Color Psychology In Animation

The Color Psychology In Animation

Colors are the powerful communication tool in animation which persuades the human mind and automatically delivers the message your animation wants to share. This is the time where you have to take a wise step to implement this potential. Even though there are no such reliable researches which that specifically said about any particular color that it impacts or provoke the human mind or triggers the emotions or the mood. Many of the studies which are focused on marketing come up with the conclusion that colors encourage the conversions. The main reason or you can say the key message about color is that it shouldn’t be taken as the emotional trigger in themselves, it should be taken as the partner of the brand whether they fit with their brand appearance or not.

The context of colors:

It is understood that red is the color of exciter met, but it can also provoke the intentions and the feeling of pure hatred and anger towards love. Basically, the phenomenon of the colors depends on the eyes of the beholder or depends on the characteristics of the person culture, ritual or tradition. Take the example of a Chinese: if a Chinese man or woman see a red color they will take it as the symbol of luck and blessing, while for the other it may be a sign of socialist values.

The animation companies choose the animated characters to form in any color, but even if they are choosing a color for the alien character they have to make the color decision wisely. Most of the people will consider the blue color to the Smurfs and the Jennie from the movie Aladdin, or if you give that color to your silly characters then there is a possibility that the Hindu community can get offended, as the color of their god is blue. These are some of the examples of color context psychology. Many of the communities, religions, cultures are present to which you can never take the hint of getting offended or mesmerized. This is because there are so many diverse communities, religions and culture are present who have their own values, rituals, and ethics which they follow solemnly. You have to select the color according to the nature of your audience.

There is a lot of thinking you have to do to be ready for it!

The animation companies have to look before selecting the color in their palette, about the political, emotional, religious, and cultural associations which are bound with colors. As for the additional support to deliver your message more efficiently select your color according to your surroundings nature this will help you to avoid making any cultural blunders.

Distinction from your competitors:

Whenever you are considering the relationship of the color selection of your product and the emotional impact that triggers, you have to look on the other side as well look at the context of your market that what color your competitors are selecting. You have to showcase your brand in a unique way, which possess its own values and identity in order to make a different appearance from your competitors in the market. A set of unique color contrast can be a breakthrough for your brand promotion and a make memorable impact on the mind of your targeted potential audience. To increase the efficiency of your brand you have to make a wise choice on the color palette of your brand.

The deeper understanding of colors:

It is understood that color does not possess the ability to mold or twist the aspects of the animations character, brand or message. But there are greater messaging patterns present for the consideration. It is proven by research that color plays a vital role in purchase and brand promotion. The very obvious initial step to ensure your animation uses the colors that fit with your brand logo. Make the right choice of color for the selection of the face of your brand this will help you to secure the attention of your target market.


The psychology of colors in animation is intense. People usually neglect the psychology of colors before selecting them for their animation. But discussed situations are the basic psychological traits which play a great role in the animation world.

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