Block Chain And Artificial Intelligence Are The Buzzword In SEO 2019

Both modern SEO purposes and trends have changed over the years in keeping with the demands of Google and other search engines. Since early 2018, Google has been demanding and recommending specific changes to be made in the web pages and sites. It has since then recommended using:

  • More secured website address and protocols
  • More updated page speed reports
  • More emphasis on the intent of a search engine query and
  • A strong signal.

To make such much needed improvements that Google has recommended the use of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence or AI have both become the buzzword has become the buzzword this year.

Both these features have been especially helpful in many industries including the following:

The blockchain technology typically uses an industry specific distributed ledger to fundamentally change how data is to be tracked online. This enables in a more secure and transparent transaction that is literally impossible to change.

The significance of blockchain technology

This technology is used by almost all major websites of different companies and reviews channels such as for providing better user experience and search results. This shift has not only helped in SEO but has also given people an opportunity to exercise more control over their data.

In addition to the above, this technology has also provided companies with several new ways in which they can use their data. Several webmasters are now exploring ways in which they can integrate blockchain into websites and also possibly use it to validate backlinks.

However, it is undecided as of now as to what the precise effect of blockchain will be on SEO but with several experiments taking place currently, you can expect to see some of the results of it in 2019.

Different use cases

A potential use case for blockchain technology in SEO is using it to ensure high quality traffic. This will eventually boost the SEO as marketers now will be able to set up their advertising campaigns on the blockchain. This will result in a better drive of the traffic back to the landing pages. It will also guarantee the authenticity of such SEO traffic.

Moreover, blockchain can be integrated into the search engine ranking algorithm. This will enable you to deal with those sites that use black-hat SEO more competently.

As far as artificial intelligence is concerned, more and more businesses are looking for ways to employ it. The use of AI by Google now also promises some very interesting changes in the coming months.

In fact, AI is the groundwork of everything that Google does. You will find that Google implements machine learning in Gmail, creating human sounding robotic voices, gathering news headlines, and many other different things.

To sum it up

To conclude, AI and blockchain will dominate this year as mobile search is increasing and videos are more liked and dominating. It will surely affect SEO which is why you should consider these in the new year to maintain the pace of change.


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