How to choose the best type of Headphones?

 Step by step guide

Headphones were introduced at least 60 years ago for a better listening experience. Their shape, design, and features were designed for better listening experience during the work. After a while, the headphones were a hot cake. Headphones got popularity and people use them in their daily routine either they were on the workout or passing the free time. With the passage of time, Headphone got more popularity and many brands jumped into this industry. After the entrance of big companies, headphone technology gets advancement. Now the days you can see that we have a huge market of headphones and headphones are available in different types and models. People are using them either they are at the office or in the garden. As vocal technology is getting evolution headphone’s technology is also moving forward to advancement.

In the market different types of headphones are available. Many of them are different in features. You should choose the right one that is comfortable for you. You can choose them on features bases. Now we are moving towards our first step.

1: Types of Headphones:

In the first, we should choose the right option for ourselves. As we have mentioned above that headphones are available in different types on the basis of their feature. Now we are talking about their types of headphones.

  • In-Ear or Earbuds: These type of headphones are very small and fits in our ears. They are quite as small as our ear. These headphones are best for a workout and outdoor activities. Some ear clips and silicone or rubber made ear clips can be used to make them fit and this will protect you from outside sound. These type of headphones are available in wire and Bluetooth also. These are portable and have good quality sound.
  • On-Ear: On-ear headphones are at the top of the ear and do not cover the whole ears that allow you to keep aware of yourself from your surroundings. As its size is bigger than in-Ear, so they cover more drivers then in-ear.
  • Over-Ear: These headphones are known as the Best headphones for better sound quality because these are traditional headphones and covers the whole ear. These are very comfortable but difficult to carry. As its size is bigger than any other headphone so it means it covers more features and drivers than any other headphone type. It provides you with high-quality sound, clear and rumbling bass.
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2: Identify features:

The second step after choosing the type of headphone is identifying the features for which you are paying. If you want some high-quality sound with a clear pitch then you should choose Over-Ear headphones. But when you are at workout then you should choose in-Ear headphone. We can categorize these features in 4 different categories.

  • Comfort: When you are choosing comfort in headphone then you should choose one between the Over-Ear and On-Ear. Because these both are comfortable instead of In-ear.
  • Portability: When your preference is portability than you should choose In-ear instead of Over-ear and On-Ear. Because In-Ear is easy to carry instead of others.
  • Noise isolation: If you are choosing headphone on the basis of noise isolation then In-ear and Over-ear headphones are the best option for you instead of On-Ear. Because these can reduce your surrounding noise.
  • Sound: If you are choosing on the basis of sound then there is no limitation on the sound you can choose any type of headphone. All the headphone are designed for better and quality sound for listeners.

3: Frequency range.

The third option is the identification of the frequency range of your ears and headphones. As we know that children have more frequency range instead of old ones. You can check the frequency of sound by the graph. If its range is between 10 Hz to 25,000 Hz than these headphones are better and can give you full enjoyment of sound.

If These Headphones show the frequency line in U shape then it means they can not help you in understanding the layers of music. These can mix-up the music layers that will sound you funny.

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4: Testing headphones

Testing of headphones is necessary before buying a pair of headphones. You can compare with the friend’s headphone. If you are comfortable with your headphones then buy. Bad quality headphones can damage your listening power, so you should be aware of all these things and test them wisely before buying.


Our local and online market is full of different brands of headphones. You can choose the brand and quality of your choice. Best way to buy Headphone Is online. Online headphones shopping is very easy nowadays due to a large no of the online shopping site and  Bluetooth headphones price in Pakistan is affordable for the peoples. You can see the photo of products and can read all the specifications and features that help you in choosing the right product for you.

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