5 Significant Rummy Card Game Life Lessons

How do most people acquire lessons of life? Some dig into the biographies of distinguished people who reached the zenith of success, others pore over the works of great intellectuals, and yet others grasp precious and unforgettable lessons from the harsh incidents in their own life. However, an interesting way to assimilate wisdom is by playing games. Games have been known as a uniting medium among people and even nations, but what we sometimes tend to forget is that they can be excellent sources of life lessons, even if it is a game so exciting and uncomplicated as Online Rummy!

5 significant life lessons that the rummy card game fosters in us:

1. Stay Poised in Challenging Situations

Sports and game have always been about maintaining equanimity under pressure, especially when you invest money into a game. Whenever it so happens that rummy players encounter a situation where high stakes are involved, and the path to victory seems distant, they are supposed to stay calm. In real life too, we come face-to-face with circumstances that demand us to be patient, and toil hard to accomplish the goals we have been aiming at. The rummy game teaches us to be bold and patient in tough situations.

2. Survival of the Fittest

While playing the rummy game of cards, not always will you get the cards of your choice. Nonetheless, the game must go on, no matter what cards you hold. However, the choice you have is that of picking a card from either the open deck or the closed deck, and scrutinizing your options. Likewise, we must always bear in mind that circumstances might not always favour us, yet we can change the course of our life by moulding ourselves according to the conditions. Can’t change the situation? Change your attitude – put your best foot forward!

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3. Contemplate Before You Act

When you are dealt your 13 cards, it is of paramount importance to plan your moves. Rack your brains, and decide what all combinations of sequences and/or sets you can strive for, in order to win the game. To speculate your ultimate move, ponder over things carefully. It will aid you in prioritizing the cards that can prove instrumental in your triumph; discard the ones that are worthless for your game. What about life? Look before you leap, and think before you take a decision. Analyse the actions and their possible consequences in your mind before you proceed with them.

4. Be Observant

When you engage in rummy, two aspects are particularly vital. The first one is having rummy rules on your fingertips, and the second one is keeping a close watch on your rival players. Notice what cards they are picking and discarding. If you want to win, you must reduce your points to zero, by coming up with pertinent melds before everybody else. For this, you need to stay alert, and watch the cards of your adversaries, to guess which cards they might require, so that you don’t inadvertently dump them. If you want to be a winner in the game of life, you must keep your ears to the ground, and stay vigilant about what’s treading around, and what your competitors are up to.

5. Leaving Go of Things

When you are amidst an intense session of rummy online, sometimes you reach a point, where playing further, could prove precarious. The wise truth is that even if your rival player is winning, it would be good for you to reduce the margin and points by which you lose. Play safe by getting rid of the high-value cards you hold. Additionally, if your winning prospects appear really bleak, you can do better by quitting the game. Rummy instils in you a lesson to unburden yourself, leave go of things that do not add value to your life, and heave a sigh of relief!

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Life or Rummy Online – Play It Well!

In the words of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru – “Life is like a game of cards. The hand you are dealt is determinism; the way you play it is free will.” Online Rummy is the modern avatar of traditional Indian card game of rummy, and is loaded with not only mind-boggling recreation but also ample cash-winning opportunities, and precious life-lessons. Play the thrilling card-melding game for a few minutes every day, and grasp the essence of life. Be a winner all the way!

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