4 Tips to Follow While Installing Suspended Ceiling

Presently drop ceiling have become very much popular among people. As these are the best solution for people who want to make their room sound proof, or want to hide defective ceilings. Other than that, these ceilings are also used to improve the lighting in the room and make the room appealing and attractive. There are so many different types of tiles that you can use while installing drop or suspended ceilings. Here we are discussing about tips that you must follow while installing suspended ceilings in your commercial or domestic property.


1. Opt to Draw a Drop Ceiling Layout:

It will be better if you sketch out the layout of the room where you want to install the replacement suspended ceiling tiles. After that you have to measure the ceiling properly that will enable you to get an idea about how many tiles you actually need to have. After getting this information now you can easily get an idea about how much material you need to have for fixing drop ceiling in one room. That will make the process of installation much easier for you.


2. Ensure You Nail Up Wall in Right Angle:

After measuring everything on the ceiling now you should start installing the ceiling by nailing at the right wall angle. For this you should prefer to cut the angle flange and then simply bend it in the outward direction. After that you should prefer to slip a special corner for the outside over the flange. That will help you to hide the corner cut. After that you have to select the height of the ceiling and make sure that you have to hide all the plumbing or electrical issues at this specific height. After that you have to nail the wall angle by using 1-1/4-inch studs.


 3. Use Fence Staples to Hold the Angle Tight:

Other than that, you should know that if you want to hold the angle tight then you should prefer to use fence staples. For this purpose, you have to drill the angle along with the slide right into the fence staple. This will help you to anchor right angle to the wall, especially when there will be no nearby studs.


 4. Install the Guided Strings on The Ceiling:

After that, another thing that you must know while hanging the drop ceiling is to know how you have to install the strings. Keep in mind that for this you have to measure and establish guiding strings. Basically, this will help you to keep the hanging fasteners right in line to get a perfect support at the start of the project.  Other than that, you must need to have a handy screw driver to treat special screws that’s used to attach the hanging wires very quickly and easily. To get a better idea about the drop ceiling angles you can simply use strings as that will enable you to keep the main tees in a straight line especially when you will be hanging it.


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