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How to Resolve QuickBooks Error H202

QuickBooks h202 error is said to be a common multi-user that occurs when you are attempting to operate on a company file that is located on a different system. The server may not be available, and this is why QuickBooks Error H202  is occurring. When the user opens the QuickBooks file in multi-user mode you will receive the following message QuickBooks error code h202 as,

“The company file is located on another system and this copy of QuickBooks can’t reach the server on that system” (H202)

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error H202

  1. Incorrect format of Configuration hosting.
  2. Improper setting of QuickBooks firewall ports
  3. Damaged or incorrect .nd file.
  4. Due to using different IP address unable to acquire the IP address of the host system


Step 1: Usage of QuickBooks File Doctor

These steps immediately solve the H series and multi-user errors. If QuickBooks error is still present follow the upcoming steps.


Step 2: Verify hosting

  • Open QuickBooks on every system and click on the file and select Utilities.
  • If you find Host Multi-user access on the list then it’s that this computer isn’t hosting the file. Now move to the next computer, do not make changes in your system.
  • If you found Stop hosting multi-user Access then click on it.
  • Continue the first 3 steps on each computer.


Step 3: Verify QuickBooks services

  • Check that the QuickBooksDBXX and QBCFMonitor Service are started.
  • Click or select on Windows start button.
  • Hold on the Windows key + press R
  • In the run box, enter MSC and press Enter
  • Scroll down and look for QuickBooksDBXX service in the Service window.


If you do not see QuickBooksDBXX service


By using QuickBooks Database server manager, check that the Database Server Manager is installed on the server

  • Attempt to run the whole program on the server and ensure that the hosting is enabled
  • Double-clicking QuickBooksDBXX service in orde4r to verify that it is set to
  • Then, click on the recovery tab.
  • Select restart the Service which restarts QuickBooksDB service. Perform the same for Subsequent failures.
  • Save the changes.
  • Repeat the above steps for QBCFMonitor Service.


Step 4: Configuring Firewall

Verify and provide a connection with Windows Firewall Settings

  • Right-click the Outbound Rules and click on New Rules
  • Select ports and choose Next
  • Click on TCP and choose Next
  • Select permit the connection and click Next
  • Type as QuickBooks ports in the field and select finish


Step 5: Edit Windows hosts file to insert the server into the windows host file.


Step 6: Create a  new folder for the company file


  • Construct a new folder on the hosting system
  • Now, share this folder
  • Make a copy of QuickBooks Company File to the new folder


So these above-mentioned procedures will definitely help you to fix QuickBooks error code h202. The users need to undergo all steps one by one to find the right solution. In case, you require any help please contact our QuickBooks Support and QuickBooks Helpline Number.

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