Best Free VPN for torrenting

Using the Top Free VPNs for Torrenting Anonymously

There are many factors to consider while choosing VPNs for torrenting. Here are some major things to consider while planning to do it for the first time.

  • Local jurisdiction – While outside US, it is important to consider the local jurisdiction about the usage of third-party VPN s. In China, for example, even VPN download and usage is banned.
  • Logging policy – You may always consider the VPNs which don’t collect any user logs.
  • Speed – Check if the VPN is fast enough for your online activities and to download larger files.
  • Torrenting Policy – Many VPNs may discourage Torrenting through their platform, so you need to check it before setting up one. For example, providers like HoxxVPN and HolaVPN ban torrenting and also penalize the users who try torrenting.

Torrenters can hide their online activity by using a good VPN and also get away from all the prying eyes of the ISP services. You also are putting an add-on layer of security against any cyber instruction to your privacy by using a VPN client.

To VPNs for anonymous torrenting

Here we will discuss about a few top options in free VPN for torrenting in 2019.

Mullvad VPN is a good option after Nord VPN and Express VPN for the BitTorrent users. It is a perfect anonymous experience to enjoy.  Mullvad is actually a Swedish company and it seems to be the only VPN now which collects no information about their clients at all, where many others are trying to gather an email address at the minimum.

It features custom configurable P2P port forwarding, which offers optimum privacy for torrenting. Perfect privacy will also keep our data anonymous and also will encrypt it. They also offer complete support to BitTorrent.

PrivateVPN is another good option for torrenting; however, there are a few problematic things in it. However, the adversities of this VPN have nothing to do with torrenting. While torrenting through PrivateVPN servers, the providers specifically recommends to use the Swedish servers.

Bypassing the geo-restriction with the use of free VPN for streaming

It is also possible to get around the geo-blocking at locations. Location errors and geo restrictions are quite common nowadays. With this you may not be able to stream your favorite movie or listen to music you like. Here are a couple of top options to consider in free vpn for streaming.


It is the top recommended option for the users from across the globe to consider. It offers a 30-day money back guarantee, which the users can avail as a free trial. Express VPN is capable of bypassing the geo restriction errors.


It is also a globally leading VPN client in terms of popularity, which offers Smart DNS Proxy services to bypass the geo-restrictions. Not only for torrenting, but you can avail NordVPN to ensure secure browsing also by safeguarding your privacy.

ISPs use your IP address to block the geo-restricted content. Using a good VPN, you can easily bypass this restriction and access any online content as you like.


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