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Is It Possible for Car-Sharing to Offer Luxury Options?

As a kid, sharing may not always seem fun, especially when the item concerned is a treasured one. Even as we age, the idea of sharing doesn’t fancy everyone. The majority of people prefer exclusivity, which offers them free, exciting, endless capabilities and visions of travel options. Nonetheless, as adults, priorities determine what one needs, and it’s easy for an individual to consider car-sharing services for the sake of their finances. It’s similar to college where the majority of students share homes and apartment, money-saving hotel book apps at the last minute.

With a membership of car-sharing services, one doesn’t need to pay for gas, insurance, new tires, car wash, or oil replacements. You pay for the service needed, which is driving. To make car-sharing more inviting, some firms are offering luxury cars as part of the sharing market.


Car2go, a famous car-hiring service provider, first offered to feature the Mercedes GLA SUV and CLA sedan in their fleets in Vancouver and Toronto. This action was followed by doing the same in Montreal and Calgary within the same year. Car2go’s usual fleet consisted of the Smart Fortwo’s from Daimler AG.

By the end of 2017, the firm included fresh Mercedes-Benz models as the majority of its fleet. The firm’s North American CEO, Paul Delong, notes that the inclusion of Mercedes in their fleet boosts the company’s brand. Keep in mind that Car2go customers have to pay a confidential premium to cruise in a Mercedes.


The car manufacturing company refers to its ReachNow project as a “premium car-sharing service.” Consumers get access to a BMW 3 Series sedan, the carbon-fiber electric i3, X1 SUV, or different kinds of Minis. In downtown areas, parking services are free. However, the project is not accessible in Canada.

All ReachNow cars are priced at similar rates: 0.49 USD per minute when driving, and if you make a stop, it’s 0.30 USD while parked. Affordable long-term charges are inclusive if you need a vehicle for a long weekend. Alternatively, you can try visiting this website if you are planning on having a car for longer than a day or two.

ReachNow offers extra services for any member seeking to have a chauffeur or to get the car dropped off at a location of their choice. The convenience of parking for free is worth the value of admission.


Initially, Cadillac announced a subscription program known as Book by Cadillac. This allowed consumers to have access to any Cadillac model at $1,500 USD per month whenever and wherever needed. Instead of paying to have a specific car, users have the option of accessing an entire lineup of cars. All the consumer has to cater for is gas money with the option of swapping to 18 cars per year at no extra cost.


The international car-sharing industry is rising every year with new projects and innovation being introduced for a better customer experience. With time, shared vehicles have the potential to minimize city congestion and help people move faster. Sharing isn’t bad at the end of the day as long as you get your priorities sorted and save some cash.

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