Best Websites And Applications To Make Memes

Best Websites And Applications To Make Memes

Memes are all the rage. They are images accompanied by humorous text that circulate quickly through social networks. Sometimes they appear so fast that it seems like magic. But no, the trick is to find the right page to do them quickly, easily and for free. In this practicogram, we show you how the best websites and applications to create memes work.

The term meme was first coined by British scientist Richard Dawkins. In his book ‘The Selfish Gene’,Dawkinsreferred to the meme as “the theoretical unit of cultural information, transmissible from one individual to another or from one mind to another or from one generation to the next.”

In fact, there are more and more fans of memes. Some characters from politics, music or sports, such as Sergio Ramos or Luis Bárcenas, are the protagonists of the most ingenious and funny memes that circulate on the Internet.

We show you some best softwareand services to create memes by yourself.


It is one of the most used in the world. This online tool allows you to easily customize an image. You just have to select the ‘Create’ option and choose a preset image or upload your own from your computer. Use the blank spaces to write the phrase you want and click on ‘Create meme.’ Download the image and ready to share!


If you are one of these kinds of people who like to use a more easy-to-use program but achieve more professional results, then you can start using FlexClip’s meme maker. As one of the most simple but professional online generators today, it has a very neat and intuitive platform that includes 100% professional functions.

With FlexClip, you can start creating memes from your own images or simply use images downloaded from the Internet. In addition, you can create Gif or animated videos from this platform. All this you can do for free. Finally, it is worth a mention that it is very easy to use when wanting to edit a video since FlexClip is basically a video maker and editor.

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3.LOL Builder

LOL Builder is a meme creation page that offers a wide variety of possibilities. It is famous for its faces designed with simple lines and divided into moods: sad, happy, disappointed, etc. To use this tool, you just have to click on the face you like the most and drag to the blank box. You can include up to four different faces and write a caption above or below them.

You can also choose one of the photos from the image bank and write a funny phrase that you want to share. Choose the style (basic, poster, advanced, ‘breaking news’) and where you want the text to go. You can write in the form of a headline or as if it were a comic bubble, a cloud … When you have it, make sure you have saved the image on your computer.

4.Quick Meme

Quick Meme is a simple tool to create simple designs in a few seconds. You just have to choose the option ‘Make a meme’ and choose one of the options. You can use a page design or upload the photo you want.

If the second possibility clicks on one of the designs that appear under the label ‘Upload new meme.’ Then, select ‘Upload image file’ and write on the left side of the screen the text that you want to appear in your meme.


Scrappe is a very complete photo editor that not only allows you to create and design memes but also retouch your photos for free. You can also design animated cards, make custom icons for your photos, distort images and create animated ‘gif’s’, among many other options.

Scrapee is a very popular page for creating memes in other countries such as Brazil and the United States. In the Brazilian option, you can even create image strips to make your completely personalized comic strip. Choose the faces that best suit what you want to share, enter the text and save the image on your computer.

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You can add boxes if the four that appear by default seem insufficient. If you have a need to share your meme on Facebook, you can do it directly without storing the image on your computer.

6.Meme Generator for Android

When you want to make a quick meme, but you don’t have a computer nearby, Meme Generator is the best option to design wherever you are. It is used for ‘smartphones’ with Android. To use it, you’ll have to first install the application (free) on your mobile phone by accessing Google Play. More than a million users have it installed.

7.Keep Calm Creator

The Keep Calm Creator application is available for iPhone. You can download it on iTunes and customize the famous phrase “Keep calm and carry on” popularized by the British government in a poster created at the beginning of World War II to raise the morale of citizens.

You can also access the publication’s website. In this case, the memes you make can only be downloaded upon payment. The price depends on the size and format you want. For example, you can use the image to decorate your coffee cup or to create a case for your mobile phone.

8.Rage Maker

Rage Maker is a free iPhone application with which you can design memes from your mobile phone or iPad. To use it before, you must download it from iTunes.

Rage Maker offers you preset designs with simple and original lines that you can complete with the phrases that you write yourself.

9.Meme Generator from Google +

The social network Google + does not escape the fashion of memes and has opened its own design creator, Meme Generator. To use this page, you just have to select ‘Generate an Image’, choose one of the options and enter the text. Then click on ‘Generate’ and download the meme you have created. That easy!

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10.Meme Generator 1.2 for Mac

If you use Macintosh an alternative is Meme Generator 1.2. To use this free application, you will have to download it from iTunes. The options it offers are very similar to those of Meme Generator for Windows. You can choose an image and include the text you want.

11.iMeme for Windows and Mac Os X

iMeme is a program that allows you to design memes offline. That is, you must download it to use it. You will not be able to do it directly. You can download it with Softonic.


If you are searching for a service where you can download memes from all categories and, in turn, start creating your favorite images, then you can start using Makeameme. Here you can find a large number of images that you can use for each of your creations, where you can add text, colors, modify the font to the brightness, among many other functions that you can apply.

It should be noted that Makeameme is very simple to use. With just a few steps, you can enjoy your own memes and, in turn, share them with your friends and family to have a fun time.

13.Create memes has become one of the most used and easy-to-use online tools in recent times. Here you will find a large number of functions that you can start applying to each of your images. This platform is completely in Spanish, where you will find a wide library of images and fun templates for each of your creations.


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