The 3 Secrets to “Wow!” Customer Service

Did you ever experience a terrible service when you had been to a restaurant? Have you come across one where the staffs were exceptionally rude to you, your meal took too long to come, and last, but not the least, your food tasted bad? Imagine a reverse situation where you found the staffs were welcoming and friendly and demonstrate their skills for customer service. As soon as you entered the restaurant, they made you feel at home. You may even forgive them if your food arrived late now. If it is about quality customer service, initial impressions matter a lot. After all, they can set the way you would interact with your service provider. When you are upfront and honest, and make it evident that you are willing to go that extra mile to solve your customer’s issues, you can keep them happy. The same principle is applicable to offering customer service for all services or products.

Many companies claim that they want their customers to enjoy the ultimate experience. However, only a few of them succeed in their endeavor. The reason for this is it is difficult to create a “wow” experience for their customers. Read on to know the 3 secret ingredients to create a “wow” service experience for your customers:

  1. Efficient fulfillment process

An example of this is customers who make online purchases have an expectation to get their products within the next day. In order to fulfill such an expectation, you should be extremely process-oriented. When you offer service, make sure you know what your customers expect from your offer, the gap between when the offer was signed and the delivery of the service. Thus, you can provide a service to your customers in a process-oriented manner.

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When you study this process, you can translate into a triangle of the promise made by you, what your customers expect and the product. Now, you can definitely become a great supplier or vendor for your suppliers.

  • Your promise should appeal to your customers, i.e. it should match their expectations
  • They should be clear about the process between your promise and delivery
  • Finally, the service or product delivered by you should meet the expectations of your customers

However, this is not all. There are some more steps required for creating that wow customer experience. Your next step should be to go beyond their expectations and do something, which is not expected by your customers. It is perhaps the most challenging component of your process. It is where you need to rely on your employees.

Plus, your employees and customer service representatives need to understand that they should be friendly and well-mannered to the customers when your promise is that you will deliver your item with a smile. Your employees must also realize that they should exit the customer’s premises in the same condition when they entered there. In case the delivery was not easy due to some reason, they may send a postcard and express their gratitude to the customer for their patience.

When your employees appear uninterested, grumpy, or rude to the customer and also leave their place messy, the promise you made to your customer becomes meaningless and they can complain against your people or about the service.

  1. Follow up with them when they do not expect it all
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When you include an element of surprise in your kitty, your customers can be wowed very easily, especially if you are a small business owner or an entrepreneur. When you include a personal touch in your service, it can actually do wonders in creating a long-term business association with your customers.

Simply pick up your phone and find out from your customers whether they are happy with the way your service or product is treating them simply out of courtesy. Querying will help you to detect at an initial stage whether they are facing any kind of problems that are required to be taken care by you. On the other hand, even if everything is perfect, your customers get the satisfaction that you care for them and are worried about them.

  1. Offer them more than their expectation

It can be in various forms including some sort of a free gift, applying a new discount, which was no there when they bought your product or access to a higher version of your product. After all, who does not like to feel pampered and believe that they are being offered something of an extra value? The exercise can be also rendered in the form of some extra customer service.

While excellent customer relationships work well, having a satisfied customer is not enough any longer. After all, customers offer you a chance to apply your talents to serve them. Thereafter, they transfer their money from the bank accounts to yours so that you can enjoy the financial leverage for meeting your business goals.  It is an everyday, simple interdependence between you and your customers to ensure professional accountability, personal prosperity, and business success.

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It is a highly competitive business world today and it is not enough to have your customers just satisfied.  It is only when you offer the WOW experience that they will become your loyal customers.

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