Cloud Hosting Vs Shared Web Hosting: What’s the Difference?

Cloud Hosting Vs Shared Web Hosting: What’s the Difference?

If you are thinking of getting the services of web hosting for your website then, you need to check different features and services of hosting company according to your website’s requirements. There are different types of web host plans offered by the best website hosting companies. You need to select the hosting plan that is compatible with your website, and that can work properly for your site in the future.

Hosting plans are mostly divided into two distinctions that are cloud hosting and shared web hosting service. These hosting plans look similar to the users, but these are differentiated on the basis of services provided by the hosting companies that can also affect the functionality and performance of your website. This article is going to describe the differences between the shared and cloud web hosting services and which one would be preferred for you.


The differences between the cloud and shared web hosting services exist by how data of your website is organized on the servers.

In shared web hosting, the hosting companies share the data of different websites on a single physical storage medium that is usually called server. Different websites share the only server to share data, and that is why it is called a shared web hosting service. In this hosting plan, multiple users split a single server and share the bandwidth with each other. It is usually inexpensive as compared to other hosting services.

In addition, the cloud web hosting service is about sharing of data of a single user on different servers. You can use the resources from multiple servers instead of using a single server for your website. It is easier to be secure and safe while getting the hosting services from hosting companies while shared hosting is less protected than cloud hosting. Due to the dynamic behaviour of cloud hosting, it can perform better than the shared hosting services.

Advantages & Drawbacks of Shared Hosting

Slow to respond — As it shares the resources among different users so, its response may be more reluctant to each user in case of different users asking for same resources.

Server Down — One server caters different websites, and in case, the server cannot handle the multiple requests from the various users then, it may cause crash or downtime. It will make your website to be in trouble for a while.

Security Issues — Different users use the same server so, it can be a security risk for your website, and someone can harm your site by passing through the server.

Inexpensive — The shared hosting is reasonable for the customers, and anyone can afford these services easily due to shared resources for the users.

Advantages & Drawbacks of Cloud Hosting

Expensive — First of all, the cloud hosting services are expensive for the customers as compared to other hosting services.

Storage Space — Immense storage space is provided by hosting companies to the users who use the cloud hosting services.

Faster Page Load — The page load time increases because the data is shared on different servers and it increases the speed of the website. Different servers contribute to a single site.

Recover Lost Data — You can recover the lost data using the Recovery mechanism tool on the cloud hosting.

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