Merge Outlook PST Files Together

How to Combine Multiple Emails Into One In Outlook? | Simplified Method

Do you have multiple emails in your Outlook account? Want to merge multiple emails into one? If so, then you are on the right page. This article will inform you step by step process to merge multiple PST files into one. Here we will introduce the best PST Merge Software that helps to solve the query of how to combine multiple emails into one in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and other old editions. So let’s start the process.

Benefits of Merging Multiple PST Files into Single File

  1. Users can easily manage a single file while managing multiple PST files is a very difficult task.
  2. One PST file can be easily opened and closed while having multiple files hangs the Outlook application.
  3. A single Outlook PST file can easily be shared with someone and avoid sharing one by one file.
  4. If users have multiple Outlook accounts, it’s easier to merge Outlook .pst files into one .pst file to manage data in one.
  5. One PST file can easily be imported into an Outlook application, while multiple files cannot be imported in one time.

Solution – How to Combine Multiple Emails into One in Outlook

If you want the manual solution to merge multiple emails from different Outlook accounts into one, you can create a new PST file and import all Outlook data files into new PST. As we all know that Outlook gives permission to import only one PST file at a time, so importing multiple PST files in Outlook is a very tedious and time-consuming process. To simplify this task, we recommend to use SysTools PST Merge Software. This tool helps you to merge multiple PST files into one file without corrupting individual information. It is very easy to use and safe from the risk of viruses or malware.

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Steps to Merge Outlook PST Files Into A Single File

Here, we explain step by step process of how to combine multiple emails into one in Outlook. Follow all instructions below.

Step 1. Free Download PST Merge software and install it on your any Windows-based system

Free Download PST Merge Tool

Step 2. Add PST files in the software panel which you want to merge

Add PST Files

Step 3. In the Options section, select the option i.e. Join, Merge and Merge Contacts as per the need

Select Options

Step 4. From the Advance Options, check in “Split PST File size”, “Remove Duplicates” and “Exclude Deleted Items” box according to your requirement

Merge PST Files And Remove Duplicates

Step 5. Next, click the Browse button to select the location where you want to save your merged PST file

Select Desired Location

Step 6. In the end, hit the Merge PST Files button and analyze the live merging process.

Merge PST Files

The software will notify you after completing the task with the message “The PST files have been merged successfully”. Now, check the merged PST file from the selected destination.

Features of PST Merge Tool to Combine Multiple Emails into One in Outlook

The software comes with multiple advanced features so that every user can easily merge multiple PST files into one. Some of the best features are-

  • Three Options to Merge:- The tool offers three option, Join, Merge and Merge Contacts. Join option allows you to join PST files by creating a new folder for the merged PST file. Merge option helps you to merge similar folders into a single PST file. Merge Contacts option allows you to merge only contacts.
  • Supports All Types of PST Files:- With this software, you are able to combine password protected PST, Network Outlook Data File, Active Outlook File, and Archive PST files.
  • Supports Outlook All Editions:- The application supports to combine multiple emails into one in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and other old versions.
  • Remove Duplicates Option:- If you want to combine PST files without duplicates, then simply check in remove duplicates box. This option helps you to merge PST files and remove duplicates without data loss.
  • Split PST File Size:- You can use the Split PST option in order to reduce the size of PST file in MB or GB according to your choice.
  • Save Output at Desired Location:- The software gives the option to select the desired folder location to save the merged PST file. It allows you to easily check the output after the merging process.
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Final Words

It’s difficult to manage multiple Outlook data files. So, combining multiple PST files into a single file is the best option to store all your data in one place. Here, we learn the complete method of how to combine multiple emails into one in Outlook with the help of PST File Merge Software. To test the working of the tool, you can easily download the free version. The free version allows you to combine few PST files into a single one. In order to merge multiple Outlook PST files into one, easily purchase the tool from the website. I hope this article helps you to resolve all your questions.

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