What are the requirements to download the AOL Gold Desktop

What are the requirements to download the AOL Gold Desktop

System requirement for the download the AOL Gold desktop

Device Speed:- Computer processor must be 266MHz or the above then it.

Connectivity:-Reliable internet that should not fluctuate and the Ram must be 1024 MB of that internet.

Device Memory:– There must be at least 512mb free space in that.

Screen Resolution:– Screen must be 1024*768 or must be higher than that so that it is easy to run the software.

AOL Gold Download Agent:- That web browser will be the latest version that would be totally updated.

Personal Details:– Your all the AOL desktop gold credentials that would be original.

1 Download the AOL desktop gold software form the official site of AOL desktop gold and the person should be cautious while using the right software while using the AOL desktop gold and that is free of cost for the users and that makes the user more engaged to the AOL desktop gold.

2 If the user faces any problem while using the AOL desktop then the user can call on customer support number and that will help the user for the more support and that makes the AOL desktop gold makes unique it from the others.

  1. When the AOL gold gets downloaded then click on the downloaded the desktop AOL gold file and then follow the on-screen instructions that will guide to proceed further.
  2. After that just enter that the AOL credentials when these are prompted on it.

5.In all the products section just scroll down a little and then the user will see the “Aol desktop gold “ then the user has to click on it.

6.Now after that just click on the “Install the AOL desktop Gold” and after that, the user should follow the installation instructions.

How the user can Install the AOL desktop gold?

After that AOL desktop has downloaded that user will need to execute these steps that have been mentioned down below that are explained in the better manner

  1. The first thing that the user have to do install the AOL desktop gold that is located in your PC.
  2. After that clicking on the Downloaded the AOL gold Desktop setup file and after that Tap for”AOL desktop gold install” icon.
  3. After that choose the Run option that is the upcoming tab showing on the PC screen.
  4. Finally, tap on the installation window and then the user has to uninstall the older version of the AOL desktop gold and then install the latest software download from the official site.
  5. After that just click on the OK button and then press the Yes button then the installation would compete.


In this article, we read about the AOL desktop gold and study about how can the user can download and install the AOL desktop gold and we explained each and every step in the detailed manner and these steps helps the user for the better help support.

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