how to hold a guitar pick

How to Hold a Guitar Pick Properly? | Tutorial for Beginners

Holding the pick is (clearly) essential expertise you have to master so as to learn how to play guitar. However, many players invest practically no energy at all on analyzing how they grasp the pick.

The poor system can hurt you as you play faster and progressively complex bits of music. To establish appropriate habits early and keep your muscle memory from securing you in poor pick holding techniques, you have to learn how to hold a guitar pick properly at the start.

Is There a Proper Way to Hold a Guitar Pick?

Before examining various ways to hold a guitar pick, we ought to talk about a typical debate among guitar players: is there one legitimate way to hold a guitar pick?

The presence of this one “right” strategy is a topic of heated conversation — if there’s one “right” way to hold the pick, does that mean players who like to hold it any other way have a system lack? How does the “right way” idea account for famous players who hold their picks in unconventional ways?

And while the facts demonstrate that a majority of players hold their guitar pick in a similar manner, there are many various ways to hold a pick that takes a shot at a technical level. Emphasizing one way over others can cause some more youthful players to battle, and may initiate them to stop playing the guitar totally.

Proper Way to Hold a Guitar Pick

Solace is another key factor in a legitimate pick holding system. Certain guitar players just feel progressively comfortable when holding the pick a certain way. Regardless of whether that particular strategy is the traditional way to hold a pick, the fact remains that players who feel increasingly comfortable with their system can slacken their picking arm and wrist and may have the option to play faster and more accurately than something else. Don’t forget to check out the Best Electric Guitars For Beginners.

Considering the variations in guitar players’ styles, the idea of a one-size-fits-all approach to holding a guitar pick appears to be rather confused. Notwithstanding the acceptance of various distinctive pick procedures, however, many online sources indicate an alternate story. It’s easy for learner players to feel intimidated and battle to hold a pick in an unnatural fashion; after some time, that hit to their confidence can lead players to drop the instrument altogether.

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The answer to this dilemma, many teachers and players recommend, is concentrating on the consequences of the procedure rather than the movement itself. Instead of reflexively banning any one strategy for holding a pick, take a gander at the outcomes and the individual guitarist’s method all through their hand, wrist, and forearm. It’s workable for two inconceivably gifted guitarists to hold their picks uniquely in contrast to each other — and each play with identical speed, structure, and phrasing without damaging their joints.

It’s important to note here that this doesn’t mean each way of holding a pick is right. You should work to call attention to and address flaws in your method any place they arise; this reaches out to how you hold the pick. On the off chance that you find that your picking hand is easing back you down when you attempt to play certain pieces, take a critical see how you’re holding the pick and check whether you could improve your style.

How to Hold a Pick

So, in case you’re battling to discover any strategy for holding a pick that feels natural, you may as well select one that encourages great method. Here are a couple of the most widely recognized ways to hold a pick.hold a guitar pick

Thumb and forefinger

Holding the pick between your thumb and forefinger is by a long shot the most popular technique. It is the “traditional” way to hold a pick; you’ll see players from jazz to hard shake strumming with this system.

Despite the fact that this may appear to be plain as day, holding the pick between your thumb and forefinger requires something other than grabbing the plastic and playing. To begin with, twist your forefinger so the tip of your nail focuses back towards the knuckle where your finger associates with your palm.

At that point, lay your thumb against the side of your forefinger. The nail of your thumb ought to point pretty much straight forward, and it should lay on the second digit of your pointer (the digit running vertically with your finger nestled into this).

Pick Holding Thumb and forefinger

Place the pick between your two fingers with the tip facing straight downwards. You can vary the style however a lot or little you’d prefer to, yet classically the pick sits at a correct angle to the horizontal parts of your pointer.

That’s the most widely recognized technique for holding a guitar pick, upheld by teachers and professionals all through the guitar universe. In case you don’t know which pick-holding strategy you ought to go for, this ought to be the first you attempt.

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In spite of the fact that it’s not staggeringly instinctive, it’s easy to pick up and allows you great finesse with your picking hand. Keeping the pick anchored between two stationary fingers also helps make sure your notes ring for all to hear and clear, with a lot of sustain.

When picking with this technique, turn your wrist to alternate pick rather than utilizing the motors in your fingers. It’s certainly enticing to simply utilize your fingers to play the guitar part — yet holding onto the pick properly and laying the foundation for strong aptitudes later in life will pay off in spades.technique

It’s also necessary to make reference to that holding your guitar pick between your thumb and pointer doesn’t mean that you should hold the pick with your two fingers broadened further. Of course, some famous guitarists do play thusly. In the event that holding the pick with stretched out fingers falls into place without a hitch for you and you just can’t appear to pick up the other procedure, stay with it.

You’ll be fine to play thusly except if it turns into an issue for your speed and accuracy while you practice.

Thumb and center finger

In spite of the fact that utilizing the thumb and forefinger is increasingly popular, different guitarists want to hold their guitar pick with the thumb and center finger. In spite of the fact that it may appear to be strange, this strategy has some solid advantages over utilizing your pointer; in the event that it feels generally natural, this is another flawlessly valid way to hold the pick.

Not at all like with the thumb and forefinger procedure, you can’t twist your center finger up and press your thumb against it to hold the pick. To leave space for your forefinger in the middle of, most players who utilize their center finger keep it somewhat increasingly broadened while they play.

This method can be useful for certain styles of music — simply ask Eddie Van Halen, who has always held the pick between his thumb and center finger.hold guitar pick with Thumb and center finger

Advocates say that this system keeps your fingers free, which allows for greater opportunity when playing and enables you to master passages at faster speeds than you may have the option to with other picking strategies.

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Keeping your forefinger free also allows you to utilize it to play different notes. Van Halen, in fact, utilized his forefinger to tap because he wasn’t utilizing it to pick. Regardless of whether you’re not into tapping, it’s easy to use as a foil to your flat pick for crossover picking practices and melodic contrast.

Tips for Holding a Pick

Regardless of which style you use to hold your pick, you should remember a couple of baseline tips.

First and most importantly, the way you hold the pick isn’t nearly as important as the way you hold your picking arm — while changing the way you pick may appear to be a magic fix, usually, it’s simply the guitar equivalent of a band-aid to conceal a more profound technical flaw.

That also means regardless of how you hold a pick, you have to pay attention to any strain in your wrist, arm, and elbow. Playing through this kind of inconvenience can cause dreary pressure wounds and shield you from playing guitar at for hold guitar pick

In the event that you watch live recordings of the greatest guitarists of all time, they all look and feel especially free when in front of an audience. Emulate that aspect in your picking hand strategy. Regardless of how splendidly you hold the pick, you won’t have the option to conquer pain and pressure caused by poor playing procedure here and there your arm.

Also, hold the pick with just a single other fingers, other than your thumb, as frequently as conceivable. Keeping numerous fingers on the pick at one time can keep you from moving the pick smoothly and easily across different strings. While it may be enticing, utilizing different fingers to brace the pick can hold you back as your guitar abilities improve.

Lastly, you should keep the remainder of your fingers in line as you strum. Try not to let the fingers you’re not utilizing to hold the pick float off and end up accidentally quieting different strings.


Holding the pick is a fundamental procedure for any guitar player. While there’s no “single direction” to hold a pick — and many legendary guitarists are known for their zany picking strategies — building up a legitimate approach here will create a solid foundation for your playing down the line.

In case you don’t know how to hold the pick, aim to hold it between your thumb and pointer as talked about above; if your center finger feels progressively natural, you can attempt that as well.