Latest Free Apps for Android Phone

Now –a- days, in the market, there are available a huge number of Android phones and these smartphones are low cost. After buying their phones, people think about the best free android apps for their smartphones. In the Google play store, there are numerous apps of various types that you want such as gaming apps, social apps, educational apps, entertainment apps, music apps, online shopping apps, editing apps, video playing apps, payment apps, business apps, etc.

Best Free Android Apps:

Here we listed the best android apps your android phones that are very important for your daily life, you need those apps to complete your many works. And those apps are very important in our daily life:


Facebook was founded in February 2004 at Cambridge, the United States by Mark Zuckerberg along with his friends. Facebook is the number one social media site over the world. Billions of people use it for business purposes, for posting their daily updates, for knowing daily news feeds and updates. Here are many pages, groups that help us to learn various topics. In Facebook, you can post your picture, status, updates for your friends and also can see theirs. With the help of this social media, you can able to connect with the world.


YouTube is the most popular video player app and you can see many videos on online or offline, if you want to watch offline videos then you must download those videos. Here are billions of videos that kind of you want to watch in massive languages. It’s very popular over the world. The most essential a part of this app is you can earn money by making personal YouTube channel and then there posting genuine videos without copyright. In YouTube, there are many helpful videos that help us in our daily life like we can get cooking tips, dancing tips, singing tips, latest news, and motivational discussions, educational tips, etc.

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Google Chrome:

Google chrome is the communication social app developed by Google.  This app is very secure and private. Here you can search various types of questions and get an answer by Google, it is a cross-platform web browser. Through this app, you can use many apps. This app secures your personal data and privacy.


Over 260 million people in the world use swiftkey keyboard. It uses artificial intelligence that helps us tend to type. The autocorrect feature of swiftkey helps us to type faster. There are search gifts, imojies, a wide range of themes, bilingual folks make it an excellent keyboard for users.

MX Player:

MX player is the popular offline android media player, but now in the latest version of it, here you can able to watch online videos.  Here you can hear audio or music in very good sound quality. It is full of lots of features like editing of subtitle’s time frame, volume control gesture, fast forwarding volume, zooming in and out of a playing video, on-screen kid’s lock feature and other many more features have in it. Also, it is a free android app.


PicsArt is the best android photo editing apps and over 100 million people in the world download this favorite photo editing app for their android phone. Here you will be enjoyed by its wide range of features, you can customize beautifully of your photo. The most beautiful feature of it is you can share or post your edit picture through this app. The best feature of PicsArt is drawing on photos, collage, photo frames, stickers, free cropping, clone tool, perspective changer tool, tilt-shift and more on.

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Amazon Shopping:

You can shop from your home without visiting any shopping mall or any shops, through the online Amazon shopping app from almost any device and you can manage your Amazon account information. Through this app, you can purchase games, music, movies, apps, books, dresses, all needed daily materials, etc.


If you have a facebook account then you able to use the messenger app. it is a very popular Android app and it helps to connect the people. Here you can text your facebook friend, can call, can make a video call, you can send images, voices, videos and update your status, now in messenger you can able to play with your friend like ludo game and also other games.


Whatsapp is the most popular communication app in those days than any other apps and it is very secure apps. No one can able to hack your Whatsapp id because of, in one number you can use only one whats app id in one device and when you want to open the same WhatsApp id from the same number then it asks from you the confirmation code to open it. We do not use the same WhatsApp id from two or more other devices like Facebook or Instagram. Here you can share pictures, videos, status, audio, etc with your friends. You can voice calls, video calls can text each other.

Above all are the free latest apps for android phones, that you can enjoy downloading these apps.

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