Which power bank is best for MacBook or laptop

Which Power Bank is Best for MacBook or Laptop?

Guess what is the troublesome task is when you need a power bank for your laptop but you can’t trust any because it might hurt your baby laptop. Isn’t it? I myself have gone through so many in the past few years and comes across five to six power banks which I brought home but unfortunately got disappointed in one way or another.

The most frequent problem that occurs is the draining battery of the portable charger itself. When you charge it fully and tuck it in your bag, ready for the journey, regardless of the full charge I have found less than full which is unable to give the second boost to your laptop in case if needed.

Other than this, the given multiple jacks stop working and remain unresponsive when you connect my device for the charge after ten to twelve charge continuously. However, I have to remain on a single port instead of utilizing multiple given ports, whereas, the last and only become unresponsive as well after a particular time period, hence end up dead in my drawer.

Apart from these problems, there are other factors as well which will either limit your privilege to charge your device or completely pause it unless you contact the firm or customer care replace it or repair it.

Now coming back to the question that I have placed is “which power bank is best for mac or laptop?” in the past few years as I have told you I have experienced so many brands I could name but the matter of discussion is if they were too good then I wouldn’t be here to tell you my sad story. Nevertheless, there are some renowned companies that provide you a trustworthy and worth the cost they are taking against their power bank, now I have bought and interestingly they are serving the purpose greatly for myself and my family and friends.

One of the famous and my favorite brand is Anker. Anker is a Chinese electronic company produces; USB-C, portable chargers of 20,000mah or more than this battery pack most suitable for laptops, tablets and smartphones, car chargers, wall chargers, wireless chargers, power cables, USB cables, lightning cables and many more.

In the family of Anker, I own Anker Powercore 26800mah with an extremely powerful cable that delivers 30W by which I charge my MacBook Air. further, it charges iPad Pro, iPhone XS Max, X, 8 as well as Nexus 5X and 6P and you can charge your laptop by using type-c USB.

The second best choice of a perfect power bank to boost your laptop when you run out of battery is RavPower. Ravpower manufactures so many amazing and innovative electronics one of which is the Ravpower 20100mah power bank with its calendar body like physique it sere you quite amazingly after Anker. A perfect compatible travel power bank with 65W to charge your MacBook, laptops, drone, Bluetooth speakers, GPS devices, iPhones, tablets etc.

These two brands I have experienced and I am pretty much satisfied with their performance as compared to the others. Instead of throwing your precious money on so many power banks after one and other, give a try to these two, although there are more options in these regarding the battery packs and size of the portable chargers, you can pick according to your need and requirements of charging the devices you need backup all the time.

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