How To Fix Water Damaged Phone

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It’s among the most frequent thing that happens with nearly everybody. Yes I’m talking about dropping your mobile phone in water accidentally or because of carelessness. If you drop your cell phone in pool, bath or at any other location you understand that if it’d come out it will not work anymore if you don’t have newest water resistant smart mobile.

Nowadays an increasing number of makers are shifting toward designing telephones which are water resistant but still not everybody have these telephones and of-course not everybody is able to afford one also.

Before I proceed towards telling you how you can correct water damaged phone flashes you drop it allow me inform you how it is possible to conserve your phone so that it will not get damaged if it has dropped in water therefore that it might be helpful for you in future in case you are only scanning this article for information function.

The best precautionary measure you can take would be to utilize Waterproof Floating Case by CaliCase. This situation will provide your phone maximum protection since it utilizes 2 layers of premium excellent PVC plastic.

Now, lets proceed towards our principal topic. Thus, incase you’ve dropped your cell phone in water today what do you need to do?

Note: it’s very important to inform you in the event you’ve dropped your camera phone that isn’t water resistant there’s no 100% guarantee it will work like it used to before being lost.

Following are the hints below with which you may save your phone from getting ruined and save significant information which is present from the telephone.


The first and most important thing to do after your telephone is drowned would be to take it outside and ensure that the telephone is turned off. The lengthier telephone would remain in water will increase odds of it becoming increasingly more damaged.

If if telephone remains ‘ON’ you must first turn it ‘OFF’. Next and significant step to follow would be to begin disassembling the telephone (just parts that might be readily removed by consumer) this involves removing back cover, telephone’s battery, SIM card, SD card and dry the telephone working with a towel. I do not recommend to disassemble the entire telephone because it might void the warranty and if telephone is under warranty it’d be better to carry it to a technician expert.

While drying telephone ensure that you do it lightly and eliminate any excess water on your telephone.


Next significant but small time taking thing to do would be to place your mobile phone inside bag filled with rice in bowl filled with rice and let it rest there for at-least 3 days.

You could be thinking why rice? It’s a result of the surface which bag of rice is readily available in each home and rice is well-known in absorbing moisture in atmosphere which produces the environment drier and in 2-3 days will dry the device.

Incase bag of rice is not available another fantastic option is that the silica gel packs which frequently comes in shoes or electronics boxes.


There are some Things Which You shouldn’t do you drop your phone from Plain Water and I am listing them below:

  • First and Foremost important thing you should keep in mind is not to turn ‘ON’ the phone and incase It’s already turned ‘ON’ you should first turn it ‘OFF’
  • Next Significant thing to Remember is not to Twist It in Almost Any Electric socket
  • Another important issue to remember isn’t to press any button on the telephone because it might lead to forcing water into the telephone.
  • Don’t transfer the phone abruptly or shake it could also result in pushing water further into the telephone.



How To Fix Water Damaged Phone
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