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3 Technical SEO Mistakes That Can Drastically Reduce the Rankings of E-commerce Sites

E-commerce sites offer hundreds to thousands of products either to the local customers or all across the globe. While millions of people have access to such sites, each of the site owners always tries to focus on certain strategies that will bring them in the spotlight and thus, they can get noticed by their potential customers. It takes lots of efforts and investments to make such changes and get their sites ranked.

And one such thing is technical SEO. It is considered to be the foundation of your website. As a house falls down without having a strong foundation, so is with a website. Technical SEO refers to the site and server optimizations, which help search engine spiders to crawl, as well as index your website more effectively. You can hire an Australian SEO company to help you with this. However, before that look at the technical SEO mistakes that can affect the rankings of your E-commerce site.

  1. Your website does not use SSL (HTTPS)

SSL is the short form of “secure sockets layer”. Simply by looking at a site, you can say whether it uses SSL or not. If the URL has “https”, then it is secure, however, if it is “http”, then it lacks the extra layer of security. And it can affect your search rankings drastically. Popular search engine like Google uses https as a ranking factor, so it is crucial to implement SSL on your site and make it secure. To do this, first, you need to buy this certificate from a provider and install the certificate on your server. It will secure your site and helps to improve rankings.

  1. Not optimizing your site speed

Another crucial mistake in technical SEO is lower site speed. When one of your customers is looking for a product on your e-commerce site and it takes too long time to open, he or she would like to press the “back” button and leave the site. When too many customers will leave your site without viewing and staying on the page that they were in search of, there would be a boost in the bounce rate that is not a good sign for SEO. If your website is taking 3 seconds then it is okay. However, it is taking more than that then you have to work on for lowering the loading speed. Optimising your CSS, as well as image sizes, and enabling compression and caching of browsers can help you with this.

  1. Your site is not mobile-friendly

If your e-commerce website is not responsive or mobile-friendly, then you are losing a good number of your potential customers and contributing to the increased sale of your competitors. Nowadays, more than 50% of users use mobile devices when they order something online. In case your site is not responsive one, then you are certainly going to miss huge online traffic. Optimising your website for mobile devices is a key part of technical SEO. Therefore, you should never ever ignore this.

If there is a drastic fall in the rankings then analysis the issues of your website through an SEO audit. And if you find any one or more of the mentioned issues, then without waiting any more opt for the best SEO company Sydney and let them optimize your website and thus, keep it technically perfect.

Author Bio: Arthur Harish, a blogger on digital marketing and Australian SEO company, here writes on a few technical SEO mistakes that you need to fix immediately with the best SEO company Sydney.

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