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What is QuickBooks Error 6073 | Causes and Solutions

QuickBooks can be defined as an accounting software package that is mainly used for small and medium-sized businesses and offer accounting applications and also used for the cloud version. If you wish to get QuickBooks support & consultation, you should talk to an Intuit certified ProAdvisor like Wizxpert.

Quickbooks is an accounting solution specifically designed for small businesses. The QuickBooks Enterprise 2018 version is full of the most advanced features. This the reason why it is getting more and more famous these days.
Due to the extensive usage of QuickBooks, the software sometimes shows up errors. None of the errors is worrisome and can be resolved within a few minutes.
This blog is all about acquainting users with several ways in which they can deal with QuickBooks error 6073.
Due to this error users are not able to open the company files. To solve this error you can follow the steps mentioned below or contact Wizpert in order to get instant help for your issues.

Causes of QuickBooks Error code 6073 are-

This error shows as QuickBooks is not able to open the company file. There are so many possible reasons behind this error. We are giving some of the most common reasons:
The file you are trying to open is already open on another computer by someone else in single user mode.
The company file you want to have access to is located in the read-only mode or network folder.
The desired files are hosted in Unix or Linux computer and you are using more than one set of credentials in order to log in to the access of your company files.
The company file has been opened with the utilization of remote application software. Hence, your pc concludes that you are already logged in on some other device.

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How to resolve Error Code 6073

You need to know the exact reason behind this error in order to solve it. As it is generally different in every case.
Sometimes, users have to switch to the multi-user mode from the single user mode and sometimes it is compulsory for the server admin to end the all opened QuickBooks session.
1.If your company file is already opened by another user follow the given steps-
First of all, close the QuickBooks software application in each and every computer of your company.
Try to open the company file using the host computer.
Go to the file menu and select the multi-user mode.
If you are still facing the issue, Reboot the computer.
You can also follow these steps to solve it.
Select the close company from the file menu.
To restore, re-open the company file. Go to the file menu then choose open or restore the company.
Click Next.
Use multi-user mode to open the file.
2. If your file is in read-only mode, then follow the given step.
Try and use the computer that is hosting your company file.
Choose the folder where your company file is saved.
Right-click on this folder.
Select the properties and security tab.
Select the user having a login issue, click on edit.
Select the allow option.
Click Apply to save.
3. If you are trying to get access to the computer using any other software then follow the given steps:
Go to the Task Manager from the bar and select it.
Go to the process option tab, here you will find if there is any running process related to the username…
Restart your system to apply changes.
4. Use of other software to solve the error.
QuickBooks error 6073 can also be resolved using QuickBooks file doctor. this software is launched in 2012 by intuit that automatically detects the error and troubleshoot them from the company file.
Remark: Always assure that you are downloading QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool from the trusted site only. Or else, you can also use a built-in file doctor as well. This software works only for the United Kingdom and the United States version of QuickBooks.
5. Use QuickBooks file doctor in the when-
When the software shows H101 or H303 error code.
When you can’t get access to the file and the error message is showing on your screen.
When you have blank or missing customer and vendors list you can use QuickBooks file doctor.
The files which you are requesting are extremely damaged and there is no way to open them.

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We hope these steps will definitely help you get rid of the issue that you are facing but if you are still not able to resolve QuickBooks Error 6073, you must contact Wizxpert certified QuickBooks pro-advisors. A team of experts is available day-in and day-out to provide relevant and reliable solutions for all kinds of QuickBooks related issues.

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