Dos and Don’ts of Making a Website

Is web design a tricky subject? If you think about it, it is a tricky one. A lot of things should be taken into consideration when creating a website. How do you simplify this? The following is a list of Do’s and Don’t you ought to follow when making one.

No need to worry, they all are simple principles that are easy to follow and easy to implement.

The Dos of making a website

1. Provide a similar experience irrespective of the device in consideration

People can visit your website using a multitude of devices. A considerable chink of UX design must ensure that whatever device visitors use, they must have a similar experience whether they access the site from a laptop, a smartwatch, a phone or a desktop.

2. Design a clear & user-friendly website navigation system

Usability relies heavily on navigation & navigation is a key feature of the website. Design the navigation to make it user-friendly & help visitors find their way around with the least number of clicks, least time needed to scan and locate a particular link.

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3. Changing the color of visited links

Links are an important factor of the navigation process, and when the visited links do not change color, users visit the same pages inadvertently.

Change the colors of visited links so visitors can easily identify the links they need to visit.

4. Ensure your pages are easy to scan

When users visit your site, they are quite likely to scan the screen and home page at first. That gives them an idea of what your website is all about as they can read everything from there.  Ensure that your web designers have created an easy visual hierarchy that is easy to scan.

5. Ensure all links are double checked

Double check all links to ensure there are no error 404s on the page. Error 404s are a source of frustration for users on the web and that can badly impact your website’s rating.

6. Ensure all clickable elements look clickable

Visual elements of the website should look accordingly. If there are clickable elements, then they should look clickable. Call-to-actions should also be easy to identify and ensure they are not hyperlinked to prevent confusion among users.


1. Do not make your visitors wait for content to load

Attention span and patience level of web users are minimal. If visitors are kept waiting for the site to load, they will become frustrated and will leave the site. 10 seconds is the time a user will wait.

2. Do no open internal links in a new tab

It is considered technically rude to open an internal link in a new tab. Do NOT do this and allow users to use the back button instead.

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3. Do not let any promotion steal the show

Ads & promotions overshadow content visitors want to see and make it hard for them to achieve what they needed to. Such ads are usually known as banner blindness and are often rejected by users and visitors alike.

4. Do not hijack scrolling

This happens when designers & developers manipulate the scrollbar in order to behave differently on the website. Animated effects, fixed scroll points & even a revamp of the scrollbar itself are the acts done by them.

Not only is hijacked scrolling annoying but also its considered unethical and a form of hacking.

5. Avoid auto-playing videos with sound

Auto-playing videos, music or sound in the background irritate users. Use such elements sparingly and when necessary.

6. Never sacrifice usability for beauty’s sake

The design and UI of the website should not destroy the website’s usability. Poor color schemes, insufficient color contrast and busy backgrounds kill the website.

7. Do not use blinking text and ads

Blinking text & ads are content that flash & flicker. They can trigger seizures in susceptible individuals. It is also annoying for users in general terms as well.

The End Point

These points may sound cumbersome and worrying to You. In fact, they are not because they are easy to follow and easy to implement. If you want a top class New York web design company to create a unique and worthwhile website for you, then the answer to your question is none other than Branex.

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