networking in the Context of SEO

Social networking in the Context of SEO | Do Social Media affect Positioning?

They influence or not? This question bothers everyone who is interested in raising the position of their website in Google results. So how is it then? Does social media have the power to conquer the positioners? You can read about it in today’s article.

Table of Contents

  1. Black on white
  2. Media excluded from the ranking
  3. DO or NO follow? What is the point?
  4. Directly? Indirectly? At all?
  5. 5 benefits of social media for SEO
  6. How to use it effectively?
  7. Facebook on the offensive
  8. The power of Facebook
  9. Does Google even visit social media?
  10. And how is this tweet on Twitter?
  11. Pin a pin!
  12. LinkedIn is strength not only for recruiters
  13. Support SEO activities with social media

Black on white

I think this is never the case when it comes to positioning. Many factors affect them, and Google’s algorithm can mix up positions day by day. It’s the same with linking in social media. Once it is said that there is absolutely no correlation between SEO and social media, and another time we can see that, however, there are some connections.

Tips For Social Media 2020

Media excluded from the ranking

What makes whispering voices everywhere, that Facebook and other media links are worthless is that they are not a ranking factor. Traffic, which is created thanks to social media activities, is according to Google easy to manipulate and not reliable. After all, each of us with a small investment can propel it with the help of advertising, and the flooding avalanche of likes, of indeterminate origin also does not cost much.

The second issue for which social networks are not ranked is that social media does not disclose all data to Google. In addition, if Google were to index all links from social media, it would have to incur very large investments.DO or NO follow? What is the point?

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The rel = “no follow” attribute causes the search engine robots to get a signal not to take the link into account when rating the linked page. This is the main reason that prevails that social media has nothing to do with building a search engine position. However, this is not entirely clear. If we have too many do-follow links, red light lights up in Google’s eyes and the site becomes suspicious. To avoid attaching an artificially promoted patch to your site, it’s a good idea to enrich your link portfolio with no-follow. And here social media can save our reputation, not only among customers but also among Google.

Directly? Indirectly? At all?

Due to the rel = “no follow” attribute, social media does not directly influence Google positions. Robots treat links placed on social networks as unnecessary, and this does not affect search engine positioning at all. But should we definitely cease their activities if we care about the position of our website? No way! It may not be so visible and spectacular, but social media have an indirect influence MAY. Do you want to know what?

5 benefits of social media for SEO

You already know that links from Facebook will not turn the search results upside down, but it is certain that they can help a bit to bring your page to the highest positions. How?

  1. Creating traffic. Community is the media. Now imagine that everyone who is interested in your entry will go to your website to learn more about your company and products. If it spends a long time there, Google will certainly not ignore it. Especially if you get regulars. Be seen on social media and turn it into an organic movement.
  2. Shared posts with links. Unless your entries bring great success, they are already available on valuable sites according to Google, yes! Act and let share your entries on valued and recognizable websites.
  3. Let yourself be seen! How many times have you seen something on Facebook or Instagram, and then opened a new card or moved from your phone to a laptop to conveniently Google a given brand? Do you already know how it works? You will interest a user in social media and he will come to you using the search engine. This is probably a strong argument.
  4. Profile Data. While social media are not a method of positioning websites, Google is not so anesthetized. Remember to complete your profile and update data, i.e. address, phone, name or website. It is very important, especially since after entering your company name in the search engine, your fan page will appear in a high position. And as we all know, Google wants the best for its users. There is no question of misleading.
  5. Diversifying Sources. Of course, links from social media may be no-follow and do not add anything to the position. But … Thanks to them you can diversify sources of links leading to your website, and thus you are better perceived by Google. Your link database will look much more natural if there are links of different quality. Include this in your link building strategy.
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How to use it effectively?

Brand fan pages don’t surprise anyone. In fact, they are already somewhat a must for companies that want to succeed. However, not all of them are aware of how to use social media to strengthen their position in search results.

Facebook on the offensive

Alright. We already know that we should be more interested in getting users interested in the content of the post. We can’t throw a link like this and wait for someone to share it. The concept of the entry and its value for the recipient is important. Only such posts are re-shared.

TIP. Check-in your settings to make sure your profile is public. Google robots see as much as an unlogged user. Blocked content will not contribute anything. Bah! Google will never even see them. There is another reason why you should make your profile public. If you don’t do this, Google will also block you from appearing in your browser results.

The power of Facebook

Do you know how many people visit Facebook every day? You definitely won’t show this colossal number on your fingers. This is a huge community, which, as we mentioned in the advantages, is your chance to increase traffic. Indirectly, of course, but if you manage to catch your attention and move it to individual entries from the search engine after entering your brand, you can already gain a lot.

Does Google even visit social media?

Of course. Evidence of his reading data can be, for example, the fact that he downloads opinions from Facebook and allows sharing them with a business card in the search engine. By the way … do you use this option?

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And how is this tweet on Twitter?

Google and Twitter have somewhat signed a pact regarding data sharing. The search engine thus has full access to the latest entries without having to send a bot. This means that tweeting with a hashtag can move our most recent post straight to high search results.

Pin a pin!

Pinterest is another platform that can, like Facebook, have the rel = “nofollow” attribute, but it can also give you some power. Of course, not directly, but indirectly worth working with her. Here you also have to make the profile public. Think about placing keywords in descriptions, photos, or table names. Make your account your small page, a business card that will not only encourage you to visit your website but also help you index your content in the search engine.

LinkedIn is strength not only for recruiters

This is another social networking site, which mainly focuses on business relations, but nothing prevents it from supporting positioning. How to use it? As in previous cases. Bet on keywords and link your company’s blog articles. Buy active Instagram Followers UK is also helpful for social media activity. Also here, complete your profile with the latest information. Build relationships and movement, and you’ll definitely notice the benefits, although their impact will not be confirmed by Google. It is worth noting that linking on LinkedIn has the do-follow attribute.

Support SEO activities with social media

Do you want to be in TOP positions? Synchronize your SEO activities with social media and you will promote the brand and achieve success. An adapted and complementary strategy is a fight on many fronts, bringing surprising results. It is better to work together than alone, right?

No matter what social media you choose, you can be sure that as long as you act wisely, you certainly won’t hurt yourself. And whether you decide on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube is your decision. Just try to match the channel to the client and the result will be amazing.

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