Tips For Safe Usage Of Hot Melt Glue Guns

The wattage capacity of the glue guns has now increased (going beyond 80 Watt) and hence it becomes even more important to handle the hot melt glue guns safely. The glue gun price in India is quite affordable now, and while you can use them for a wide range of projects, you should know how to safely handle them. Proper handling and usage will ensure that there are no injuries, accidents, and/or burns and attentive use of the glue guns will also reduce the possibilities of accidental fire or faults of other nature. Below are some tips that will help you to use glue guns safely.

Choose The Right Glue Gun

Choosing the right glue gun for a given project is also important for ensuring safety. The smaller glue gun varieties that are used for the craft works have a low glue gun price and can be used at home. The professional grade or carpenter glue guns are more expensive, heavier, and have higher heat capacity. But the small and craft guns also have the potential to cause injury and damage.

You should follow the usage instructions provided along with the glue gun to ensure safe usage. For instance, the smaller glue guns are set up late when compared to the professional glue guns. Ensure that the glue gun that you are using has the right ergonomics and you are not lifting heavy glue guns when not desired or required.

Inspect the Glue Gun And Wear The Safety Gear

Look at the glue gun and cord closely and inspect for any kind of damage. Also, see whether the tip of the gun is in proper shape or not. Ensure to wear safety goggles and gloves. Also keep ice cold water near you while working so that if a burn occurs, you can cool the skin instantly. You can also wear clothes of long sleeves so that if glue accidentally drips, it does not causes burn on the skin.

Proper Handling Is Necessary

Ensure that you are keeping the Glue gun in an upright position while working with it. While working, see to it that the gun does not come in contact with any undesired surface, especially those that are flammable and can easily alight. Below the nozzle, you will find the stand of the glue gun, which can be used for storing and keeping it safe. You can also place a cardboard piece or any similar material underneath the glue gun to ensure that if the glue dries, it does not spoil the underlying surface. The gun should not be kept lying on a surface as the heat may be a cause of a fire.

Choose The Correct Glue Stick

The smaller glue guns produce glue streams that are of smaller size and flow and these are good for the home projects, floral work, and the craft works. Ensure that you are using the specified glue sticks in a glue gun.

Unplug The Glue Gun After Usage

You should unplug the glue gun from the power socket after its use is over and complete. It will reach to the cooler temperature subsequently and there will be no chances of fire and accident.

The low wattage glue guns can also reach a temperature of 250° Celsius or even more. Hence it becomes important for you to be aware of the surrounding, work cautiously and also use the safety gear and equipment. A wide variety of glue guns for all kinds of projects and professional work are available online, at a low hot glue gun price, and you should buy one in lieu of the work and project requirements.

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