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3 Incredible Photography Techniques You Should Try

Photography is not about taking pictures to look at them in the future and hold onto the memories. It is a technique by which one can transform an ordinary object into a creative and meaningful image. Many people worldwide believe in the misconception of not being able to take good pictures because they do not have an expensive camera. That is not true; the real meaning of photography is using such tips and techniques that can translate any emotions you feel while you take the picture. The picture shall convey the same idea to other people that look at it and the same experience that you were going through while clicking that picture. The primary purpose is to experiment a lot; take photographs, and keep on clicking until you are delighted. Practice will make you perfect in photography. Perhaps a little luck would do wonders for you as well. Everything is about evolution, and one shall be open to adapting to the creativity that comes his way. It is how we grow; for example, there were outdoor security cameras earlier, but with development and research in technology, now we have a Solar Outdoor Camera in many places; it is how one welcomes changes in his life.

A person who knows the techniques while he takes a photo would take a better picture than the person with a fantastic camera. And so it is not essential to invest in the camera and its accessories, preferably in the knowledge on how to take better photos, be it indoors or outdoors. Here are some techniques that people shall try to gain new experiences while they enjoy photographing scenarios.

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1- Motion blur 

It is a technique where you can add some sense of motion in your picture, yes! Not video, but the picture. Please do not confuse it with camera shake since motion blur is done intentionally blurring of an image to show some speed while the subject moves. Motion blur has to do with the shutter speed, and mainly when the shutter speed is low, the subject will seem blurry. However, with low shutter speed, your sensor would acquire more light, which can make your picture look bright, and so to handle that, you have to use a small aperture. Increase the f-stop number of the aperture to tackle the light problem. Decrease the ISO so that your camera is less sensitive to light and then make sure that it is stable to avoid camera shake. That’s how a motion blur picture is taken. A photography box can easily store these precious photos.

2- High-speed photography

High-speed photography is when a picture is taken while a balloon is bursting or a food coloring dissolves in the water. A moment that cannot be seen with a naked eye is a picture of that scenario. You have to have a camera mode of the bulb, aperture between 11 and 16, manual focus is exceptional, and the flashes with low power, but lots of them. That will help in providing a short flash duration, and it will freeze the picture momentarily. You can increase the ISO is the flash power is not enough. You have to press the shutter button as soon as the flash goes off. At the very same moment, you have to burst the balloon to have the picture at the perfect time. It looks easy, but it is a tough job and needs a lot of practice, but once you learn it, there is no going back. You are going to love it.

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3- Use flash outdoors

You may think that flashes are for dark surroundings, but it is not entirely true. Try and use flash during the middle of the day, and you will be surprised to see that you would fill any shadows that your subject has using the flash. It is even better that you get some extra flash in the events that take place during the day and that too outdoors. You may not realize it earlier, but you can always check out the difference by clicking two photos, one with the flash and one without it. By comparing the images, you will see a definite difference that people aren’t able to tell by looking at one of the pictures. But using flash outdoors does make a difference, and every difference counts when it nears the perfect picture for that matter.

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