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How to Install Games on A Computer: Everything You Need To Know

One of the favorite pastimes for many people around the globe is playing games. Whether on a computer, console, or a phone, almost everyone has their favorite or go-to game to kill time and enjoy free moments. However, while some enjoy its pleasure, others find it difficult altogether to install and play them.

This little guide is going to get some people on their way to finding the right way to install and play games on their computers. Now, this guide is only meant to provide general information, as specifics could take a lot of time. However, experts who can have put together some necessary information to allow an average user to install and play games on their computers. Therefore, here we go.

Essential Hardware

One of the most important things that you require in order for your computer to run games is proper hardware. However, it is not important unless you have a console or mobile phone, as they come with built-in specs that cannot be meddled with. However, what would you require in a computer? Considering we are talking about this in 2020, we will be talking about the latest hardware requirements for the smooth gaming Hardware

Let us say that you choose either of the two main platforms in a computer i.e. Intel or AMD. While many prefer Intel cause of its good performance, others prefer AMD for being a cost-effective solution. In recent times, AMD has taken over the edge, so we will be talking about AMD. You would need at least the bottom of the line processor from their Ryzen series. Then you would need DDR4 ram of about 16 Gigabytes, in order for games to perform smoothly. However, other important hardware that you need is a graphics card (at least 4GB), a good motherboard, hard drive with wide space (at least 1TB), and other necessary components like keyboard, mouse, headphones etcetera.

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Essential Software


Another important thing, in order for all the above-mentioned hardware to run smoothly, is proper software. This includes the operating system, preferably windows, then you would need drivers and other utility software to ensure your computer’s performance is optimum. This software would be:

  • Microsoft Windows, either 10 or 8
  • Driver software for the graphics card, sound card, etc.
  • Essential utility software like DAEMON Tools

These will help you with the smooth running and installation of the games.

DVDs Or Physical Media


While this option is slowly becoming obsolete, there are many times that it is very helpful. Many pre-order games arrive through DVD and include other physical media, therefore, you need to ensure you have a working DVD ROM on your computer.

Various Online Stores

Online Stores

One of the main benefits of the internet is that you do not require physical media most of the time unless of course, you are installing windows. Nowadays, you can just purchase games online and download the installation files to your computer, from there on, it is a straight forward process. Some of the famous online stores are as follow:

  • Steam
  • Origin
  • Epic Games
  • uPlay
  • Blizzard
  • Microsoft Store

Download & Install Directly From A Website

Download & Install

Many times, major gaming companies like Ubisoft, Infinity Ward, Rockstar would present their games on their websites. Therefore, one can make the purchase directly and download them from there.

Over To You

That is some of the basic information about the requirements that can help you ease in the process of how to install games on your computer. In conclusion, it is a pretty straight forward process once you understand it.

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