Cloud Computing Trade Shows and Conferences to Explore in 2019

Cloud computing is evolving day-by-day in the technical market. People are getting more used to it. From functioning to proliferation in future benefits, cloud computing has taken it all down. According to last year’s ratio, 60% of companies were using cloud computing technology in their tradeshows and conferences to drive innovation.

Well, it’s difficult to keep up with the cloud computing trends going on but in order to generate the quick outcome, you must shift to cloud computing if you haven’t. Let’s have a look at the upcoming cloud computing conferences in 2019;


(DEC 2 to 6 – 2019, Las Vegas, Nevada)

Re:Invent is a known cloud computing conference which is held every year by Amazon as it has invested a good amount of money and time constructing it. The conference majorly focuses on training sessions, conferences, seminars and provide opportunities to the willing ones to learn more about the cloud computing services.

This conference was designed with the aim of providing people the right opportunity towards their career. It includes cloud experts, IT professionals, admins, and designers.


(NOV 18 to 21 – 2019, San Diego, California)

This KubeCon + CloudNativeCon computing conference is held for 4 days which is basically for IT professionals, end-users, IT professionals and other people who are interested in learning more about cloud native.

It is a platform where all technologists gather from all around the world in order to learn more about kubernetes and more cloud-native technology. Beyond all the key factors and points this conference is a good source for the ones who initiated with their career in the technical field and wish to develop their skills. They provide breakout sessions and shows methods to learn more about cloud tech.


(NOV 4 to 8 – 2019, Orlando, Florida)

It is a quite large conference that takes up to 100 workshops and 700 exclusive sessions in a 5-day conference. As Microsoft this year declared farewell to the password era which concludes that there might be some possibility of a little sneak peek about the invention in this year’s conference.t

You can even get a chance to meet the whole team behind all the efforts of making small hardware tools to the software you run to learn their skills. The conference will include IT professionals and data experts. Also, you can have insights into how the developers work and get a chance to look through the new innovations and cloud computing technology.


(JUN 24 to 26 – 2019, Santa Clara, California)

IT managers and directors, enterprise developers and corporate management highly participate in this conference or expo. It runs for 3 days and includes over 200 keynotes, sessions, and hands-on tutorials. This event is globally known to bring out the best outcomes in digital transformation. Over 2000 companies participate in this event by generating 40 trillion US dollars of revenue. Cloud Expo event has the largest of track record up to 10 years.

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