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Sparkol Videoscribe Pro is not a simple video application; it is a professional based high-level whiteboard animation-based program on mind maps. It provides a solution for those people who want to bring out new themes and ideas in front of others related to education, training, and many other tasks. It can work on both Mac and Windows devices. This is also a video writing software for windows, also called whiteboard animation creators. It is a new and interesting way to tell stories that reproduce a capture recording style. This the most popular handwritten video animation creator in India and all over the world. The video creator software program, created through Sparkol, enables you to create this animation movie quickly and without problems. You can add text content, change the canvas style and color, choose photos from the Sparkol photo library, or import your own photos, brands, and images. This is the best whiteboard animation software to create a whiteboard presentation.
Sparkol VideoScribe
But it is not like Powerpoint, VideoScribe no longer divides your presentation into slides, but through a canvas. VideoSribe videos are more unique than other video creators. In addition, you can show voiceovers or music tracks, choose the size, color, and style of the detail you want to draw, choose how long you want the drawing to take, or even change the hand that draws the presentation in case of that You do not like the predefined hands that Sparkol offers, you can import your staff. With this whiteboard video maker, you can draw a live presentation and develop attractive and attractive videos with full customization. Create scribe whiteboard videos with it exactly as you want. With this, you can learn how to make a whiteboard video. If you use the VideoScribe free version then there will be a watermark on your created video so you have to purchase the license to use videoscribe without watermark.

Features of Sparkol VideoScribe Pro:

– An effortless way to use application

– Use your own hand

– No watermarks or marketing.

– Design professional-looking whiteboard style video

– Design Professional with new content

– Show the direction and improve workflow.

– The canvas adds no limits and no amount of content

– Make your story through the animation of the White Table.

– Now you do not need to log in or shit.

– New feature added in the model, that is, Morph image with another image.

– Create your own great advertising videos to keep the audience busy.

– Set your digital camera, the time between two slides, or two objects. manipulate an element that makes time.

– Full HD output can be stored in different codecs, such as wave, mp4 in 1080p, 720p, etc.

– Loads countless types of snapshots of each type (especially SVG format), text content, historical past.

– With this pro version, you can create whiteboard animation.


Although VideoScribe is quite good. Sparkool made VideoScribe to the icon in whiteboards animations. Over the years, you have realized that essential features are missing. Easy to use. A beautiful collection of SVG images for almost everything. It is a gift for freelancers. Now you can make cool whiteboard animations with just a few clicks that were not possible before.

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