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Virtual Reality An Actual Reality, Not Just A Gimmick

Yes, the times they have changed. What we used to rely on our imaginations for is now home to endless possibilities. All aspects of our lives can be or have been affected by Virtual Reality.

Virtual reality is not just for gaming anymore. Today, we are able to see the benefits of virtual reality in most areas. Medically, education, marketing, and even travel are more than possible without leaving the comfort of the room you are in. These areas have created benefits never thought possible until recently. Thanks to app development companies and the techies who create and design these apps, children have the chance to enjoy education; there is less risk involved in surgical procedures, and people can choose to time travel. We have the ability to visit locations we never thought we could, whether due to finances, debilitating conditions or just that those places no longer exist.

The app development companies who design and constantly improve the app that allows for virtual reality, have given the world new chances, new possibilities. Our imaginations are freer, our abilities will only gain and improve over time.

This technology will allow the paralyzed to be able to walk, autistic to learn and be able to handle their autism, and veterans the ability to learn to deal with the PTSD that they suffer from.

The virtual reality is a technology that creates environments simulating the real world or the fantasy world. This gives the user an immersive experience. Most people think of virtual reality only in the sense of gaming. However, there is much, much more to virtual reality designed by app development companies. Let’s check out a few of the current benefits of virtual reality.

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In terms of the medical field, surgeons are able to perform a virtual procedure so that they become aware of any possible high risk situations. This prepares them and enables them to plan for such circumstances. A wonderful example out of Minneapolis and the Masonic Children’s Hospital, a few years back.

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A pair of conjoined twins were born and surgeons took a walk “inside” the tiny bodies thanks to the high resolution scans that were done. They walked through and located where the highest risk areas were. After this walk, they were able to confer and decide how to maneuver and safely separate the twins. Without app development companies and virtual reality, this would not have been possible.

In Medical Universities, and even hospitals with well seasoned surgeons, using virtual reality can enable the surgeon to refresh their abilities or learn new techniques without endangering or putting a patient at risk.

Virtual reality is also being used to help veterans suffering from PTSD. With this form of controlled therapy, the veteran is able to deal with the traumatic experiences little by little, helping to abate the disability, to a certain extent. The virtual reality therapy was just as effective as the therapy and drug combination.

A study that was performed at Cedars Sinai Hospital was able to reduce chronic pain up to 25% in over half the patients that participated in the study.


The medical field is not the only field that can benefit from the virtual reality created by app development companies all over the world.

Schools, from preschool all the way to Universities could benefit by including virtual reality into their daily lives of students. The benefits in education are basically endless. There are many reasons for this, but I will only list five for now.

Virtual Reality will make education fun again.

Memories can be made through Virtual reality and travel. Places such as the Pyramids, ancient times, the Titanic, or even Niagara Falls can be visited and learned about in whole new aspects. Most people will never have the chance to visit these locations and learn from them.

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Virtual reality changes all students from passive participants to active learners.

Virtual reality is ending any learning gaps. When a student feels accomplished, they choose to learn more and seek out ways to further give themselves the learning experience.

Virtual reality, thanks to the app developers, has given us the ability to increase our curiosity and creativity. The learning power is given to the student who is able to make decisions or change the methods of their learning while in a virtual world. This leads to critical thinking which means more retention of lessons learned.


In the marketing fields, app development companies and virtual reality have enabled consumers and marketing professionals to have a higher sensory impact. This virtual reality heightens the emotional responses to a product or brand. Virtual reality allows us to be part of a story, not just an observant to the story. In enables the brand to gain 100% of the attention of the user. Consumers not only see the product or brand, but they can also feel it and think about how it can change their behavior towards said product or brand.

Virtual reality is able to give experience to users that would never have that opportunity with the aid of virtual reality. The user can travel to the past and learn about ancient ruins, kings and queens, or even see the titanic wreckage. The user can also travel to the future and see how life is possible, what changes there will be.

App development companies have increased our awareness of so much technology thus far, and it seems that it is only be the beginning. These app development companies who have given us this ability will only continue to show how much we have to learn.

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