Diagnostic tests

Diagnostic tests for your ED and purpose of the same

Patients suffering from any ailment whenever reaches the doctor, they are recommended with some tests and that frustrates them a lot. However, there are different practices regarding the same too that is really frustrating, but if you have an overall idea about the entire thing, then you will know that the tests that are recommended to you are justified or not. In case of erectile dysfunction too, when you reach your doctor, they will be recommending some of the tests that are meant for diagnosis. Now what those tests are and why they are recommended for you must have to clear to you, because a little bit of frustration in case of ED can be very much pain provider for your ED.

Keeping that in mind here is the idea about the tests that are recommended to you, before prescribing you Fildena 100 at best price and also know the reason for such recommendations –

Urine tests of several kinds

The first recommendation for you will be in the form of a urine test. However, there will not be one urine tests, but there will be three to four kinds of such tests. The tests will be to check the glucose content in your urine and also the nicotine content or any other anomalies in it. Now the question that is going on in your mind is why you are recommended such tests?

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Your ED is caused for different reasons and the tests are conducted by the doctor to identify that reason itself. The basic function that runs under the curtain in your body that is responsible for your ED is related to the blood circulation system. It is the excess blood that is felt at the penile duct of yours that is responsible for your erection and hence if the veins of your penis are congested with some sediments of glucose that comes from food habit or some sediments of sulphate that comes from your proneness to alcohol, then those will be the cause of your ED. With the tests, the doctor identifies the same and start his treatment in the likewise dimension.

Blood tests of several types

Among blood tests the first one will be regarding your cholesterol level and the second will be related to your nicotine level in the blood. These two are the things that can block your duct and the veins of your penis and as a result of the same, you will be facing nuisances in your erection. As the blood or the excess blood will be sourced to your penile duct, you will be finding the erection, but when the blood itself has the impurity in it, then the force of the blood will not be exercised at all on your duct and due to that you will not find the erection that you are looking for.

Your food habit again causes the blood to be filled with cholesterol level and that will eventually get stuck to the penile veins blocking the course of the blood flow. On the other end, your proneness to smoking or other tobacco items will be causing storage of nicotine on your blood and even on the inner walls of the penis. Hence, the blood tests and the urine test together will narrate the same thing to the doctor and while he gets that he will be recommending you to have Cenforce 100 at Reasonable price and also some other things.

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Among the other things, he can be restricting you to have alcohol and nicotine substances. If the cholesterol level or the glucose level are the influencing factors, then you can be recommended some regular exercises to reduce your fat level, some restrictions on your food to control the cholesterol and the glucose level and even at times you can be recommended with some sleeping pills so that the rest in you, as your body needs, can be restored to normalize the bodily functions.

ECG or heart-related tests

The third kind of test that you will be recommended is related to your heart. It is the heart that pumps the excess blood to the duct and if that is not working properly, then you will not have the erection at all. On the other hand, it can be so that you are having the erection but cannot keep up the augmentation for long hours or till the end of the intercourse. If such is the case, then you need to have the heart condition checked. If the heart pumps the blood initially but as the erection is provided, it stops pumping the excess blood, you will face such menaces.

The tests that will be related to your heart will be sorting those things and will be narrating the same to your doctor. As your doctor will be finding the report he will be taking care of the things and that will be the aid for him to recommend you the right treatment too.

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The scans of nerves

It can be so that the three tests that have been narrated before are conducted first and if the doctor is not satisfied with the report then he can even recommend you to go through some scans and test your nervous system. It is the brain of yours that sends the message to your heart for pumping the excess blood, but if the brain fails to send the same due to the failure of the interim nerves, then you will be facing the consequence in the same way. To ensure that you are not facing the issue in that way, he can allow you to go for some scans and he will be checking the report hence.

In all the four cases you can be recommended to have Vidalista 60 and Kamagra 100 at best price only if your heart is strong enough to withstand the effect of the drug. However, if none of the tests shows any result then the issue lays in your mind and in such cases, you will be recommended to a psychiatrist for the rest part of the treatment.

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