required decryption key with him or her. However, it is impossible for the users to read and perform any desired operation on it. For example, a user is not allowed to print, copy, edit, etc., on the 128 bit encrypted PDF. Therefore, it is really important for the user to remove 128 bit encryption from PDF file and use it in the way he or she wants.

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After all this, the very first question that strikes in a user’s mind is how to unlock or remove PDF 128-bit rc4 encryption? Simply go through the below section and get to know the best possible way of doing the same.

A Simplest Approach to Unlock PDF 128 bit RC4/ AES Encryption

A user can open the PDF file on both Windows and Mac OS so, approaches to remove 128 bit encryption from PDF is different for both of them.

For Windows OS users

If you are a Windows operating system user, then simply go for SysTools PDF Unlocker tool. It is one of the finest application that let users unlock encrypted PDF file from owner-level password security in just a few clicks. A user can remove restrictions like edit, print, document assembly, copy, extract, etc., from PDF document in just a few simple clicks. Apart from this, a user can remove 128 bit encryption from PDF file either is of AES or RC4 algorithm. It can easily be installed on any version of Microsoft Windows OS to remove 128 bit PDF encryption.

For Mac OS Users

PDF files are independent of OS & can be opened on Mac OS also. Therefore, SysTools PDF Unlocker for Mac is suggested to Mac users. It is a simplest and reliable application to unlock encrypted PDF file in no time. Similar to Windows OS software, it is also capable to remove owner-level password or restriction from secured PDF file. A user needs not to enter permission password for the same. Another major advantage of using this application is that it lets users unlock multiple PDF files in batch also. However, when it comes to 128-bit AES or RC4 encrypted PDF file, the tool will handle it in a seamless manner. If a user wants, then he or she can run this application on Mac OS X 10.8 and above versions to unlock 128 bit PDF encryption.

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Whenever a user came across an encrypted PDF file, he or she needs to decrypt it to open and read it. Now, manually without decryption key is not possible for the user to unlock encrypted PDF document. Therefore, the above blog has discussed reliable approaches to remove 128 bit encryption from PDF file. The suggestions provided above are operating system specific. Depending on the OS, a user can go for the solutions and unlock 128 bit PDF encryption in an efficient manner.

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